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A Temporary Fiancee to the CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: MJ Yeoh
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Pamela is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She helps the less fortunate men by pretending to be their fiancées. She saves them the trouble of having to be in an actual relationship. After three months, Pamela initiates a breakup that allows her clients the freedom to be single again. Her clients are ever grateful for her help as they are free from parental pressure to get married……for a little while. Brian is the CEO of the property development company that Pamela works at. He is a righteous man and is against the fact that Pamela is lying to her clients’ parents by pretending to play fiancée to their sons. Brian is the second heir apparent but was elevated by his grandfather to take over the business. When his grandmother falls ill, she gives him an ultimatum to either get married or she will transfer her shares to his cousin, Ryan, the initial heir apparent. Once this happens, as the major shareholder, Ryan will be able to take over the company from Brian. Brian now has to swallow his pride and request for Pamela’s help to play his temporary fiancée. In the process of appeasing his grandmother, will Brian and Pamela fall in love? Or will they break up after their contracted period of three months is over? What will happen when Ryan finds out about their pretend engagement?

Chapter 1 - Beauty and the Gentle Giant

How dare you treat my grandson this way?” A refined well-dressed elderly woman could be heard reprimanding a beautiful young lady.

The elderly woman was seated on the sofa at the lobby of the country club. Beside her sat a big sized young man. He was using a handkerchief to wipe sweat from his brow. He could be seen surreptitiously peeking from his eyes at the young lady.

The young lady was standing with her back straight and her head hung down. She was clutching her purse with both hands in front of her. On her finger was a one carat diamond ring. She was wearing a two-piece suit and looked the epitome of perfection. Her long dark brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and hung straight down her back. Even though the two-piece suit hung loosely on her, one could tell that she had a beautiful, well-toned body.

The members of the country club who were walking by looked pitifully at the young lady. The elderly woman was the matriarch of the Pinkerton family. The Pinkerton family came from old money and owned laundromats all over the country. This young lady must have done something terrible to cause the elderly woman to lash out at her.

“How can you say you do not want any children after you get married? We are made to procreate. Simon’s line must carry on. Ridiculous!” the elderly Pinkerton snorted politely as she continued to rebuke the young lady.

Then turning to the big sized man, the elderly woman gently spoke to him.

“Simon, this one is not suited for our family. Our ancestors did not work so hard for our family line to end with you. Imagine how sad grandpa Pinkerton would be if he were alive today.”

With her head still hung down, the young lady peeked at Simon from beneath her long eye lashes. When Simon glanced at her, she gave him an unobtrusive hand gesture. Simon gave a quick nod before gently wrapping his arm around his grandmother’s shoulders.

“Gran, I think you are right. Pamela would not suit our family at all. I am so hurt by her insistence at not having any children.” Simon said in a hurt voice.

Grandmother Pinkerton reached out a hand to pat Simon softly on his cheek.

“Don’t you worry, dear. Break off your engagement with her. I will speak to your father to leave you alone. It is not right for him to force you to get married. Who does that at this age and time? I did not force your father to get married. He did it at his own time. And look what he gave me – a handsome grandson!”

“Gran, you just sit here and relax. I will get rid of Pamela. Thank you for supporting me.” Simon leaned over to give his grandmother a peck on the cheek before standing up and walking towards Pamela.

He grabbed hold of Pamela by her elbow and guided her to the door of the country club.

Some of the elderly members standing at the lobby quickly approached Granny Pinkerton to console her. They were the elites from the town. Some of them were pillars of society from many generations before.

When they stepped out of the country club, Simon gestured for the jockey to bring Pamela’s car over. As the waited for Pamela’s car, she turned to look at Simon.

With eyes twinkling, Pamela smiled and said: “Thank God for granny, eh? I have no doubt that your father will steer clear of the topic of marriage……..maybe for another year or so.”

“I am eternally grateful to you, Pamela. Thank you for helping me out.” Simon stretched out his hand to shake Pamela’s.

“You know how to reach me. Call me should you require any help from me.” Simon offered Pamela as he held open the car door for her.

Pamela gave him a wide smile before closing the car door and speeding off.

As he watched Pamela drive off, Simon gave an air punch and exclaimed a victorious ‘Yes!’. Then he looked around and noticed the car jockeys looking at him in surprise. Simon schooled his features to look sad as he turned and walked dejectedly back into the country club.


As Pamela drove back to her office, her mobile phone rang. She pressed the answer button on the car dashboard to pick up the call.

“Hey, Mr Lewis…..”

Before Pamela could greet Robert further, he interrupted her anxiously.

“Where are you? Hurry back. The big guy has asked to meet. I need some figures.”

Robert Lewis is Pamela’s immediate superior. He is the Director of Sales for the company that Pamela works for and relies heavily on Pamela to look good to the bosses. Without Pamela, he is like a fish out of water. As his Personal Assistant, Pamela has always been able to foresee what a meeting required. She will prepare all necessary information and normally what she prepares is always on point.

“I’m about fifteen minutes away.” Pamela replied as she stepped on the gas pedal to speed up.

“Hurry back!” Robert said before ending the call.

Pamela swerved in and out of traffic to reach Robbins & Sons as fast as she could. Traffic was horrendous during lunch hour.

After parking the car, Pamela ran to the lobby. She waited impatiently for the lift to arrive. She was tapping her foot on the floor when a voice called out to her.

“Hello, Ms Wright. Back from lunch?”

Pamela looked towards the voice to find that it was the CEO of Robbins & Sons who spoke to her.

“Hello, Mr Robbins. Yes, just back from lunch. I understand you have called for a meeting with Mr Lewis.” Pamela smiled as she nodded her head in acknowledgement of Brian Robbins.

“Yes, I will be meeting him in half an hour.” Brian took a look at his watch.

When the lift arrived, Brian gestured for Pamela to proceed ahead of him. When they both entered the lift, Brian pressed the 11 and 38 floor buttons. Before the lift doors could close, a group of people just returning from lunch rushed in. Pamela and Brian were pushed to the back of the lift. Brian nodded his head as they greeted him. Some of the ladies were giggling and sending Brian interested glances. The men however were openly admiring Pamela. Pamela smiled back at those who smiled at her.

Pamela stepped out of the lift at Floor 11, she turned to nod her head at Brian as the lift doors closed. As she turned to walk into the Sales and Marketing Department, she could see Robert holding the door ajar and waving frantically at her.

Pamela tried to suppress her smile as she quickened her pace. Robert sure gets agitated whenever Brian Robbins calls for a meeting.

“Mr Lewis, do you know why the meeting is called so suddenly?” Pamela asked as she walked behind Robert. She quickened her pace to catch up to Robert.

Robert gave a shrug as he entered his office. “God knows! Get me what you think should be presented.”

Pamela exhaled deeply and raised her eyes ceiling-ward.

Chapter 2 - Beauty and the CEO

Pamela thought silently to herself on what would happen if she was not available? Possibly Robert would look like a fool during the meeting.

“Oh, I think he mentioned something about Plot Eight’s development plan.” Robert shouted aloud as his door closed. “Work on that!”

“Now he remembers.” Pamela muttered to herself as she settled down at her work desk. She called the development planning team to gather some relevant data for the meeting. She also included some aerial photographs taken to show the progress at site. Then she spoke to the Sales Team to gather the current sales figures.

“Mr Lewis, shall we review the presentation material with the Sales Team before going for the meeting?” Pamela asked as she entered Robert’s office. He was reviewing the draft promotional brochures for Plot Eight.

“No, I think we will be okay. I know all that is happening within this department.” Robert said confidently as he passed the draft brochures to Pamela. He put on his j


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