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Dating on a Dare

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"Don't deceive yourself thinking something like love can happen during this dare-date," Dennis warned, giving Amy a look that was meant to make her intimidated. Amy chuckled, "Mr playboy, Maybe you forgot, but I have gone on dates with about two hundred. You are only going to become one of the lists at the end of this dare-date." They were barely halfway through the three-month-dare-date when Amy realized she was starting to have feelings for the guy she had been dared to date who is also the founder of a rival company to hers. Will Amy go ahead to love the guy, being that he is her first love even after realizing that this same guy is the one behind the fall in her company's income? Or will she go on with life without him, forgetting about love totally?

Chapter 1


Amy Wu's Point Of View

I sat heavily on the sofa. It has been a very hectic day, it is not a new thing though. Being the head of a very big company is nothing close to easy.

My phone rang, I picked the call and placed the phone on my ear.

"Amy, how has the day been?" Mom asked at the other end.

"I am just arriving home, it is as usual." I said as I took off my heel shoes.

Mom inhaled deeply. Obviously there was something she wanted to ask me.


I knew it.

"I don't know. We had a fight yesterday and he left."

"What do you mean he left?"

"I mean, he left because I called him stupid. And that is exactly what he is." I finally had the chance to let him off my mind since I broke up with him.

"He can speak ten different languages and he is thirty five years old, is that not unique?" I could tell Mom was frustrated, but trust me on this, she will never stop arranging blind dates for me.

"I guess he spent almost all his life learning them. The times he waa supposed to use to learn something meaningful he spent it on some languages he might never have the chance to use."

"He has a good business_"

"And a house." I am good when it comes to completely other people's sentences.

"What exactly do you find wrong with him?"

You know reviews that producers ask for after making a product from their users? You know they always promise to work on their shortcomings based on the reviews they get from their customers, most of the time they don't do anything about it though, but mom will always work on my reviews.

"He is too boring." I took out his picture from my bag. I always have pictures of those I am dating in my bag every time so that I don't end up mixing their faces up.

"Only that?" She seemed to be penning them down - my reviews.

"He has a broad nose. He is too bad with choosing clothes, he combines the wrong colours together. He doesn't have a sense of humour. He has a very bad walking pace. He is too short for my liking. And, his body has a funny smell."

"It is alright, I will make sure to correct that." You see? I told you she wanted a review!

"Don't worry too much about him. I have another man for you, luckily he has very great qualities. He is humorous and very rich."

"Alright, Mom."

"Send Spicy over tomorrow, so that I can give her the descriptions of the man."

"How is Dad?"

"He just finished dessert. He is preparing to retire to bed."

"I will give him a call too, good night, mom."

"Have a nice night's rest."

I hung up and stared at the picture. Henry is not my type of man, and he would never be. I squeezed the picture into a ball and threw it into the trash can. I only dated him for a week.

My name is Amy Wu. I am the only daughter of my parents and I am the last born. Reserve all comments. I will be twenty nine years old in the next two months, that's November.

My older brother, Bryan had refused to carry on the company, so the task fell on to me. Big brother would rather be an engineer or nothing. Of course, he and dad had a fight about this, but in the end, my brother won.

If there is anything on my mind right now, it is to make the Wurichy company bigger than it is. We make cotton in our company. Although we don't make them into finished goods, we process them into easier forms for manufacturer who need cotton as a raw material. I have determined to make dad proud of me. He should not regret handling the company over to me.

If there is anything I brag about, it is the number of guys I have dated. I lost count at number two hundred. I bet you just said 'what!' But it is the truth.

People say I am arrogant, I will not deny that, because I don't care a d*mn about what people think about me.

Honestly I do care about what people say about me. I am always hurt about those snippy remarks they make, I try to fake that I am not hurt about it.

Enough of the introduction.

I stood up and went to the fridge to get something to eat. I took the last pizza left and took an orange juice. That would do for tonight. Tomorrow I will get everything stuck up.

My phone rang. I checked the caller ID, it was Spicy calling me.

"Any problem?"

"We have a meeting with the Brainteam company tomorrow. Did you know about it?"

I stared into the blank space. A meeting with the Brainteam.

"The details of it?"

"Our investor would be coming too. He seems to have something to say about our recent developments."

"Why would he tag Brainteam along? He knows fully well that we have a lot of unsettled matters." I said.

"I thought you were aware of it, I am sorry."

"It is okay. Prepare what you think will be necessary for the meeting. We must go at all costs, by any means." I took a sip of juice.

"I got that. The meeting starts by seven in the morning."

"Meet me at the office. Don't make excuses for being late." I joked.

"I won't. Even if it means not using make ups."

"Alright." I ended the call and dropped the phone on the table.

The Brainteam company was created twenty years after the Wurichy company was established. Surprisingly, Brainteam has made twice the money our company has ever generated since it was established.

I have seen the founder on the news a lot of times, it would be very nice to see him up close.

Chapter 2

Meeting Mr Dennis

Amy's POV

I looked around for our investor, he seemed to be having a conversation with someone. I walked up to him.

"Hello, Mr Nathan."

He quickly turned to me.

"Good morning, Miss Amy."

"What is the meeting all about? You should have discussed things with me before setting up the meeting."

"I am so sorry about that, it was not as if I had a choice though. Mr Dennis made his urgency about the matter known."

I frowned. What is he talking about?

"He wants to partner with us. He wants me to be an investor for him too."

I gave a snort. "This is becoming very interesting. What made you agree to that scum? Have you forgotten that we are rivals?"

"That was the reason I agreed in the first place. If you don't want me to continue this there is still enough time to call things off."

Knowing Nath well, I knew


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