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Alpha Liam's Escort

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"You're disgusting!" Celeste screamed. "How could you do this to me? Both of you!" Tears fell from her eyes once more. "You were my best friend, and you..." Her gaze shifted to Amara, who cowered behind Julian. Then, Celeste snapped back to Julian and stepped closer to him. "I, Celeste Foster, reject you, Julian Cross of the Shadow Pack, as my mate." After experiencing the double betrayal of her mate and friend, Celeste thought her life couldn't get any worse, until she woke up naked next to Liam Blackwell, Alpha of the Nightfall Pack... Liam never thought he would have a one night stand with Celeste. Everything happened too suddenly, and when the heartbroken Celeste approached him and whispered "I want you," Liam knew he couldn't refuse such an offer. As Liam is irresistibly drawn to Celeste, he begins to notice that she seems close to someone he never thought he would encounter: first Julian, the Alpha heir of the Shadow Pack, and now Nathaniel Stone, the Alpha heir of The Obsidian Pack. Was Celeste hiding a big secret about who she was?

CHAPTER 1 Cheating

Celeste's POV

My entire body shuddered, straddling his muscular form made me feel so in control. I studied his expression as I rode him, his thickness throbbing inside me with each gentle movement.

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked with a smirk on my lips, the man so helpless beneath me.

Releasing a shuddering exhale his eyes locked on me "Make me yours," his gentle moans added to my own pleasure, he was mine at this moment.

Rocking my hips with a slow rhythm, I just wanted to tease him to climax. The sight of this man biting down on his lip, his eyes wide and begging sent me absolutely wild. Large hands held my waist as he tried to force the rhythm faster, but I refused to let him take control.

This was my playtime.

"I want to taste you," his voice husked with gentle demand.

Leaning forward my lips met his and my blonde hair fell to one side, cascading down my shoulder.

Bringing his hand up, he took my hair in his grasp and tightened his grip as our tongues met. The kiss deepened, and his moans grew louder the harder I f*ck*d him, the sensation of him throbbing inside me began to send me over the edge.

"Oh f*ck," I rasped as my body shuddered, moans escaping me with each throb inside me.

My eyes flashed gold and a low growl burned in my throat before I let the animal take over. The man cried pleasurably as my lips met his neck, my teeth digging into his flesh as we both let our bodies give into wild ecstasy. Our wolves within had taken over...

Sitting in the passenger seat of Liam Blackwell's car, I awoke from nodding off. The tiredness of working multiple jobs had taken its toll this week. Taking my eyes to him I felt my cheeks flush red. Had he known I had fallen asleep?

I heard Liam chuckle lowly, and blinking I didn't remove my eyes from him.

Oh sh*t. He knew.

His gaze fixed on the road as he drove carefully through the heavy rain. Had I made noises in my sleep after the dream?

A smile played on his lips and I felt myself sink into the leather chair. I wanted it to swallow me whole. I had definitely been making those sounds while I slept. This was the end for me, I thought dramatically.

I couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked this evening. His blonde hair was styled smartly and his blue eyes piercing as they focused on the road. Liam wore a dark navy suit, which fitted his muscular figure well, and the scent of his cologne filled my senses.

I never understood how someone so stunning never had a mate. I never asked, of course, as it wasn't my position to get into the personal parts of his life.

I was just his escort. Liam was my boss and the Alpha of the Nightfall Pack. He employed me to hang off his arm at events and parties. That's all it was, strictly professional and companionship only. Liam was respectful and made it clear he never wanted anything sexual from me. But now I wondered what he thought of me, and even if I had a career after this moment.

Liam pulled the car slowly into the driveway of the manor the party was held and turned to me, my face still bright red from embarrassment, a smile still adorned his lips.

"I'll let you out here Celeste and find somewhere to park, keep you from the rain," he spoke gently.

"Although after all that excitement you might need the cold shower," his smile turned into a mischievous smirk.

I was devastated, he had heard me! I just needed to get out of this car right now. I sped to the porch of the doorway, using it as protection from the rain. I took shelter and straightened my figure-hugging red dress to make sure it was neat and in order. What was I going to do? I just needed to forget about it for tonight and get my Escort head on.

Liam met me on the porch and we made our way inside. The manor was a sight to behold, and even though I had been here a few times, it always left my jaw on the floor. The Victorian interior was so immaculate and beautiful that it was a prime location for the Pack Gatherings. I took Liam's arm and allowed him to lead me wherever he wished, after all this was his night out.

The party was, as ever the same. Friends met and talked, alcohol flowed and music played. It was just a night for the Pack to meet and catch up. I noticed most of the males had mated now, a few were still waiting for theirs, but knew one day they would find their perfect person.

I had found a mate. Julian Cross. He was the Alpha of the Shadow Pack, but I knew he wouldn't be here this evening. Julian and I had been together since we met at college and had a strong bond. He made me feel so loved and nurtured me, even the thought of Julian at this moment tickled my tummy with excitement. I hope that feeling never left.

Excusing myself I released the link from Liam's arm and made my way to the bathroom. I had memorised the hallways of this huge house from the last few visits. Making my way up the stairs I heard whispers ahead of me, and the sound of a high-pitched giggle.

It was then I turned the corner and saw my absolute worst nightmare. Julian.

My Julian had a woman in his embrace. Their lips locked in passion and he pushed her against the wall. Moaning beneath the kiss as he took her with need.

Tears filled my eyes, but I remained quiet to not attract their attention.

Julian pulled himself away from her lips and that's when I realised. He was cheating on me with my very best friend, Amara.

I struggled to contain myself, and as I watched Julian grab Amara's hand and pull her into the nearest bedroom I felt my knees buckle, so I leant against the wall to support myself.

The tears cascaded down my cheeks as I sobbed. How could he?

After that encounter, I didn't go back to Liam's side. I went straight to the kitchen and took a bottle of Whisky. Finding a quiet corner of one of the bedrooms, I sat on an armchair and began to swig the alcohol. Tears ran down my cheek, but I also felt anger. With each pang of anger, I felt, the more I drank, and had already consumed a quarter of the bottle.

Seeking comfort in Liam Blackwell, the Alpha. My boss. I had given into the most primal urges, the animal within had been unleashed, and my inhibitions had been lowered with the alcohol.

His nimble hands were on my skin as he caressed me. The softness of his lips as he kissed my body, and the sensation inside me as he took me wildly. Liam made me feel like a queen and pleasured me as I had never experienced before...

It wasn't the best decision I had made.

After waking up in bed with my employer, I felt so many emotions. Shame, anger, sadness, and regret.

Liam had found me in the bedroom, crying and alone. He had comforted me in my time of need, which lead us to sleep together. Holding my head as the pain thumped behind my eyes, I watched Liam sleep so effortlessly. I wondered if he felt the same.

I couldn't wake him, this was a conversation I didn't want to have right now, so I carefully got myself out of bed and gathered my clothes as quietly as I could. I pulled the dress up my body and fastened it, my eyes on Liam to make sure he didn't stir. Taking my shoes I began to tiptoe across the room and almost made it to the door.

"Leaving so soon?"

My eyes darted to the bed. Liam had awoken. D*mn. I was unsure of what to say, "Sorry Liam, I just need to clear my head," I spoke truthfully.

Liam rolled onto his back and placed one hand behind his head, his strong arms flexed as the covers shifted to reveal his toned torso, "But last night was so great," a smile formed on his lips, "Who knew you could provide the whole package? Companionship and great s*x," he paused as his eyes lingered on my body as if I were naked.

I felt the anger surge inside me, "I'm not your prostitute!" I screamed, "How dare you!" I turned to leave before I said anything I regretted and Liam suddenly appeared by my side in a flash.

"Come on Celeste" he spoke in that soft tone that usually calmed me, "I need to pay you for the extra service," his fingers traced down the skin of my arm and my body shuddered. I felt used.

Wrenching myself away from his side I pulled the door open and my eyes bore into his blue gaze. I laughed coldly, "I quit," I scowled, "I don't ever want to work for you ever again!" Leaving the room I charged down the hallway, leaving Liam alone.

Passing the bedroom Julian and Amara had disappeared into, the sickness bubbled in my throat.

CHAPTER 2 I Want You

Liam's POV

"Celeste?" I called her name, my eyes darting everywhere as I looked out for her. Surely she would be easy to spot, she was the most beautiful woman at the party.

I had memorised how she looked tonight, as I always did. The red sequin dress hugged her figure so perfectly. Her long blonde hair cascaded across her shoulders and down her back. A few familiar faces I passed by smiled at me, one woman grabbed my arm to stop me, but I made my apologies and kept walking. Finding Celeste was my goal now.

Approaching the stairs I called her name again, but still nothing. I knew she had gone to the bathroom so I decided to head upstairs and down the hallway toward it. I passed one of the bedrooms, the door closed, but the sound of two people having what could only be described as animalistic sex sounded behind it.

In the next room I came to, the door was slightly ajar. I stopped in my tracks and listened. Soft sobs came from the inside, using my wolf senses


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