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An alpha for the alpha

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Jonas Whitepaw has always felt a little different, and he has accepted people commenting on his size and teasingly calling him a pretty boy. For despite being a future Alpha, he isn’t big or burly. Luckily for him, his handsome face and charms more than makeup for his lack of size, at least with the ladies. Without really being prepared, he is thrown into the job as Alpha when his father is killed by the feared rogue king Typhon Bloodclaw, also known as Cerberus. Pushed by the pack and especially the Beta, Jonas decides to go and negotiate alone with the rogues when they abduct 4 Young girls, one of them Jonas' baby sister. To his surprise, the rogue King is willing to let the girls go on one condition: Jonas takes their place. What does the rogue King want with Jonas? Will he abuse him like the young Alpha fears? And what is the weird feeling Jonas gets when he is near Typhon? He can’t be attracted to a man, or can he?




I slow from a run to a walk in a part of the woods, which is eerily silent, even for my wolf Cana’s ears.

Fear knots up my stomach as I shift into my human form at the edge of the forest, breathing in the scent of pine, earth, the nearby river, and something else, something feral and dangerous.

I open the backpack, which my wolf Cana has carried in his mouth, and pull out the simple clothes inside … sweatpants and a t-shirt. I really have no desire to do this naked, but I am not exactly going to a party here either.

‘No, we are going to certain death.’ Cana whimpers inside my head.

“No, we are going to save Kara and the other girls''. I mumble.

My wolf huffs so loud I almost feel the spray from his nose on the inside of my skull. ‘Sure … Typhon Bloodclaw, the king of rogues, is just gonna hand over his war prisoners … Young women they have probably already …’.

“Shut it, Cana,” I mumble. “I have to try; it’s my responsibility.”

‘As I said … certain death … but first pain, so much pain … I have heard he …’.

I feel like hitting my head to shut him up. “Hush, let me focus.”

Walking up the rocky slope, I stop at the entrance where two prominent men that look scarily alike are eyeing me. “What do you want ?”

“I am here to see the … King”. I say with every ounce of dignity I can manage, straightening my back to stand taller.

“And who says the King wants to see you, pretty boy ?” One of them grins.

I breathe in and look him in the eyes. “I am Jonas Whitepaw, alpha of the coral lake pack … I think he will want to see me”.

The men let their eyes run over me in a way I have to admit I don’t like. It makes me squirm inwardly, but I refuse to let them see what I feel.

“What do you say, Donahue? Have you ever seen an alpha this tiny and pretty”? One man says to the other.

“I sure haven’t, Donovan.” The other one grins. “Bloodclaw will like him.”

I swallow my pride, knowing that with my 5’6, I am indeed not very tall for an alpha; it’s not like it’s the first time I hear it. “So we agree that I am going inside ?”

One of them, Donahue, I think, bows to me mockingly. “You can go in.”

“But watch out for the big bad wolves''. Donovan says with a dirty grin. “Some of them eat pretty boys like you for breakfast.”

‘Did you hear them?’ Cana mumbles in my head. ‘They will eat us for breakfast.

I ignore him as I walk through the entrance, letting my senses guide me. If I were a king … I huff and roll my eyes, ‘King !’ Seriously? But if I was a disillusioned rogue thinking myself a king, where would I be?

I meet a few other rogues walking through the caves, but they merely eye me suspiciously, and I ignore them too. It is safe to say they are a colorful bunch.

Then a scent hits me. It is hard to describe- wild, warm, fresh, and somewhat woodsy like apples roasted over an open fire built with logs off applewood. But there is a spicy undertone I can’t place.

Instinctively I follow the scent; it entices me, making Cana whimper softly and thankfully shut up with his predictions.

As I turn a corner, I walk into an open room and stop in my tracks. On what looks like a throne is a tall, muscular man. At his feet is one of the young women I have come to save. She looks unharmed, almost happy. I suddenly get why they call him king.

“Don’t be shy little Alpha; come on in.” He laughs. His voice is deep and warm, like an exquisite cognac. “You are brave to come here alone.”

“I am here to negotiate.” I walk forward slowly, holding my head high and looking straight into his gaze. His eyes are hazel, and seem amused.

He reaches to pet the girl gently on the hair. “Negotiate … please go on … about and what do you offer in return ?”

Taking a deep breath, I explain. I keep my words respectful; after all, I am on his grounds here. But I let my alpha voice shine through to let him know I stand firm and I am a true alpha.

He scratches his chin and looks at the girl like he considers what she is worth. Then a sly smile spreads on his full lips. “I will give you the women.”

“You will ?” I might be surprised.

“On one condition, of course.”

‘Be careful.’ Cana warms.

I breathe in. “Of course, If it is in my power, I will give you whatever you want.”

“You !”

“What ?” I swallow.

The smirk now spreading holds a lot of promises. “I will let them go if you take their place.”

Three weeks earlier


I slowly open my eyes as the warm light shines through the window. And like every morning, my first thought is, so this is it, this is what it's like being the future alpha. I stretch and yawn as I sit up in the giant bed. It is made from the finest oak wood and draped in blue silk.

The room is big and lavish. There is nothing I really want for. Yup, life is pretty sweet.

"Don't go, Jonas.” A soft sleepy voice sounds from my left side, and a slim hand slides up my chest as the cute brunette leans over, tangling her legs with mine. "Stay a little longer."

What was her name again ? She is one of the girls from the pack, an omega, who normally works cleaning the rooms and serving the food. It doesn't really matter I guess. It is nothing but a distraction.

"Oydis, don't think he is all yours.'' The petite blonde on my right says; That is her name, Oydis, and the blond is Toril. The redhead still sleeping is called Maarit. The blonde leaned in purring in my ear. "But she is right; stay a little longer, Jonas.”

I untangle myself from them, sending them a warm smile. "Sorry ladies, I got things to do. But please stay as long as you need … and please change the bedding."

They whine and pout as I pull on my clothes, blowing them a kiss before leaving the room.

Walking down the hallway, I sigh, looking in one of the big mirrors. Why do I even do this? Truth is I am bored, being me is boring as hell. I am seeking to distract my mind, to quench some kind of hunger burning inside me, but so far, no luck ... nothing seems to help and I am starting to wonder if all of my life will feel like this.

My wolf Cana is trying to be all philosophical about finding our true selves and the right path. ‘And stop whoring like a cat in heat.’

“I did not hear you complain last night”. I retort in a low voice. “It was not a complaining sound I heard.”

Cana huffs and turns his head, ignoring me.

As I make my way into the dining hall, I spot my friends Kemen and Hardwin at a table and make my way there. At least I have good friends here. "Morning gentlemen."

"Morning ? Kemen is already on his second breakfast," Hardwin says, looking up from his book. "But I guess it was late before you got to sleep."

"Brunch Hardwin, it is called brunch". Kemen says putting a piece of bacon in his mouth. "So come on, was it the blonde, the brunette or the redhead that kept you up half the night ?"

I flop down at the table, waving a serving girl over, giving her my order. "Or ? What on earth do you mean by; or, Kemen ? I had no idea I needed to choose."

Kemen throws his head back laughing happily and slaps me on the shoulder. Hardwin just shakes his head and returns to his book.

The girl returns with the food, and I start eating. "So, what are your plans for today ?"

"Well, lunch, then afternoon snacks and then dinner and maybe a small night munchie," Kemen says, and Hardwin just holds up his book.

They seem content with doing this every day, waiting for the time when Our time comes to run the pack, and I am starting to wonder if it is me that there is something wrong with. "Don't you miss doing something ?"

"Like what ? Going through the omega girls half a dozen at a time ?" Hardwin asks from behind his book and Kemen laughs, slapping my shoulder again.

"No, like I don't know.. doing something. Go on quests, fighting rogues, feeling … alive ?" I say running a hand through my hair. My wolf Cana agrees.

Kemen looks at his plate of food, then he shrugs. "Well not really I think ... Now is the time to relax. Soon enough you will be alpha and we have to work for our food".

"Well I will go do something, anything ... See you later". I get up, leaving my food half eaten.

‘Kemen will probably finish it off.’ Cana laughs in my head and knows my friend; I laugh softly because Cana is right.

I need to do something, I am slowly going insane with boredom here. Waiting just doesn't sit well with me, I can't be content with eating or reading books all day.

Sometimes I feel my father doesn’t find me good enough to be the next alpha. Okay, so I do not look like the typical alpha, I am only standing 5’6, and while in rather great shape, I am not a bulging mountain of muscles, but rather lean and sinew. However I am stronger than I look.

At least I enjoy working out and I find a quiet place in one of the gardens, training my agility and strength. Trying to keep sharp. It gives me something to do and it clears my mind and I never know when I will have use for it.

I pressure myself on speed, pushing for faster moves and higher jumps. It feels good to move, to feel my muscles flex and stretch. I am so focused that I don't hear the man before he clears his throat right behind me. "Master Jonas, Alpha Fenris has summoned you.”

"Okay, thank you," I say watching the man leave. What does my father want with me ? I wipe the sweat off my forehead and make my way towards his office.

I have always been loyal to my Alpha and to the pack. I had hoped that when I turned eighteen my father would start letting me have more responsibilities, but it never happened and now I am twenty-three and mostly still treated as a teen. Honestly I don't really agree with a lot of things my father does and he isn't exactly my favorite person.

"Jonas, my boy," My father’s voice greets me as I enter his office. "Come here, come here, we got things to discuss."

"Morning father, what can I do for you ?" I ask, closing the door behind me. Thinking that he seems in an unusually good mood today.

He waves for me to come over. “Morning ? Some of us have been working for hours. You are wasting your time on fun and useless women. That is why I called you here. I need your help."

My help ? With what? I can’t really see how his half scolding and needing my help fits together.

He nods and smiles, like he knows what I am thinking. "I am going to a meeting with the other Alphas … to discuss the problem with the rogues."

“And what do you need me to do ?” Is he finally going to ask me to stop up and act as Alpha while he is gone ?

‘Don’t get your hopes up, you’ll just get our tail in a twist.’ Cana warns.

My father gives me a smile. “I need you to take some of …,” I wait, holding my breath. “… Your mothers responsibilities so she can help Beta Connor lead the pack.”

I feel myself deflate and Cana mumbles. ‘Told you … hate it … but told you.’

“Sure dad,” I sigh.

“And I have another thing to tell you,” He says, “About my meeting.”

This time I do not care to get my hopes up. “What is it ?”

“I plan to find you a chosen mate,” He holds up his hand as I am about to object. “It is time you find a future Luna … and as you don’t seem to have a true mate, you need to take a chosen one.”


One week later


I am out running with a couple of other guys when I pick up a cry for help over the pack's mind link. And instantly know it is my father. ‘Rogues …. Anyone … help.’

‘This way,’ Cana instantly tells the other wolves, and we turn, falling into formations as we speed through the forest towards the river.

My heart is pumping, and cold flashes are running down our spine. As I have already pointed out, my father is not really my favorite person, but I wish no harm upon him, and I know how dangerous these rogues are. We need to get there fast.

All I get from my father are incomprehensible words, jumbled emotions, and an overwhelming surprise I am not really understanding. Then silence.

‘Come on, Cana, faster,’ I urge my wolf on. Neither of us is among the biggest, but we are pretty fast.

When we reach the river, I first see nothing, but then I see a sizable huddled form disappear, and we spot my father on the river bank. I ru


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