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Cruel Alpha's Cursed Mate

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“I, Alpha Hayder, of Eclipse Moon Pack, reject you as my mate!” He spat each word angrily and dragged me outside as the sounds of hundreds of hair uprooting from my scalp made me cry loudly… "F*ck*ng accept it! " He roared. "I, Isla, accept...your...rejection. "I struggled to run away from him but he back slapped me. Isla was the cursed she-wolf banished from the pack after her mother died during childbirth. On the night of her shift, she found out that the Alpha of her Pack was her fated mate. He rejected her instantly and put her in the dungeon to be executed as he took another chosen mate. Her second chance mate, Alpha Caden was rumored to be born without a heart and no love in his veins. He attacked the pack killing everyone and winning over the Crescent Moon pack. Isla was forcibly taken as his Luna even though she tried to tell him she was cursed but realized she is the only one who could save her Pack from his wrath. “ I will take you as my fuckable pleasure toy because I am not capable of loving anyone in this world! My heart beats for no one !” Alpha Caden growled making me tremble with fear. Will she be able to change their fates to fight against each other's curses or the cruel Alpha will be her new tormentor forever? This story contains BDSM as a dark romance werewolf shifter story.

CHAPTER 1: Cursed and Rejected

Isla’s POV:

My p*ssy throbbed with the pleasure brewing in the pits of my lower abdomen when the hands of an unknown man touched me everywhere leaving wet kisses all over my body. I clamped my thighs tightly when the arousal hit me. Our mouths moved in sync with each other. As I was about to see his face,the dream broke because of the loud sound of lightning.

My cl*t was wet and throbbing for more even though it was just a dream. It was the first time I had experienced such sexual dream. Maybe because of the fact that I was going to turn 18 within few hours. It was a sign that my body was ready and waiting for mate to devour us. The thought of having someone who loved me put a smile on my face but it was gone within a few seconds when I realized that it was just a dream. Maybe a nightmare of my mate who would have to suffer because of a pathetic she wolf like me. Tears formed in my already swollen eyes and I blinked them off rapidly.

The lightning struck again. This time angrier than before and loud enough to echo in the woods. I wouldn’t have cared less about it but the window was open and the floor was flooding with rain water.

I moped the floor of my old tattered house which was built at the outskirts of the pack. It used to be the security post check up point around twelve years ago when my grandfather was still alive. I could hear the faint sounds of cheering and high pitched voices of excited wolves. The pack was maybe celebrating another win and I obviously was not invited.

The pack members hated me with such a deep and angry passion that if I died at this moment there wouldn’t be a better news than it. Me,walking around in the pack, was a sin which could only make me get hundreds of whips from the old luna. I never dared to go inside the pack borders during day. As a matter of fact,I was even scared of finding me face to face with any other member. Why?

I was cursed after all. A cursed girl who took the lives of everyone who ever loved me.

I closed the window and the cold rain drops begun seeping through the cracks hitting me on the face. The house was old and frigid with no source of heat to warm me up. Most days,I would keep sitting tangled in my sheets and would not put a foot out on the floor. But tonight was different,I had used the last saved water and had to get inside the pack to fetch more water.

I gulped down fearing for the worst. The memory of a young girl screaming when she saw me with my pitcher never erased from my mind. She was horrified and had been trembling from fear as if she saw a monster.

While taking out an empty bucket from the bathroom to get some water, mistakenly I caught a glimpse of my face in the broken piece of mirror. My cold icy blue eyes stared at me almost as if judging me for my condition. I hadn’t made my hair in more than fifteen days and took a proper shower two days ago. I immediately covered the mirror with the cloth hanging beside it and made my way to the small living room.

The day when my only friend Clara was buried in the pack graveyard,the rumors spread like forest fire that she used to visit me in the evenings and my curse killed her too. That was the day I had believed the things they said about me.

I noticed the weather was calmer and better now and it was the best time to secretly get into the pack and get some water for me. I locked the door behind me and almost laughed at the fact because nobody dared to even look at my secluded house and getting inside was another thing.

The beetles sang as an after effect of a big rainfall. The surrounding smelled of wet sand and cold air blew my hair. I felt alive and happy after being out in the woods. The pack was quite and no lamps were lit in the houses. I had my face covered with a cloth and with my head low, I hurriedly made my way to the centre of the village. I fetched a bucket of water and begun going down the same way I had come from. I looked over at my old chamber where I used to live with my father when the pack hadn’t thrown me out yet.

I traced the lining of my necklace which was a handloom given by my father to me when I was five. It was his last and only memory of him which I would never let go off. Even though I knew it was risky but I wanted to see my father’s painting once.I wanted to turn 18 in the same chamber as I was born into.

I gave a quick glance behind me and got inside the chamber doors. No body cared to enter this place either because I was born here.

I sat on the bed and looked over at my parents’ painting as the tears fell on my cheeks. I didn’t remember how long it was till I was sitting there and then boom… I could feel my senses increase and a distinct tasty scent made me restless. I hadn’t noticed it was lingering in the chamber when I had entered.

My feet walked on their own to the source while my heart thudded in my chest with anticipation and anxiety. It was closer… Too close than it was few minutes ago. Then I heard the voices.

“F*ck! Baby…Yes…I am going to squirt all over you again!” Some female screamed with pleasure and pain.

It was the shrill and excited voice of Amelia, the new Beta's daughter who joined after my father died. She had always hated me even though I was despised by everyone but her hatred for me was different. It was jealousy. But what did I have which she couldn't get?

“Yes,squirt all over me! “ I knew the voice. It was Alpha Hayder. My heart clenched with pain of some sort of betrayal. Yes, Alpha Hayder could never be mine but I had a huge crush on him for a long time.

I couldn’t stop myself from peeking inside and to my horror Alpha Hayder was already looking into my eyes as if he was waiting for me to get in.

“Mate…” I mouthed at the same time as him while he still banged the woman from behind. His beautiful curls were messy from the rough s*x and his face was a pint red color from the excitement.

My face lit up for a second even though I felt like crying at his bad luck but his eyes turned dark and within a few seconds he was right before me and grabbed my throat letting Amelia fall on the ground. She angrily growled at me and made a smug face.

"No!Damm*t! " He punched the vase making it break into several pieces. With the blood covered hand, he grabbed my hair making me look into his feral eyes.

“I,Alpha Hayder,of Eclipse Moon Pack,reject you as my mate!” He spat each word angrily and dragged me outside as the sounds of hundreds of hair uprooting from my scalp made me cry loudly…

"F*ck*ng accept it! " He roared. Amelia stood right behind him and she was mocking me with that jealous face.

I choked on my words due to the pain of rejection as it spread through my body. This would be painful for us both when the mate bond would be shattered. But the most painful thing right now was how Alpha Hayder kept his mouth inches away from mine as if I was untouchable.

"I, Isla, accept...your...rejection. "I struggled to run away from him but he back slapped me. My body spasmed and the contractions grew almost killing me. I hissed in pain and my body twisted into a knot but Alpha Hayder didn't look at me for a moment as his eyes stayed focus on Amelia with an insane passion.

Amelia walked over to him and their mouths collided against each other. I was pushed to the ground when forcibly I had to see Alpha Hayder finish his mating with Amelia right in front of my eyes. He was peeking into my soul with that dark stare and still looking at me, he brought his fangs closer to Amelia's neck and marked her.

"Mine! " He growled still moving atop her. I closed my eyes but their voices haunted me until he released himself in her.

CHAPTER-2 : Bullied and mated

Isla’s POV:

“Don’t fuc*ing make any noise bit*h! I don’t want anyone to see you with me. You cursed Bit*ch!” Maybe after twenty minutes of me lying on the ground when I thought they would let me go to my hut again, Alpha Hayder gripped my arms making me stumble on my feet.

“I…don’t …want…Ahh!” I screamed when he punched me with his fist and I almost could see the stars in that cloudly night.

Alpha Hayder was just wearing his pants and his scent aroused me in a most twisted way. Was I that desperate for human touch that even this monster turned me on?

He didn’t let go off my hair until we reached the palace gates. As I relaxed a bit,his hands choked me from behind and he opened the dungeon door with the keys in his hands. It was so dark in there and he pushed me aggressively on the ground making my head hit against the wall.

I could feel my mouth filling up with the metallic taste of blood and my ankle hurt as if it was broken by the impact. My trembling


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