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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Door
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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SYNOPSIS Ever seen a dangerous man? Here is one, He's handsome but has this dangerous spot, he hate to love. He never prayed to be involved in one, He believes they will use that as his weak point, so, d*mn the love stuffs. He's as deadly as a viper, he has no pity for anyone. He kills without mercy, that's his job. Why is it that he creates terror wherever he goes?? Why is it that Mafia's and people run at the mention of his name??? Jefferson: A mafia that act like a devil incarnate just to nail down anyone that betrayed him, you dare not betrayed him and don't think of running because he's everywhere. Right behind you. What happened when he meet her?, who is she?, She is Scarlett. Whose Father own Jefferson a huge some of money and is unable to pay him back and Scarlett was use to pay off the debt. How would she cope with the devil? Would She ever escape in the hands of Jefferson? What if Jefferson kidnapped her because of something unknown to her and make her to suffer for the sin she know nothing about?

Chapter 1


A man was packing his things as a smirk displayed on his lips.

"Do you think you can find me?, I will be better off dead than for you to catch me" The man said and he took his luggage and was about exiting the room when some hefty men enter into the room pointing gun at him.

The man shifted in fright. "Not so fast" Jefferson enter into the room making a sound with his mouth as he enter the room.

"B..Boss" The man stammered.

Jefferson raise his hands and a chair was hand over to him and he took the seat and sat down facing the man.

"Do you think you can run away from me so easily?" Jefferson asked.

"No..... please forgive me!" The man pleaded going on his kneels.

"You know that no one dare betrayed me, but you Just did. I will forgive you, so you Should leave this room before 5seconds" Jefferson commanded and the man stood up and was about opening the door.

Jefferson smirk. "now!" He yelled and his men shoot the man.

The man fell off dead . Jefferson stood up, he walked up to the the dead body "In your next life you won't think of betraying me "Jefferson spat on his body before leaving the house.

"Burnt down the house and don't leave any trace" He added and enter his car.

"Were to Boss?" Sandra asked rubbing his chest immediately he entered the car.

"I think it's time to get my new play thing"

He pushed her away roughly making her hiss loudly.

"Replacing me already" she pouted.

"I can't be f*ck*ng a b*tch that fucks around with my men Sandra and beside your here because your parent owns me"

Her face went pale immediately. "Master I can explain"

"You know the rules Sandra and yet you broke them know what you have to do" He hand her a gun

"Master please" she tried Begging

"I did you a huge favour by f*ck*ng you, now end your pathetic life or your family will pay." He threatened puffing out the smoke from the cigarette

There was Sounds of whimpering before blood splattered everywhere

"Such a nonsense" He scoffed looking at the stained suit

Luckily the gun was on silent

"Sir where we going?" the driver asked his right hand man asked

"We are going back to JD" He replied not bothering to look at him


Jefferson walked into the big mansion, that his illegal business take place keeping a dangerous face.

"Boss, the Italian people are refusing to pay the money after the delivery" His right hand man John inform. Jefferson take his seat not Just a seat, it was high and it look like a throne.

"You said what! That can't happened, I am going to make them pay" He grunt clenching and unclenching his fist as one of his men walked in.

"Boss, we caught a spy taking pictures and he as refuse to tell us who sent him" His men said.

"Who the hell does he think he is? as he forgetting that his Jefferson Draco, the dangerous mafia boss in mexico, his Just making a death wish" Jefferson thought as he stood up from his throne.

"Lead me to him" He said trailing behind his men, his men lead the way.

They got to the dungeon, he saw the spy already beaten by his men.

He smirk with satisfaction before taking a sit, seating in front of the spy that was tied to a chair.

"I will asked you this question and I need a replied, who sent you?"Jefferson asked.

"Even if you killed me, you won't get anything from me" The spy replied fearlessly.

"Is that so?, John, get me my tools" Jefferson ordered and his tools was handed to him.

He open it and brought out a knife, bringing it towards his hand.

Cutting the spy finger in the process.

"Aargh" The spy grunt as his finger was cut off.

"I will asked you one more time, who sent you?" Jefferson asked.

"Go to hell!" the spy reply bravely.

Jefferson brought the knife towards his eyes.

The knife was about almost close to his eyes when he spoke up. "I will speak up!"

"Who?" Jefferson asked.

"It the Italian, they told me to spy on you because they are planning to bring you down and take over your empire" He confess groaning painfully.

"You don't have use Anymore"Jefferson shoot the spy on the head.

"Dispose his body and as for the Italian, kill them, don't leave any of them alive"

"John follow me, we are going to get want someone owns me." Jefferson added before leaving the room.


Scarlett was walking on the street when she saw a crowd and decided to go check it out, entering the mist of the crowd.

A old man was trying to apologize to a rich guy but he play deaf ear to all his pleading.

"Please forgive me, I didn't do it intentionally" The old man who mistakenly pour a drink on the guy cloth pleaded.

"Do you know how much this dress cost? It could cost you your life!" The rich guy yelled using his leg to push the man.

Scarlett couldn't watch anymore, but she didn't get why people we allowed this to happened, She couldn't watch it anymore as she enter the scene

"What do you think you are doing?" She asked the guy who was abusing the old man.

"Who the hell are you to interfere!" The guy asked.

"That is not your business, I can see that you love taking advantage on the weak" She replied before looking at the old man who was kneeling in front of the guy.

Without wasting time she help the man to stand up.

They were about walking out, when the guy drag her back.

"Seems you love poking your noise on people business, I will have to teach you a lesson" He said raising his hand to slap her, but someone hold the hand, before it could land on her face.

She look at the guy who Just save her from been slap, but she didn't get to see his face because he was wearing a mask and a hoodie.

"Who the hell are you to hold my hand?" The rich guy asked.

"Your worst nightmare" The mask guy replied before landing a punch on his face.

"oh my god!" She yelled and she check the time, it evening she immediately run home


Mr smith was on his kneels pleading with someone, who was playing deaf ear to his pleading.

"Please Just give me one month" He pleaded.

"I can't mr smith, I am a busy business man and I don't give people chances" The guy said puffing out smoke from his nostril.

"Please MR JEFFERSON, Just give me a chance. I don't have the money yet" Mr smith pleaded.

"You what! Do you think I am here to play?..Boys teach him a lesson" The guy who turned out to be Jefferson said without feeling remorseful.

Two of his men walked to Mr smith, Just then the door flew opened and Natalie walked in and was shock by the state she saw her father.

"What do you think you are doing?" She asked as she walked to her father.

"Get out of here" Her father said.

"I can't leave you like this" She replied before turning to Jefferson who was sitting on the chair.

"And who the hell are you to do this to him?" She asked darely as the guards stop to take a glance at her.

"What do you think you are doing?" Her father asked her.

Jefferson stare at her devilishly.

"I love your fierceness, your boldness and I most compliment you for that and you Mr Smith, I will be here tomorrow, to take what you owns me or I might take what is important in your life" Jefferson threaten as he gesture at his men to leave.

Scarlett help her father to stand up. Her father seat on the chair in the living room before confronting him.

"What Just happened?" She asked.

"You don't need to know, it will be saver that way" He sigh.

"I have the the right to know, beside I f*ck*ng save your *ss" She snapped.

"I burrowed a huge sum of amount from him to start my business" He explained

"What! Why would you burrow money from the hand of a dangerous man?" She asked.

"They was nothing I can do!"

"But dad.."

"That enough young lady, were are your manners?" He asked.

Scarlett didn't say anything as he walked out of the living room.

Chapter 2


25th OF DECEMBER 2001**

In a well furnish living room, a little boy of seven years and his parents where sitting in the living room with a cake in front of them.

"Happy birthday to you."

The parent of the little boy sang for him, after they were through singing for him, he was told to cut the cake.

He was about cutting the cake when they heard sound of gun.

"Honey, take him to the back door and exit the mansion" The man said to his wife.

"But what about you?" The woman asked.

"It doesn't matter, Just do as I say" The man replied.

The woman lifted up her son and carry him, exiting the mansion.

"Dad." The little boy cried as he was taking out.

Just then the door flew opened and some group of men came in.

"Hi, old friend" The leader of the group smile.

"What do you need?, I thought we clear things out!" The little boy dad rep


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