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The Gladiator Wolf King
  • Author: JwgStout
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • ⭐ 7.5

I lost the girl, the love of my life. I lost my family. Now I‚am lost. I thought after the war for Riocht, life would get back to normal.I was so very, very wrong. Kellen, now King of the werewolves, thought after Lamia and Mathias claimed the throne and became the King and Queen of shifters, life would go on as normal. That he would rule his kingdom and search for his own mate and live happily ever after. Kellen wakes up to find himself on a boat, going to Goddess knows where and the last thing he remembers is saying goodbye to Lamia and heading home with Mike. Sold to a money hungry Alpha and his deranged Luna, for their packs entertainment, his title, means nothing. A man who cares only for three things.

  • Author: JwgStout
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 35.5K
  • ⭐ 8.8

New chapters and full story on AlphaNovel! Lamia Langley, daughter to the Royal Delta of The New Moon pack (royal pack) bares the mark of a royal and is a seemingly ordinary wolf, until she shifts at the age of 14 and by 15 becomes one of the strongest wolfs in the kingdom. All Lamia ever wanted was to serve her prince, become a warrior, find her mate at 18 and live happily ever after. Growing up together and sharing a rare and special goddess given bond, everyone is sure Lamia and Prince Kellen will be fated mates. Being given the opportunity to go to the Alpha academy, Kellen and Lamia fall in love and they hope they are fated like everyone thinks. But the fates have already mapped out her future. What happens when a wolf from the Kings past has his eye on Lamia?Follow this epic tale of Love, tragedy and betrayal as Lamia starts to discover her family heritage. Will her family's forgotten heritage and secrets become more than she can handle?Will her Prince become her mate or will she be fated to another?Will Lamia rise to become the wolf the goddess' fated her to be? **For a mature audience**


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