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A trip to Your Heart

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Sweet Zhanaia Camince works as a tourist guide every vacation since her hometown is one of Switzerland's tourist attractions, and so meeting new people with different stories to tell is not new for her. One time as she walks down the cobbled street of Old Town, she accidentally met Dionysus Dausel. A tourist who happened to be her client for a month or so. As these two spent time together and as they come to know each other, an unfamiliar feeling grew inside them. Would they give these feelings of them a try if Dion has a Brain Hemorrhage and is in the condition between life and death?

Chapter 1

Life is like a tourist guide. You have the chance to meet a lot of people and be friends with some of them, but not everyone will stay until the end. Because after all, they are just tourists who are having their trip for a while and, soon, they will go back wherever they came from. But surely, those people will be one of those breath-taking views you will have in your journey.

As a tourist guide, this one was already proven to me base on my experiences. Every day, I would interact with different people from overseas to guide or to tour them in the whole Zurich, Switzerland. Some are friendly and talkative, a happy-go-lucky type and some are just silently appreciating the views and every stop.

But in my entire life as a tourist guide, I barely hear them say, 'I will stay here for good' or what. Even if they already saw how beautiful Zurich is, it is not enough to make them stay for good. Because again, they are just tourists who are having their trip in the meantime. And they are like those people who once became part of our life, but eventually went off because they are not meant to stay. Sometimes, they are just a lesson learned for us, or sometimes, they are one of those people who helped us to become who we are today or who will we become in the future.

I am Sweet Zhanaia Camince, 18 years old, from Zurich, Switzerland. An incoming college freshman this school year and a future flight attendant. And I believe in the words mentioned above.

Every school vacation, I work as a tourist guide since my hometown is one of Switzerland's top tourist attractions. Zurich.

This is my way to help my parents in some way and to sustain my other expenses every school year. I did not come from a rich family that's why I need to strive and study hard to get a scholarship and enroll in a university. The allowance from my scholarship is not enough to sustain my whole school year expenses. I have projects, my snack allowance, plus the unexpected payments in our school and some fairs that are not shouldered by my sponsor.

I needed an extra allowance for some matter. I can ask my parents regarding this one but I chose not to since I know I can do something about it. I avoid telling them things that have something to do with payments, bills, etc.

Papa works as a family driver, he's stay-in and every Sunday is his day off, same with mama who works as a barista on one of the coffee shops in Zurich. And that simply means that Sunday is a family day since it is the only day when we are all available.

Their salary is just enough to sustain our daily needs and monthly bills. But of course, we have other expenses as well and one of those is Zhairo's medicine. My 12 years old brother is diagnosed with leukemia. And thanks to God, it is still not in the higher stage, he can still recover through various medications.

As the eldest daughter, it is my responsibility to take care of my little brother. Whenever he has a session to attend, I'll come with him and witness how hard his condition is. I can hear him screaming in pain because of the injection, and sometimes, I chose not to look at him since I can't bear seeing him like that. It's hard seeing your brother scream in pain especially when you two are very close.

When it comes to social life, I am healthy and active. I have friends from overseas and it is not hard for me to be friends with new people, perks of being a tour guide. And just like any other people, I this ultimate and best among the best friend of mine, Caroline Joy Luex.

She's my partner in crime and we treat each other as sisters. Our mothers are close as well, they are best friends since childhood days and so as we, their daughters. We are their second generation. And that's just so cute.

Just like me, Caroline works as a tourist guide every school vacation but not to have an extra allowance or what. It is her past time for she easily gets bored.

Caroline has a bigger circle of friends than mine. She was the Campus Sweetheart in our school since half of the boy's population adores her, while almost all the girls in our school idolize her. And half of the girl's population are her friends. Well, what can I do? I have a beautiful and fashionista best friend. She is a certified fashionista, unlike me who's very simple and plain.

And just like any other person, arguing with your best friend is inevitable. We do argue a lot, especially when it comes to the things that we like and don't like. Caroline and I are the total opposite of each other. If she's a fashionista, then I am simple and plain.

If she is the Campus Sweetheart, I am the nerdy one with thick glasses on.

She is cheerful, I am silent.

She loves make-up, I love books.

She loves pink and purple, I love black and red.

She loves swimming, I love hiking.

I love coffee, she loves milk—banana milk to be exact

I love writing and arts, she hates it.

My favorite is carbonara, hers is spaghetti.

See? Lots of differences between us but we manage to be friends, and our friendship is getting stronger than ever in each argument.

Perhaps, what they say is true, opposites do attract. But despite of these differences of us, we have three things in common that make us closer together. Our love for traveling, photography and our love for Asian artists, especially to Korean artists.

Today is the first day of this year's school vacation. Caroline and I just graduated high school this month, incoming college freshman this incoming school year.

I'll take tourism as my course, while Caroline will take fashion designing. Our basis for our course is the thing that we love the most, in that way it would be easier for us to adjust to the new life we are ahead of.

Presently, I am on my way to Miró Coffee. Caroline and I's meeting place, also my favorite coffee shop since their coffee is something that really suits my coffee taste. Their coffee beans are something as well, perhaps it is because they have a direct trade relationship with a coffee farm in Nicaruga. Also their menu, they have a variety of coffee filters and espresso. They also serve coffee cocktails and wine for dates. Their interior design catches attention too, minimal and open space, plus their free Wi-Fi.

The moment I reach the coffee shop, I immediately saw Caroline from the glass wall waving her hands at me while sipping a milkshake. I shook my head, always a milk lover.

As I enter the building, their staffs offer a smile to me and wave their hands for a hello. I smiled back and headed to the table where Caroline is sitting. The staffs already know me and my usual order for I am a regular customer of Miró Coffee.

"Good morning, best friend!" and as always, she greets me with a cheerful voice.

"Morning." I simply mumbled.

Her face fell. "Why don't you try to make your voice as cheerful as mine and greet me a cheerful 'good morning'?" she pouts her lips.

"You know I don't have a cheerful voice like yours, right? So, stop asking me why I don't cheerfully greet you." That made her pout even more.

"Hmp!" I chuckled. She doesn't like it when I greet her like that, she wants everybody to be cheerful when it comes to her.

"So, do you have our schedule?" I ask to start the conversation regarding our work.

She nodded. "Yea, here." she handed me the folder where our weekly schedule is compiled.

It is the list of tourists assigned to us, together with the list of places where we will tour them.

A line appeared between my brows when I didn't see my name on the list of tour guides. I tried checking it to the next pages but I didn't see any.

It should be here. Caroline and I are on the same group of tour guides. I faced her and asks,

"Do you know why my name is not included in this list of tour guides? We are in the same group."

She sips on her milkshake first before uttering, "Lady Maya told me to tell you to see her this morning, 10 am."

"Did she tell you why?" She shook her head.

"Nah. But I think it's about the change in your schedule."

"Change of my schedule?"

"Hmm. The reason why your name is not included in the list."

I heave a deep breath. Change of schedule?

Lady Maya is the handler of underage tour guides in Zurich. Our schedule and the tourists we will guide comes from her, and so our salary.

I took a glance at my wristwatch, indicating the time, 9:00 am. I still have an hour before 10 am but I need to go now since going on Lady Maya's office will take 30 minutes.

I stood up, bid my goodbye to her, and told her I will see her later.

On my way to Lady Maya's office, I can't help but think of reasons why does she want me to see her. Or if it is true that she changed my group and schedule? Why so?

After I paid the cab, I half-run on Lady Maya's office. The moment I entered in, a woman in her mid 50 welcomed me with a smile.

"Hello, there, Zhanaia. A pleasant morning, have a seat." she motioned me to sit on the wooden chair in front of her office table made in Mahogany tree, which I obeyed.

As I sat on the chair, I start asking her, "Lady Maya? Why do you want to see me? Uhm... something's wrong? My name wasn't included in Caroline's group. Did you replace me or what?"

That made her chuckle and shook her head. "Oh, Zhanaia, relax. Take it easy, one question at a time, please?" I went silent after that. Looks like, I was too clouded by my questions and ask them all in one.

Lady Maya clasps her hands together and leans her back on the swivel chair she's currently sitting at and start explaining.

"I didn't replace you from Caroline's group or what, Zhanaia." she started. "The reason why I called you here is this," she handed me a Morocco folder.

"That's your new schedule together with the contract you need to sign. Since you are one of the best tour guides under me, I gave you this special client of ours."

I narrowed my eyes. "Special client? Contract?"

"Uh-huh." she nodded. "He signed a one month tour contract on our agency and base on the agreement, he will have his personal tour guide, who happened to be you."

"Once you signed that contract on the folder, you will start your job as his personal tour guide tomorrow."

"He? May I know first who is he?"

She smiled. "Mr. Dionysus Dausel."

Chapter 2

Dionysus Dausel.

Silently walking at the noisy cobbled street of Old Town, my head is clouded with the name 'Dionysus Dausel'.

I just signed the contract for being his personal tour guide for a month, and tomorrow, I am going to meet him and start my job as well. And guess what? Our meeting place is on Miró Coffee, nice.

I was about to take another step when suddenly, I bump into someone which made me out of my balance and fall.

"Ouch!" I cried when I felt my butt cheek hurts.

I look up at the person standing in front of me. My eyes narrowed when I saw a tall man. He must be the someone I bumped in to.

I heave a deep sigh before accepting his hand that he offered for helping me to stand up. I mentally cursed when I felt the pain on my lower back.

"Miss, are you okay?"

I faced him and shook my head. There's no point in saying 'I'm fine' when the pain is visible in my face.

"No, I'm not." I painfully uttered.

I can still feel


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