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Beauty And Beast

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He's rumoured to be the most cold and ruthless Mafia Boss, An underworld mafia Don who will slaughter his enemies without blinking an eye.Yet few has ever seen what lies beneath his armour. A broken man who needs to be saved.She's naive and ordinary girl, who is accidentally into a mysterious underworld and gets untangled with the most feared underworld mafia Boss.What will happen when he discovered his enemy is a sweet innocent girl whom he misunderstood as his enemy? broken man who needs to be saved.She's naive and ordinary girl, who is accidentally into a mysterious underworld and gets untangled with the most feared underworld mafia Boss.What will happen when he discovered his enemy is a sweet innocent girl whom he misunderstood as his enemy?

Chapter 1 Mafia Boss!


A muscular man with dark brown eyes and a sharp yet sclupted jaw and god-gifted angelic features yet dangerously handsome, and to mention, the devil disguised as a human, was sitting on the chair while impatiently waiting for the doctor...glaring at the floor.His white shirt was soaked in blood stains...his jaw was clenched and knuckles were turning white while he kept on pressing his fists tighter.

A few men in black suits were standing beside him and making sure for everyone clear that the man sitting beside them is not someone with whom you can mess or deal with...his eyes were bloodshot due to anger..pain and fear was clearly visible in his dark brown orbs soon the doctor came out of operation theater while removing mask from his face and as soon as Vincent saw the doctor he abrutly storm towards the Dr. and the Dr. gulped down the saliva forming in his throat and faced the crazy man who stormed towards him..He knows what he's going to say will only going to trigger the beast infront of him.

"h-he's out of d-danger, Mr.Volkov...but.." he couldn't help but to slutter on each word out of fear...he felt a knot forming in his throat unable to speak as Vincent's eyes kept his intensely glaring gaze at the Dr. infront of him.

"but what!.."Vincent said while gritting his teeth making Dr. even more scared than he was already.

"he....he's in..."

"He's what?...don't taste my f*ck*ng patience when I lack it" Vincent said while gritting his teeth caz good for nothing doctor was getting on his last nerve.


and he finally yelled be thankfull that this beast just yelled because the situation wasn't in his favor if only it would have been then, before Dr. could complete his sentence, he would have been dead in the place in a most brutal way.

"his in a coma"

Dr. said, and took a step back instantly, like if he didn't move then it would have been his last day on the earth for sure but when he saw Vincent's eyes turning more red then before He became more afraid than already he is....Vincent's was looking completely like a pyscho and more like an angry werewolf..before anyone could do anything...he grabbed the Dr. by his throat and slammed him on the wall making the Dr. cry out so loud for his dear life.

Everyone around them gasped in fear while Vincent's men stared blankly at the scene like it was nothing new to them. Well, it's really nothing compared to what they witnessed their boss doing worse than that, so it's just a random thing for them..he squeezed the doctor's throat in a most painful manner....Dr. tried his best to get away from this beast hold but failed miserably while doing that..he pulled him up still attaching the Dr. on the wall his feets were off from the floor he was thrashing in Vincent's hold as it was getting hard for him to breath.

"you f*ck*ng b*st*rd, didn't I tell you to save him at any cost....DIDN'T I!.."

he growled while squeezing Dr.'s throat even more and the dr's face turned red because he was completely out of breath and was gasping for air to fill his lungs...he tried to speak to make Vincent leave him, but all trying went in vain and atlast Vincent slammed the Dr. on the floor making him to cough vigorously...he grabbed the gun from one of his men's waistband and pointed at the doctor.


"Please, Mr.Volkov, I beg you...please let me go I have a family. Please spare me"

Vincent raised his eyebrows while crouching down at Dr's level. He pressed the of his gun's temple, making him cry out miserably.

"So did I ask you to make a family, huh!...I warned you that if you are unable to save him, then be ready to travel to hell and before that I will show you some glimpse of hell itself...It will be your f*ck*ng last day,"

he said while pressing the gun more at the dr's temple.

"Please I-I promise I'll treat him and make him come out of the coma within months..."Dr. said while shivering.

"You said this before you think I'm fool...I don't believe it!"

He was about to pull the trigger but stopped hearing the doctor's next words.

"I-In this type of case...It takes a year or two or maybe more than this for a patient to wake up from coma..but I promise I will make him awake from the coma in 3 to 4 months, I promise....please spare my life...please...I beg you.."

Vincent removed the gun from his temple, making the dr. sigh in relief, an instant he grabbed the Doctor's throat and pulled him close to his face, making the Dr. gasped in course who will not fear being in devil's hostage....only this devil's name is enough to shake the whole underworld that's how everyone fears him.

"4 months....I want my brother back....talking...walking and healthy..but if it doesn't happen be prepared for your own funeral Dr., jones..."

With that, Vincent threw Dr. on the floor and walked away from there without glancing at his half-dead brother. He knew if he saw his brother's vulnerable state then he'd loose, his control for sure..he was so enraged at what happened today that if he stood there any longer then he would loose his control for sure and now he really, needed to take out his anger or else god knows what storm he will bring with himself.

What happened to his one and only dearly brother is really disturbing for him...The fire keeps on burning whenever he thinks about it...about his brother's vulnerable condition, he is only thinking about one thing and that is REVENGE and when he will learned who is the person behind his brother's misery he would go to any extent to make that person pay and to make them regret his/her existence for sure....

Chapter 2 Twin sisters!

Authors's pov'


before she complete her sentence.A loud slap landed on Naomi's cheek. Due to the slap she got from her father, she fell on the floor holding her left cheek while crying...she wasn't crying because of the stinging pain on her cheek, but she was crying her heart out for the man she always loved with all her heart.

"It's your fault....not mine girl. I told you to not get involved with any boy.Didn't I?.....but you like to test my power.Don't you?"

she scoffed and a mocking laugh left from Naomi's lips.

"power...ptff..this power, the power I gave you, with the power and respect I, put you to where you are standing right now. Right Mr.Madison?...wasn't it?"

she stood on the floor and grabbed her father's collar, making the old man's eyes widen in shock.



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