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Tina Maxxy

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About me

Sitting still and creating a world (with my pen) that sends you 'whoa whoa'.


It is Either you, or No one
  • Author: Tina Maxxy
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 207
  • 7.5

Summary of what happened in her marriage to Mark was that she had been cheated, used, and dumped. Maybe if she had known about it all these while, she would not have felt so bad about it, but she had been clueless, thinking it was love! To suppress the hurt from the divorce, Georgia agreed to be an indoor therapist for George- an arrogant and annoying rich firm owner who had a problem controlling his temper Georgia knew she was done with love forever, especially when it comes to men. But as it so seems, things are about to turn in the direction she might not have control over...

  • 👁 68
  • 7.5

Earlier that day, Amy and Dennis got into a fight, the last thing they expected was to sit beside each other at a friend's party.When Eric - the one celebrating his birthday - suggested that they all play a game, Amy didn't expect to pick a piece of paper that would dare her to date the man sitting beside her for three months. She also didn't expect the man to be the founder of her company's rival -Dennis. Does the three-month-dare-date have a chance of blossoming into love? Considering the fact that both Amy and Dennis are leaders of rival companies.


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