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After saving the bankrupt billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: violet
  • Chapters: 54
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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Shi He, once a prominent figure as the wealthiest man in the city, was plunged into despair after going bankrupt and ended up as a prisoner in a mental institution. In his darkest moment, nurse Ji Tao won his heart with her unique warmth and care. Ji Tao, a petite nurse with her hair tied in a bun, felt sympathy and admiration for this unfortunate man. She decided to save him and help him escape from this suffocating environment. However, little did she know that her act of kindness would attract the infatuation of all the nurses in the hospital, who crowned Shi He as the "Campus Hunk" of the mental institution. In order to take him out of the hospital, Shi He proposed marriage to Ji Tao. Ji Tao looked at his handsome face, her eyes curved into a smile, and she agreed without hesitation. However, their life took a turn for the worse after they got married. They lived in poverty, but Ji Tao didn't mind because she believed that couples should share hardships together. Until one day, Ji Tao designed a plan for him to make money through live streaming based on his looks, but Shi He suddenly threw a card at her with twenty million inside. "This is a reward for helping me get out of the hospital. Let's get divorced," Shi He said coldly. Ji Tao widened her eyes, completely taken aback by what just happened. "We promised to work together as a couple to get rich. Are you just using me for a sham marriage?!" she angrily shouted. From Shi He's perspective, he leisurely stayed in the mental institution, watching the power struggles within the Shi family. The little nurse always showed special care for him, making him feel heartbroken. The other patients teased, "Nurse Ji seems to really like you, but too bad you're crazy and not worthy of her." He smirked, finding it amusing. "I'm not interested in her at all. Just pretending to be in a relationship with her." However, after they used the marriage as an excuse for him to leave the hospital, he heartlessly divorced her, paying no heed to her pleas, and moved back to his mansion, reclaiming his position as the richest man. Despite numerous socialites and actresses vying to marry him, in the quietness of the night, She He felt lonely and started to miss her. So, She He took out his phone and sent a text message: "Do you want to spend Valentine's Day together?" Ding! You have a new message. Ji Tao replied, "Get lost~"

Chapter 1

Since he became mentally ill, Shi He has looked much better. Before his illness, this young tycoon in the coastal city faced bankruptcy and according to financial media reports, "the former tycoon Shi He fell into the abyss of life and may commit suicide by jumping off the top of the group." Yes, this once-dominant figure in the capital market went bankrupt, had to pay off debts and had nothing left. He was depressed and on the verge of suicide. Fortunately, this bankrupt former tycoon was completely broken down with mental illness, and he rarely felt depressed. He is often as happy as a rabbit, occasionally as violent as thunder, and is no longer looking for death.

However, because Shi He was cold and cruel to people before he became the richest man in town, he twice forced the members of the Shi family to a dead end. Therefore, no one in the Shi family was willing to take him in, and he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

September clear sky. Several birds landed on the tree branches under the sun and were singing happily. The tranquility was interrupted by the sound of brakes at noon. It was the day when Shi He was admitted to the hospital.

A nanny car turned around and drove out of the gate of Xishan Second District Mental Hospital. The white-coated director glanced at the new patient Shi He who was being sent over and felt a little worried. Because Shi's family said that he was very aggressive when he was ill.

As expected, this young man who was 1.8 meters tall and cold sneered, looked disgusted, and took out a stone from his pocket and threw it to the hospital director Zhang Hong, saying coldly: "Where's my sports car?"

With a "pop", Zhang Hong's glasses were smashed. Although he had seen everything in the psychiatric hospital, he still couldn't avoid it. The stone hit his glasses, but fortunately he was not hurt.

"Director!" Several male doctors and male nurses rushed over.

Zhang Hong calmly took off his glasses and sighed: "Go help General Manager Shi get his sports car."

The male nurses who had experienced many battles had long developed the tacit agreement of not asking questions. They quickly pushed a small garbage cart and used the stone on the ground as the car key to start the car, saying to Shi He, "Please."

The young man with long legs stepped onto the cart, lifted his trouser legs, sat on the cart, and had a natural nobleness in his movements.

Suddenly, the young man on the cart said indifferently: "What's wrong with the car's music? I don't like this melody, cut it off."

The male nurses were stunned. This was the soothing piano music in the lobby on the first floor.

One of them had to rush to the window and urgently tapped the glass: "Broadcasting room, broadcasting room! Turn off the music, turn off the music!"

The windows upstairs were almost shattered by the female nurses who were eager to watch.

"Ah ah ah, how can he be so handsome!"

"He used to be the richest man? This looks too good!"

"Crazy, this is my first time being infatuated..."

Ji Tao, who had just finished forcibly feeding medicine to a patient in the intensive care unit, heard the commotion in the corridor and pushed through the crowd to see what was going on. Her hair was disheveled, and she stared at the scene below, thinking she was seeing things.

What kind of godly looks are these? Handsome from every angle!

In the shuttle between her gaze and the sunlight, she caught a glimpse of a young man with a strong aura and sharp features.

This was the rumored richest man in the city? Is he really insane, and has he really come to their hospital? Were all those rumors about him true?

The female nurses next to her were still chattering and screaming.

"But Shang Yi in the male ward is also very handsome. Which one do you think is more handsome, him or Shang Yi?"

"Of course it's Shi He! "Ji Tao replied enthusiastically. She was good at analyzing good-looking facial features. "Shang Yi has thick lips, while Shi He's lips are thin and well-proportioned. Shang Yi's eyes are not good-looking, while Shi He, although also very cold, has a smile that makes people unable to resist. And, you know, Shi He's nose is higher than Shang Yi's, do you know what a high nose means? Hey..." She laughed out two dimples.

"Our psychiatric hospital has never seen such a big handsome guy before. He's definitely our hospital's grass!" She was almost moved to tears by this man she had only seen once.

Everyone agreed with her summary.

But the next second, all the nurses ran away.

"Hey, where are you going?" Ji Tao caught her friend Song Tong.

"Are you stupid?" Song Tong replied. "They're going to see the hospital director and apply to be transferred to the male ward to take care of Shi He!"

These little fairies are so cunning!

I want to take care of Shi He too!

But Ji Tao didn't act impulsively.

Generally, newly admitted severe psychiatric patients would be observed by experienced male doctors and nurses until they reached a stable period. She wouldn't be foolish enough to run up there now and hit a wall.

Ji Tao went back to the nurses' station of the female ward and began to organize medical records and medications.

Shi He's arrival had made the hospital lively, especially the female nurses, who were attracted by his appearance. Ji Tao was no exception; she always had a soft spot for handsome guys. But at the same time, she felt sorry for Shi He, imagining the scene of a former super rich man now sitting on a garbage cart.

The nurses discussed the degree of handsomeness between Shi He and another handsome guy, Shang Yi. Ji Tao chose Shi He without hesitation. She carefully analyzed Shi He's facial features and expressed her admiration. She even mentioned the importance of nose height in facial features, showing her research on good looks.

Everyone agreed with Ji Tao's evaluation, saying that Shi He was the grass of the hospital. However, the next second, the nurses suddenly hurriedly left. Ji Tao asked her friend Song Tong and learned that they were all going to find the hospital director to apply for a transfer to the male ward to take care of Shi He.

Ji Tao was also tempted to take care of Shi He, but she calmly considered that newly admitted severe psychiatric patients were generally observed by experienced male doctors and nurses. She didn't want to run up there in vain and hit a wall. She decided to finish her work first, and then go see Shi He after work.

Back in the nurses' station, Ji Tao looked through the window at the patients in the female ward and heard a little girl singing. Her mood gradually improved. She felt the calm and peacefulness of this special world, and began to look forward to the moment when she could see Shi He.

Ji Tao laughed at the daily antics, but her beautiful eyebrows furrowed. "Hey, it seems like Yuancao is seriously ill?"

Soon, even the female nurse who applied to take care of Shi He was unsuccessful and ran to the male ward, hoping to fawn over him again, only to be chased out by the male nurse there.

Song Tong returned angrily, and Ji Tao whispered to her, "Tong Tong, let's sneak in after work?"

Song Tong's eyes lit up, and she glanced at the nurse in charge of medication, who winked back at Ji Tao.

After their shift handover, Ji Tao and Song Tong took the keys and went to the male ward upstairs.

They avoided the nurses' station and entered through the meal window. But just as they sneaked in, a duty nurse called them out through the loudspeaker, "Hey, you! How did you sneak into the male ward again?"

Ji Tao was startled and pressed against the door, afraid to move. She exchanged glances with Song Tong, seeing a group of male patients staring at them. They tried to signal "don't look at us" with raised eyebrows, but these mentally ill patients couldn't understand their crazy hints.

"Come out quickly! Four new patients were admitted today. Don't disturb their emotions."

Normally, they could freely enter the ward, but they knew today there were many severely ill patients who wouldn't appreciate being disturbed.

Ji Tao helplessly hung her head.

Song Tong tugged at her sleeve, "It seems like they only noticed me?"

"Stand up and try?"

"Am I sacrificing myself here? You have to take some pictures of Shi He for me!"

Ji Tao nodded eagerly.

Song Tong was escorted out by the male nurse, while Ji Tao cowered against the wall, catching her breath. She rushed into the observation room and slammed the door shut with a loud bang. Leaning against the door, she panted heavily.

Finally, they had made it inside.

There were two patients in the ward. The sound of the door closing made them both turn towards her.

The young man, whose hands and feet were tied to the bed, saw her and his eyes filled with fear and hatred. He gnashed his teeth and cursed in words she couldn't understand.

And the male lead she wanted to see stood by the window, his back straight, slightly turning his head. His profile was handsome and perfect, with a slender neck that cast a s*xy silhouette under the sunlight.

His eyes were cold and filled with hostility. At this moment, Ji Tao didn't think these were the eyes of someone who could smile. Those beautiful peach blossom eyes hid knives and could chop her to pieces in an instant.

She suddenly felt a chill from the air conditioning and shivered.

Seeing the tape on the medicine cabinet, she tore it off and sealed the other young man's mouth.

He whimpered.

Shi He stared at her with icy eyes throughout, without greeting her or showing any fear like the other patients in the hospital.

Ji Tao felt something was off but couldn't quite pinpoint it. She tilted her head and looked at this overly handsome former boss.

The striped patient gown on him was a bit loose, but it didn't diminish his temperament. She suddenly realized what was wrong – Shi He's gaze.

He didn't look like a mentally ill patient at all. His eyes were clear and sharp, devoid of the dullness or haze seen in other patients!

But wasn't he going crazy downstairs at noon? So, he's normal now?

"I'm a nurse. I won't do anything to you. I came to check on you," Ji Tao tried to reassure him in a friendly tone. "Can you tell me what you're looking at?"

Shi He's cold gaze glanced lightly over her face, then shifted to the window. He showed no interest in her.

Except for the whimpering of the other patient, the ward was quiet.

"Um?" "Should I still not answer her?"

"Well, it's because she maintains good moral qualities of a compassionate, understanding, gentle, and patient angel in white."

"This is the isolation observation room. They will move you to the ward next door with other patients once your condition stabilizes. Don't be afraid of them or of being alone. It might be safer here compared to the outside world."

"Huh, strange. Why are you locked up with this patient suffering from manic-depressive disorder?" She looked at the medical record number on the bed next to her, puzzled.

"You were once the richest person, and you've done a lot of charity work for the city. Your family or the hospital should have given you a private room.

" Shihe still ignored her. Curious, Jitao walked over to his side. He was so tall that she had to tilt her face up in an upward gaze to look at him.

From this angle, Shihe was towering above her, with a perfectly refined jawline. Half of his profile fell into the sunlight, while the other half melted into the depths of the shadow.

He was so handsome that Jitao held her breath. Even though Shihe exuded a cold aura, for a beauty enthusiast like her, her heart could be melted by this handsome face alone.

She swore that he was the most handsome male creature she had ever seen. Those netizens who claimed that the L Emperor was the most handsome man in China must be blind. Shihe was the most handsome in the entire universe!

Suddenly, she regretted not having enough self-control. Because she could feel adrenaline rushing through her. She was afraid that she would offer her first kiss to the screen like the first time she pursued a celebrity.

"Shihe, don't be afraid. I will do my best to come and take care of you earlier and be your responsible nurse.

" The young man remained motionless, ignoring her as if she was invisible.

"What are you looking at?" Jitao leaned towards the window. Outside the window, the scorching sun shone, a few sparrows flew around, and the high walls separated the bustling city. There was nothing interesting to see. Could he be planning an escape?

The young man in front of her remained motionless. The sunlight streaming through the window made his body in the patient gown appear partially transparent and partially hazy, creating a visually stunning effect. Broad shoulders, narrow waist.

The texture was clearly visible in the penetrating light. The scent of peppermint and basil mixed with lime lingered in the air. He had a tantalizing mix of restraint and arrogance. Jitao felt her mouth dry up, longing for a drink of water.

"What are you doing?" Jitao worried that this might be a prelude to an episode. Suddenly, Shihe turned his head. His face was just inches away, and Jitao felt her heartbeat stop. He coldly uttered, "Can't you see? I'm breathing."

Ji Tao couldn't help but feel excited, trying to suppress her infatuation. "Don't worry, I won't disturb your breathing," she stepped back a few steps. "Why don't you come closer? The air here is even fresher."

After a strange and quiet ten seconds, Shi He's eyelids twitched, and he looked at her. "Is that so?"

Ji Tao nodded. "Yes!"

Shi He walked over to her position.

Ji Tao gazed at his swaying waist in the patient's gown, her heart beating rapidly.

Shi He stopped in front of her. For the first time, Ji Tao experienced a momentary blank in her mind when facing a patient. During those five seconds of blankness, Shi He closed his eyes and took a breath.

He opened his eyes, carrying the coldness of a CEO from a TV drama. "Indeed, the air here is so fresh. You didn't lie to me."

Ji Tao: "..."

"Hehe, are you a little happier now?"

"Well, it's okay."

"Well, that's good."

"Phew..." She breathed a sigh of relief. This handsome patient was indeed quite ill.

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening came from behind.

"Ji Tao?"

Ji Tao turned around. It was Lin Xiao Gu, a male nurse from the same school who she was familiar with.

"You've managed to sneak out quite successfully. If I hadn't watched the surveillance video, I would have left work already," Lin Xiao Gu said, his hands in his pockets. "Come out."

Ji Tao smiled at him. "Actually, I'm different from them. I know Shi He, I came to see him."

Ji Tao walked to the door, making sure to carefully remove the tape from the other patient's mouth. The patient went crazy and shouted, but she remained calm. "Calm down, take a breath... There you go."

She turned to look at Shi He. He showed no emotional response to the sudden arrival of the male nurse. He leaned back on the pillow, looking out the window, revealing only a profile to them.

What a pity. Such a handsome and young man had gone insane at such an early age.

"Shi He, I'm leaving now. Cooperate well with the doctors and nurses, remember my name, Ji Tao. I will be your responsible nurse!"

She left with Lin Xiao Gu, heading towards the elevator.

Lin Xiao Gu asked her when she had met Shi He. Ji Tao chuckled, "On TV!"

Lin Xiao Gu clicked his tongue, looking at her as if she were a patient. "I think girls like you shouldn't stay in our hospital. You become infatuated as soon as you see a handsome patient."

"You're saying it wrong. Shi He is not just 'handsome,' he is incredibly good-looking." Moreover, their infatuation had its limits. Not every good-looking person caught their eyes. She had high standards for the appearance of the opposite s*x.

And, someone like Shi He, who was naturally noble, didn't belong to the same league as them even if he was down and out.

What allowed her to encounter such a high-end, classy, and handsome guy?

It was his illness.

Ji Tao sighed inwardly, marveling at the wonders of fate

Lin Xiaogu was helpless with her, wearing an expression of "you're beyond help" on her face.

Ji Tao didn't want to argue with him and just wanted to say, "Didn't the dean say that Shi He would receive special care? After all, this former richest man has done a lot of charity work for the city."

"Yes. For critically ill patients like him, they need round-the-clock monitoring, can't seek death, and cannot stop taking medication."

"I'm not asking about that..."

"It's over," Lin Xiaogu interrupted. "What kind of charity by the former richest man? It's all in the past. I heard that even the family of Shi hasn't taken care of him. It's all because Shi He was not a decent person. Now it's his retribution."

Ji Tao wanted to say that those were just rumors. The world of wealthy people in TV dramas is always complicated. The elevator arrived at the first floor, and Song Tong was waiting for her outside.

Ji Tao greeted Lin Xiaogu and excitedly linked arms with Song Tong, heading towards the exit.

"Did you see? Our new hospital heartthrob is really handsome!"

Song Tong asked eagerly, "Where are the photos? Where are the photos you took?"

"Uh, sorry, I forgot."

Song Tong exploded with anger. "You're not being a good friend, only thinking about yourself."

"It's not that..." She hadn't even had much contact with Shi He herself, and she had just learned about his mental state when Lin Xiaogu came in. "I'll take photos for you next time. No, I'll take you to meet Shi He tomorrow!"

Song Tong still had a stern look on her face.

Ji Tao bought milk tea from a shop across the street from the hospital to apologize to Song Tong before she calmed down. After being classmates for so long, Ji Tao knew that she wasn't really angry. They made plans to visit Shi He tomorrow and headed home on the subway.

During rush hour, the subway car was crowded with no place to stand. Ji Tao's 1.65-meter tall figure was instantly engulfed in the crowd. She received a WeChat message from her mother, Song Xian.

The voice in her headphones was loud, "What time will you be home? Buy this bok choy for me on the way back, let me know when you receive this."

Knowing that her mother often mistook vegetables, she attached a photo of the green, leafy vegetable.

Ji Tao replied: [Received.]

She successfully completed her mission and arrived home. Song Xian took the bok choy to the kitchen to wash it, complaining that it wasn't fresh enough. Ji Tao was used to her mother's behavior and found a comfortable position on the couch to browse her phone.

She searched for "Shi He" on the browser.

Countless headlines jumped into her view, most of which were about how Shi He didn't know how to behave. His properties, luxury cars, and private jets were all auctioned off to repay debts. The media said that if this young businessman hadn't been so ruthless in the business world, hadn't monopolized all the limelight, he wouldn't have ended up in this helpless situation with no one to help.

But Ji Tao had followed too many celebrity gossip stories and never took them seriously. She wasn't involved, hadn't experienced it firsthand, and hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes. She still felt that Shi He was a very unfortunate man.

Chapter 2

The next day was still the day shift.

Ji Tao had just arrived at the nursing station when she heard Nurse Xu Heqing say, "It's so terrible."

Ji Tao put down her bag and asked, "What's so terrible? Are they causing trouble again?" She looked towards the female patients behind the isolation wall.

"No, it's the new patient in the male ward," replied Xu Heqing.

"Ah, you mean Shi He? What happened to him?" Ji Tao sat down next to Xu Heqing and asked eagerly. It was no surprise that Shi He had become the center of attention in the entire hospital.

"He had a meltdown last night and scared the on-duty nurse half to death. It was really terrible, both for the patient and the nurse," Xu Heqing explained. She went on to say that Shi He became agitated and frightened the male nurse, who fell and got injured. The injury wasn't serious, but he was severely shaken and requested to be relieved from t


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