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Craving The Forbidden

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🔞🔞🔞 “Baby, meet my little pumpkin, River...”   A growl rises in my throat at how Nadia just addressed me. However, that anger melts away when Dereck clashes his extended hand with mine, humming, “Hello, River.”   Our eyes interlock, and I see the knowing glint flash in his forest green eyes.   Good. He knows. He remembers me. I smile in my mind’s eye, watching my gorgeous soon to be stepfather.

Chapter 1. Prologue



Three years, that was how long Isla had been married to America’s famous billionaire, Nick Wellington.

Well, Nick was typically what every woman would want as a husband.

Humble, kind, loving, affectionate, generous, that was all Nick’s characteristics.

Aside from that, Nick had the looks and toned body that would make anyone drool.

He made Isla drool the first time they met in a mall. Nick was chatty, Isla found herself drawn so much to him.

From there on, they both began dating before Nick gave Isla a surprise marriage proposal.

Isla accepted him before everyone and in a month's time, Isla and Nick had their dream vineyard wedding that trended in all tabloid.

Well, the expectations of everyone in the States after the two got married was that they’d divorce in no time. That was because they lived in Miami—the city of temptation.

Tales had it no couple have ever lasted in their marriage as long as they stayed in Miami.


Much to everyone’ disappointment, Isla and Nick lasted in their marriage until now.

Nick was literally avoiding Isla. For the past one month, they’ve not been the couple they used to be.

Nick came back home late from work. Sometimes he avoided eating Isla's meal.

No more impromptu afternoon text message that declares his undying love for Isla. As a woman who was used to such treatment from her husband, Isla began to panic.


Her thoughts were, Nick might have fallen in love with another woman, and rightfully so too, because that was what usually happens in Miami.

However, Isla did have a secret she’s keeping from her husband, Nick. A secret she never bothered to share. Even though she wished to talk about it now, it’d only fester the problem she was having with Nick.

Nick on the other hand was feeling insecure after what happened a month ago. He loved Isla but didn’t know how to confront her regarding such sensitive topic.


Inside, Nick felt less of man but he didn’t know how to solve that problem. This problem was what had wrecked several marriages out there. Now, it had come to wreck his.


What would he do? Literally, nothing. He'd rather avoid Isla. Nick thought it was better to love his wife from arm's length.

Maybe, just maybe some miracle will occur and their marriage will be perfected again. He believed. Unfortunately, that problem persisted and he saw himself avoiding his lovely wife, Isla.


But Isla was determined to find a solution. Maybe they could talk to someone that might help them. In the process of seeking for a solution, Isla got informed about the famous doctor who specializes on handling couples.

At that, Isla invited Nick to visit the doctor with her. Though, Nick had refused at first, he later agreed.

While at the doctor’s place, the couple began spilling their secrets.

But the sweetest part was the solution offered by the hot doctor. It was a practical lesson executed in her office.

But will the couple agree?

Will Isla's deepest fantasy be carried out?

Note: This book is a compilation of short, thrilling stories.


Chapter 2. Hot sexologist/ couple 1


Like every other night in Miami, everywhere is already in full swing as people go about their nightlife in pubs, clubs, beaches, or their lovers' places.

There's this belief that married couples can't stay in the city because of the high rate of cheating that people indulge in there.

It's argued that whenever someone marries and lives in Miami, the tendency of divorce is high.

Well, that's because there are high rate of beautiful women and handsome men in the city.

But that hasn't been the case for Isla and her husband Nick. They've been doting on each other since they married and live in the city of Miami.

Nick Wellington is a big businessman, known for his unrivaled exploit in the automobile industry.

Isla is in the fashion industry and has been doing well.

Their four years of marriage have been a promising one until recently.

Isla, being an observant woman noticed their marriage was


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