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Contract girlfriend

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: QC
  • Chapters: 41
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 243
  • 7.5
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Annie, a young designer, joined the renowned fashion brand Karan and became the leader of the design team. Her talent and leadership impressed her colleagues. During her work, she developed a deep connection with the company's president, Dennis. However, in a fortuitous turn of events, Annie discovered a secret about Dennis, a secret that seemed intricately linked to her own past. In order to unravel the truth, Annie and Dennis entered into a mysterious agreement. What challenges will this agreement bring to Annie? Can she achieve ultimate success in both her professional and personal life? What secrets lie behind this contract?

1 Beauty and bitterness

In the dim room, you can vaguely see Baroque-style furniture, European classical black crystal chandeliers, and gorgeous Roman curtains. All of this shows the luxury and nobility of this room...

However, Annie couldn't arouse the slightest interest in these. In the past, she would have seized this rare opportunity to study these gorgeous decorations. But now she could only let out a long sigh and slumped down weakly on the fine leather sofa. There is no other reason, just because her purpose of coming here is not simple.

"It's so abominable!" Annie's beautiful face was filled with dark clouds: "D*mn driver, I curse you to never be happy in your life!" She stared angrily at the gorgeous curtains, with a dazzling light flashing in her beautiful eyes. . After a long time, she seemed to be tired from staring, and she let out a long breath, and slumped down on the sofa like a deflated rubber ball.

She raised her head in confusion, staring blankly at the complicated but gorgeous patterns on the ceiling, and her mother's pale and feeble face kept recurring in her mind. Over and over again, until tears covered her eyes and her vision became blurred.

"Disgusting!" Annie wiped the fog from her eyes fiercely. "Annie, you idiot, what's the point of crying? Why don't you stop now." The more she spoke, the faster her tears fell. Finally, she couldn't help but bury her head on her knees and began to cry.

In the empty room, only her cries echoed for a moment, which sounded so miserable. After a long time, she stopped crying, sniffed hard, took out a tissue from her bag and wiped the tears on her face haphazardly. He sat there for a while, then got up and walked to the bathroom, put some warm water in, and used his hands to scoop up some of the water to wash away the dry tears on his face.

"Ring... ring..." A cell phone rang in the bag.

Annie pulled the towel, wiped her face, walked out of the bathroom quickly, took out her cell phone from her bag, and pressed the answer button. "Hello?"

"Annie, the doctor came here again just now." A bright voice came from the other end of the phone, full of vigor and vitality: "But fortunately, I saw him with my sharp eyes and avoided him before he did."

"Thank you, Pepe." Annie sighed silently and said. My mother was admitted to the hospital due to a car accident. Although her life was out of danger, she had not paid the surgery fee and had no money to pay for the huge surgery fee. Therefore, she could only keep putting it off. But this is not a solution. After all, if you don’t pay, the hospital will not give you good medicine, and this will also have a great impact on the mother’s condition. For the mother who depends on each other, she can only...

The hand holding the phone suddenly tightened, and her face, which was already slightly pale, now looked even paler. Even the lips have lost their original redness.

"We are friends. By the way, when will you come back?" The bright voice still came from the other end of the phone, like the dawn sun, bringing a little warmth to Annie.

"Well, I have something to do tonight and I may not be able to go to the hospital. Pepe, can you keep watch for me tonight? I'll be there early tomorrow morning."

"Okay! You can rest assured that I'm here. That's it. I'm going to buy some food first and hang up first."


Annie turned off her phone, closed her sore eyes, and put the phone back into her bag. Suddenly, something froze her hand. After a pause, she finally reached out and took out the thing in her bag.

It was a beautifully packaged small box, with three words 'condom' written on the big red box. After giving a wry smile, she removed the wrapping paper and took out two small square bags. She looked around and before she could figure out what was inside, the doorbell rang at this moment.

My heart suddenly tightened, and the small bag in my hand slipped weakly to the ground. At this time, the door had been opened with a 'ding' sound.

Annie calmed down, bent down to pick up the small bag, quickly put it on the bedside table, then lifted the quilt and sat on the bed. After she completed these actions, a man appeared in her sight.

That was a perfectly handsome man, enough to make everyone scream. His handsome face was slightly flushed, and there was a bit of chill in his clear and bright pupils. He seemed a little surprised when he saw Annie. But when he saw her obsessed look, a trace of disdain flashed across his face. "Who are you? Why are you in this room?"

The cold voice made Annie wake up suddenly. She realized that she had been staring at him closely just now, and she lowered her head in embarrassment. "Mr. Wang asked me to come."

"David? Are you the person he called?" He sat on the sofa, squinted his eyes slightly, and glanced at Annie with some interest.


"It's really puzzling how people nowadays are so shameless. For money, they will sell anything."

Annie's face suddenly turned pale. She bit her lower lip and tried hard to control her emotions: "Sir, you don't need to attack people like this."

"What? What I said is hard, right?" His clear eyes were full of ridicule: "Aren't you doing it for money? David should have told you clearly. What I want is a virgin, you should be the one, right? That's right. , are you eighteen years old? I don't want anyone to accuse me."

His fingers tightened one by one, and his words pierced her heart one by one. Pain was no longer enough to describe what she was feeling right now. This kind of naked humiliation made her want to run over and slap him hard, then turn around and leave proudly. But, she can't...

"Sir!" She raised her head and looked at him proudly: "You and I are just a transaction, so why say these humiliating words. It doesn't matter what kind of person I am, and these have nothing to do with you. As you said Say, I do it for the money, you do it for my virginity. As for age, don’t worry, I just turned eighteen three days ago, so you don’t need to worry about anyone accusing you of r*p*."

The man was slightly startled and stared at Annie deeply, as if he was thinking about what she just said. His eyes wandered over her body. Suddenly, the blood on his lips made him frown unhappily.

"Come here!" He ordered like an emperor.

Annie took a breath, got off the bed obediently, and walked in front of him. Following his gesture, she sat next to him.

He glanced at her: "Sit over here, pretend to be innocent now, don't you think it's a little late?" As he said that, he pulled his hand, and Annie fell into his arms without any defense.

Before she could react, a faint aroma of wine hit her nose, and then her lips felt warm as his tongue licked her lower lip. A warm numbness instantly spread throughout her body.

Realizing her ignorance, he felt a joyful emotion in his heart. He slowly pecked her lips, and carefully inserted his tongue into her mouth, savoring her sweetness.

The interior is so charming... --

2 International brand Karan

Karan, one of the top ten clothing brands in the world. It is said that anyone who pays a little attention to fashion will have heard of this brand. It is said that its clothing is in short supply every season. It is said that its designers are all the elite among the elite, and any one of them can make the fashion industry shake up. It is said that every fashion designer dreams of becoming its designer. It is the paradise that designers dream of.

Today is their annual recruitment, although they only need two designer assistants. However, tens of thousands of people applied for the job, including some well-known designers.

At this time, a woman wearing sunglasses slowly walked into the hall through the revolving glass door. She was wearing a dark black dress with a light red rose flower embroidered on the hem, which made her look elegant and elegant. Wearing a uniquely tailored suit, it perfectly reflected her elegant figure. The large sunglasses covered most of her face


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