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Bonded To Sin

Bonded To Sin

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Sin, a manipulative, flirty demon king who is determined to get what he wants and what he wants is her. Amaya, a fiery beauty who tries to blend into the background and fails as two men are drawn to her and fight to make her theirs. Lazarus, a socially awkward, and abused demon wants to break free of his mother's grasp and be free to be with the woman he loves. In a fight for a throne and a debt needing to be repaid the three are thrown into an age-long feud between demons and goddesses as they fight to right the mistakes of the past.

Chapter One


I'm cursed, I'd have to be. Nothing that has happened in the past few weeks makes any sense.

For weeks, I’ve had nothing but bad luck. I was fired from my job because my pervert of a boss said I was too distracting, my car broke down, and most recently I was almost hit by a bus, luckily someone had pulled me out of the way. The entire time this has been going on, I have the pins and needles feeling on the back of my neck telling me someone or something is watching me.?

“Miss, your coffee,” the cashier called after me as I opened the door.

"Oh, thank you." I murmured, rushing back to the counter. I grabbed my cup and turned to leave. Not two footsteps outside the coffee shop. I stumbled and dumped the hot contents on my shirt, cursing I grasped the material and held it away from my body.

“Stroke of bad luck?” A tall man asked as he followed me out of the shop. Something about him told me to run. His jet-black hair fell into his eyes, his unique captivating eyes, the color of fire flickering yellow, to orange and red. He wore a black suit that showed his tall, broad frame well, and a fedora on his head, which cast a shadow over his face, making his eyes glow.

“You could say that.” I muttered in response, avoiding his penetrating gaze.

“I could fix that for you?”

“How?” I asked doubtfully. Releasing my now cool shirt and sipping my coffee.

“I have my ways.”

Again, warning bells went off in my head. “I’m good, thanks.” I replied, turning from him, going to walk away.

He grabbed my arm. “You really don’t want my help?” he asked, surprised.

Jerking my arm from his grasp, I retorted. “No. it’s just some bad luck it’ll change. It always does.”

“I guess you will find out, won’t you?” He whispered with a smirk, and then he was engulfed in flames and disappeared.

My human mind could not comprehend what had just happened. Was I hallucinating on top of everything else? I must be, people don't just disappear into flames. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, but if they did, they didn't show it. What was wrong with me?

My phone rang. Shaking my head, I pulled it from my jeans pocket and answered it as I headed to my rental car. “Hello?”

“Amaya, I think I found you a job.” My roommate and best friend, Nisha, informed me excitedly.

“Your kidding? Where at?”

“Meet me at the mall. There is an occult shop hiring. Totally your thing.”

“On my way.”

Hanging up, I smiled, things were finally starting to turn around. An occult shop would be perfect. I unlocked my rental car and got in. I went to start it and nothing. It was completely dead. You have to be kidding me. There is no way this is a coincidence.

I angrily got out of the car and called a cab. Luckily, there was one nearby and half an hour later I was dropped off outside the mall. Heading inside, I spotted Nisha chatting to some guys by the food court. I headed over to meet with her.

Nisha and I had been friends since childhood. We were complete opposites, but it worked for us. She was bubbly and fun and guys flocked to her like cats to catnip. Her long black hair was a sharp contrast to her pale skin and pale blue eyes. She could’ve been a model, tall, slim, with the perfect hourglass figure. She liked to wear bright colorful clothes, always commenting on my darker ones. I preferred blacks and greys; colors that let me blend in.

I liked that she was the center of attention because I hated having the focus on me. I’d rather fade into the background and watch what’s going on instead of being a part of it, worried I’d embarrass myself, not really knowing how to navigate social situations.

“Amaya, you’re here.” Nisha smiled as she waved goodbye to the guys and walked up to me.

“Come on, I’ll show you the store.” She smiled as she grabbed my hand leading me through the mall.

I followed her to the occult shop on the second floor. It was the one I frequented. Nisha wouldn’t know, of course. I usually went on my own, knowing that she spooked easily at the mention of anything she deemed dark and creepy.

“Amaya, how are you? Are you here to apply?” Balor greeted from behind the counter as we entered the small store. Balor always seemed to be working. He was attractive with unkept blonde hair and hazel eyes; He wore dark clothes and eyeliner, a spiked bracelet, and a heavy silver necklace with a cross on it. I enjoyed seeing him when I came to the store. I liked his style, and his knowledge of the occult was impressive, and we had many long conversations about the topic.

Nodding, I asked, “Is there an application I need to fill out?”

He nodded, turning he grabbed a slip of paper from behind the counter to hand to me.

“No, she won’t be applying.” A man spoke from behind me, making me jump.

“And who are you?” I asked, spinning around to see the guy from outside the coffee shop. Not a hallucination. Then how did he disappear so quickly and where had the flames come from?

He walked to the counter and ripped up the application Balor was about to hand me.

“I’m Sin.” He smiled, tipping his hat to me, and ignoring the others around me, making me uncomfortable.

“Yeah, and I'm Lust.” I snapped sarcastically, without thinking.

“Are you now?” His smile broadened.

“No, I am not. It was sarcasm… Why won’t I be applying?” I asked, frazzled. Didn't he realize I needed this job? I had bills to pay.

“Because you are going to make a deal with me?”

“And why would I do that?” This guy is a weirdo. Why would a deal mean I wouldn’t need this job? “Are you stalking me?”

“I don’t call it stalking. I find you entertaining.” He mused. “Because if you make the deal with me, your luck will change, and you won’t need this mediocre job. It’s beneath you, anyway.” He waved his hand around the store, frowning slightly when he looked at Balor.

“I won’t be making a deal with you!” I snapped, turning to leave, creeped out that he hadn’t even bothered denying my accusation. Once this guy is gone, I will come back to fill out the application.

“Oh, you won’t have a choice, little flame.” He grabbed my arm. I tried to pull from his grip unsuccessfully. Looking up at him, his eyes swirling darker red as flames engulfed us. I was speechless, frozen in shock, and surprised I was not feeling the pain from the flames.

I glanced at Nisha. She stood there with a smile on her face as she waved goodbye. Was she in on this? I looked around as everything began spinning, making me dizzy and nauseas like I was on a carnival ride that was going way too fast. Images seemed to move in reverse. It was like time was rewinding. Everything was a fast blur until it finally stopped. My stomach lurched, but I managed to keep the contents down.

“Wh… what did you do?” I asked as I spun around, not recognizing anything. Was I in a forest? What the hell?

“You will make that deal, one way or another.” He smiled evilly. “Goodbye little flame.” Tilting his hat as he disappeared.

Chapter Two


I stretched to keep myself awake as I watched the scene before me. My subjects had decided that it was time for me to find a queen. Of course, my subjects were offering their daughters and nieces, trying to get their bloodline to become part of the royal bloodline.

Tedious, I didn’t want any random she-demon. I wanted someone I had a connection with. My subjects had become so boring, they were too comfortable and predictable. How disgusting. I need excitement. Something different and entertaining.

“Sire, are you listening?” My right-hand man, Merula, asked, shattering my train of thought. Merula reminded me of a rat with his slight frame and shifty features, he never looked you in the eyes. He always seemed to be there, listening, and watching. He was smart and gave good advice, and he always kept me informed of what was happening in the castle. Merula was surprisingly lucky when it came to women.

“Yes, and none of them will be my Queen.” I frowned at him


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