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Baby Daddy

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Joseph Sarang has her life planned out but it seems all is not going too well for her With not achieving all that she dreams of her mother became a torn on her flesh After a one night stand with a famous celebrity all she wants to do is crawl back into her old life but with one night comes another consequences, a baby she knew she isn't ready for Benjamin has everything, the perfect life, the perfect girlfriend but is that all he wants? After a one night stand with a girl who he can describe as been perfect he knows his life isn't what it used to be anymore and he wants more, he wants her

Chapter 1

She is throwing something across the room again, what could it be this time around, maybe a bucket? Or one of the vases on the stool that she has broken and left only two out of the seven it was before

If I just have my way I will be out of this house every single morning, what is the benefit of been here all day when the noise won’t make you have a peaceful day

‘’It’s my fault, if I didn’t have a very useless daughter who is nothing but worthless and so very useless then my life would have been better” there was another shattering sound and I closed my ears with my hands pressed on it

Having already turned my eyes from seeing her as she angrily destroys more things I didn’t need to even hear the sounds anymore. It will torment me in the night I know. Clinging to the memory of when it was still peaceful I sat on the couch

‘’What are you doing there sitting idly you worthless child’’ she is before me before I could even more my body, and I had to dodge a slap she sent my way falling on the floor

The look on her face is threatening, dead mean and I had to scramble from the floor to prevent another blow been sent my way

My legs are fast as I made for the kitchen jamming the door so tightly I locked myself in here. My heavy breathing slowed, my eyes fluttering close as I whiled the tears to go away. The pounding on the door started, accompanied by so many swear words that I block my ear from hearing

It’s been like this for two years now. Anytime I lose a job that had me going for a while she becomes all crazy castigating me and cussing me out

I graduated with a good honors in Architecture, having deceived my mother that I was studying Pharmacy and she became all crazy about it. She let me graduate in peace and afterwards I couldn’t find a job that has anything to do with my course of study and that made her crazier

What does it feel like to be a disappointment to your entire family? Cause I Joseph Sarang has been nothing but. Graduated about 3 years ago and instead of been the apple of my parents eyes and been the best sibling, at 24 am still living off them and no matter the kind of work I seek out for it always ended with me been dropped

The pounding on the door eased, but I will be a fool to open the door. She is still standing there waiting for me to make an attempt at opening it. The tears I have been holding drop off my eyes. I didn’t want this, didn’t want this life but what can I do?

Imagine going for an interview and not been granted the job even when you are worth it cause you are a female and young too. This has been my fate for a very long f*ck*ng time and I am tired of it

‘’Sister Sarang you can come out she has gone to her room’’ a tiny voice said to me

I open the door slowly, then peek outside and only spotted my little sister Josephine. Her sweet adoring eyes she uses to stare at me has now turned pitiful and I felt like crying as I look at her

Young petite, with a full black hair that needs my breading, her eyes are warm pitiful and hurt as they stare at me. I use to be the apple of her eyes, someone she adores so much but at fourteen can I still be that big sister?

The thought flew off my mind as she hugs me. She may be fourteen but she’s towering over my 5 ft 6. I held onto her as she embraces me more tightly

‘’It will be fine Sis’’ she says in that her comforting voice

If only things were that easy then everything will fall in places. She eases off from the hug, as she handed me a key

‘’She dropped it while hitting on the door’’ I collected my room key from her and thanked her very much before matching to my room

Tears wailed in my heart as I look to how shattered my entire room is. She’s turned it upside down scattering every single thing she comes in contact with. Closing the door noiselessly I locked it sliding down till am on the ground

When will this be over, when will this whole life which is nothing but a pure mess be all over. If I just find a job and move away from this god forsaking house then my life may actually have lead

I could hear my ringing somewhere in the room. I didn’t have much strength in me but decided to move my body as I went in search for my phone. It’s under the bed having falling from the bed stand I kept it. The screen made me chock another cry, shattered and cracked.

I surrounded to the cry and tears I’ve been holding all morning, why will my own mother hate me because I have no job, does it even make sense? Till now my father cannot speak against the ill treatment she has been melting onto me for 2 years now.

At first it was easier for us to accept she was angry because I didn’t study Pharmacy since she said it brings lots of money and then it becomes suddenly entirely different, more hatred and wickedness I never thought her of having

Is she even my body? That thought made me laugh cause hey no matter what I still have her features, all tall and skinny with a sizeable boobs and *ss.

I may not be the best looking but I know I am beautiful, have always knew cause my mother is the definition of beautiful.

Yet knowing she is my mother and treats me this way is the most painful feeling. She wasn’t like this, has never been but I will take whatever she brings with her until things get better, cause I know things definitely will

Chapter 2

‘’I’ve marked out these places and they are not offering anymore’’ I say frustratingly to my friend Paula. She sat down beside me pulling out another newspaper. My eyes shine out in gratitude as I thanked her with a hug

‘’What could I have done without you’’ I beamed at her taking my phone and dialing tons of numbers yet again

After last morning event, it would be foolish of me to sit down and be waiting for those companies I have applied my credentials to. I knew within my heart that I needed to leave the house often, at this point I am very much desperate for anything

‘’It would have been fun to see you with a bandage over your head’’ she says laughing as she starts speaking to the phone

Paula will always try to make light of every fight I have with my mother, her words are that these fights are so very unpredictable and my mom has to be a normal mother if she is causing fuse about my unemployment ‘This thing happens in every single home, yours is worst cau


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