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Darker Shades of Purple

Darker Shades of Purple

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Family, legacy, loyalty and love. All these bred Anne some prejudice. She always thought of herself as the unlucky one, while her half-sister as the opposite of unlucky. Everything Anne wanted, Stella took it. Although some of them wasn't deliberate but the last one was. Luke, Anne's man, the man of her dreams. Anne wouldn't sit and watch Stella take her man. Not again! Anne's jealousy and love for Luke will ruin her family and her life. The fact that she was always starved for love all her life will only build her resentment. This book contains highly rough sex scenes, dirty talks an BDSM scenes. It's known to trigger or arouse sexual feeling. Rated 18+ please beware.


*Anne's POV*

I laid on the bed, twisting and turning. I was in pains, not from an injury but from pleasure: the absence of it, the need for it.

Luke came into the room and saw me. He heard me moan then he walked up to the bed and pulled me close and in one swift motion, his 2 fingers were in me. I was fucking soaked.

"Slowly ... slowly .. please," I whispered.

He reduced the pressure and made slow lazy circles on my clit with his thumb, soon, my breath hitches and I let out a low moan while Luke growled.

He began to go faster, fucking me with his fingers. I then let out a sharp moan then tried biting my lower lip to reduce the noise while Luke ripped my shirt off.

I was dazed and before I could speak up, he had a nipple in his mouth, licking, biting and sucking and with the same intensity he fingered me hard. My breath was now short and laboured. My moans were louder and on the verge of screaming I bite my arm. Then Luke removed my arm from my mouth and he whispered into my ears "you're so wet, you're so sexy, you're a bad girl and you're mine."

Luke withdrew his fingers from my pussy, and I moaned. He proceeded in licking each finger slowly, while I watched. His other hand caressed my belly button slightly then I raised my left leg and brushed it against Luke's erect dick. Luke hisses leaving me to smirk.

"How do you want me?" Luke whispered into my ears. I hooked my arms around his shoulders and bit him on the ear and whispered, "faster.." Luke flipped mr over so now, I was facing the pillow and my butt faced Luke, entering me in one long stroke. He lets out another hiss and I began to tremble.

Luke used a finger to flick my clit while using his other hand to hold me in place then he began fucking me wildly. I was screaming, my breath was in soft short pants. Luke only went faster and faster and his hips were moving like they were made of rubber. His moans were getting louder and I kept moaning loudly whilst calling Luke's name in between my pants.

Luke grabbed my nipples and pulled me up, this position only makes him go deeper. Whilst shuddering and trembling, waves of tremors began. So Luke whispered in my ears, "you're my bitch, my slut."

"You're mine, Anne your pussy, it's fucking mine." Whatever he was saying only seemed to make me shudder more.

"Anne I'm home." A female voice called from downstairs, and almost immediately, I froze. It was my elder sister! This didn't stop Luke though, he kept fucking me.

"Anne...where are you?!" My sister's voice was louder, now she must be close. "Luke, Luke it's my sister, we have to stop." Luke didn't seem to want to hear me out at all. Suddenly, the lock turned and my sister entered the room. My sister's mouth formed an 'O' big enough to swallow a rabbit. I couldn't help my body's reaction so I began shuddering again when I realized that I was gonna cum. Plus, seeing my sister standing there watching us was turning me on.

*Stella's POV*

It's been months since I've had good sex. I was fucking horny and I was gonna run mad very soon. Walking up the stairs tiredly, Stella tried not to sigh in frustration, her boss was giving her shit at work, and her boyfriend, her damned boyfriend couldn't get his dick up enough to make her orgasm. Life was fucking unfair.

"Luke... ahhh...fuck... God...oh fuck me ... don't stop ...fuck me.." these were the moaning words of Anne? My baby sister?

Nah... maybe I was watching a movie, I'd like to believe but the sounds only got higher as I got to the sitting room. It couldn't be a movie, it was fucking real.

The creaking sounds, the moans, screams groans, it couldn't be a movie. "Anne?" I called out but to no response. Then I called out again, "Anne?" still, instead of a response I heard this; "You're my bitch, my slut."

Why were those words turning me on? I was wet? Nah I couldn't be, right?! So Stella put two fingers in her pussy and they came out wet...oh fuckity fuck.

I was wet and all the bad sex and frustration were finally getting to me. "Anne, I'm home. Anne where are you?" I followed the sounds to Anne's room then I opened the door.

The sight I was greeted with; Anne being fucked doggy style? I was not having sex but the motion and intensity were too much for sex, so I was wetter now. The guy didn't stop and neither did Anne. The sounds of her moans had increased and my ears were ringing and my hands were also shaking. The guy then looked at me, licked his lips, and kept fucking my sister harder.

"I'm cumming, fuck Luke I'm cumming." Anne screamed loudly, infact, Anne scream woke whatever daze I was in so I dropped my bag and walked to the bed towards them,

Anne's pussy walls were squishy, I couldn't explain how she felt at the moment, it was unbelievable, she was cumming! Seeing me watch her and Luke was making her so wet, she knew she was gonna cum hard.

I got closer to the couple then I knelt on the bed in front of Anne, who was moaning like crazy, with Luke fucking her like a dog in heat. I had always been one to care for touching another female but right now, I didn't care.

I bent over face to face with Anne's pussy, the odour oozing from my sister's pussy was mesmerizing. I couldn't help it, I wanted a taste, I needed a taste. Soon, Anne's breath hitched, not that she was breathing much anyway.

My tongue then flicked over Anne's clit, and Anne began to tremble violently. I felt drunk, i liked the taste, and i wanted more, getting more bold now, I stuck my tongue further licking Anne's pussy walls like they were ice cream then Anne began to squirt violently whilst screaming words old people shouldn't even hear.

*Anne's POV*

"I am cumming?! Fuck! Where did Stella learn how to eat a pussy so good? I had always thought my sister was a good girl guess I was wrong." I thought to myself.

Stella continued her assault on my pussy, not caring about any of the mucky fluid flowing out of my pussy while Luke held my waist with his right hand, and he put his fingers in my mouth. He was fucking me so hard that i thought I'd rip. Whereas, Stella kept moaning at my pussy, slurping it up like it was ice cream.

"Get on top of me" Luke redrew from my pussy and laid down on the bed. I pushed Stella's head away, even though I was enjoying it and went to straddle Luke. I was riding Luke slowly, soon, Stella began to take off her clothes and I watched Luke watch her, and it would be a lie if I said that I wasn't turned on by my sister's actions.

*Luke's POV*

Stella's tits were huge, bigger than I expected, and fuck that girl had the mouth made to suck a dick. She took off her panties and daayuuum, what a body! I couldn't stop looking at her.

I was fucking Anne, but I wanted to fuck Stella too. I was still uncertain though, would she let me? I mean she just sucked-licked her sister to orgasm right?

The girl kept staring at me with those huge tits ...eyes, I meant eyes. "Come here," I beckoned to her while Anne kept watching her, she was riding my dick perfectly her pace increasing, slowly, Stella crawled up to me, she looked...shy? 'She just ate her sister's pussy bitch' I thought to himself.

"Sit on my face." I ordered.


*Luke's POV*

Stella was hesitant. Why? Hadn't she just made her own sister orgasm? It shouldn't be an issue to sit on a stranger's face right?

Anne stopped riding me then she looked straight at Stella, as though she was trying to gauge her reaction. I was getting frustrated. Were these two sisters playing with me? I thought to myself.

"Sit on his face Stella," Anne told her sister in her cool and controlled voice.

I couldn't deduce what Anne was thinking, was she comfortable with this? Stella made no notion to move. Well, I had had enough of this so I stretched upward a bit and held Stella by the waist therefore, making her sit on my face. She squealed and squeaked seemingly like that of a mouse. Then I signalled Anne to keep riding me.

I moved my tongue upward about to get a taste of Stella's pussy. When a female voice called out;

"Annie's Mommy!" I thought I was hearing things, until A


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