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A love in the time

A love in the time

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In her eagerness to fix the present where she lives, Yelena, a 20-year-old girl, will try to solve the origin of her problems by traveling to the past and ending the person responsible for all the problems both for her and the place where she lives. More, however, during her journey into the past of her home, she will unknowingly run into the one who caused the chaos in the present, before it turned into the monster she is in the future, will Yelena be able to fulfill her dream? revenge mission or something will make her change her mind and abandon her crusade?

Chapter 1

When one thinks of love, a generalized idea is that, for love, there are no barriers.

Many stories portray it, neither language, species, gender, or race, each and every one of them was not enough to stop that fervent feeling.

And on this occasion, time won't be either.

Things seemed to be going relatively well, considering their environment and home, everything was always screwed up.

Poverty, abuse of authority, tyranny, misery everywhere you looked, and a myriad of problems that would leave anyone watching horrified.

Among all the people, equally bad or miserable, there was one woman. A girl with brown hair, brown skin, and a bit stocky, green eyes, and a slim build.

She could be seen in a hurry, hoping to get home as soon as possible without being intercepted by some guard or crazy person around, the last thing she wants is to have to fight and get her clothes and hands dirty, after all, it is difficult to remove blood stains.

On her way, she could observed an arrest of a cannibal, several guards were using their weapons and incantations to subdue him, they were very violent with the guy, but she would be lying if she had a little empathy for him.

Nearby, two other guards were putting up several posters on the walls as usual, nothing to highlight saved new wanted posters and propaganda of the emperor.

Seeing the image of that monster caused him disgust and hatred for everything he did to the people.

A guard noticed his expression, which he had to change quickly, he only quickened his pace while still feeling the gaze of that guard, luckily he decided not to do anything and just mutter an insult.

"Stupid," said the guard with a deep voice and a contemptuous tone"

"Imbecile," said the girl in a low voice with sweet but aggressive voice."

Soon after, she reached her home, quickly opened the door, and went inside closing it with more than 6 bolts and padlocks.

The sound caught the attention of her family, who were happy after she came back safe and sound.

"Hermanitaaa!" her brother, a little boy, went to her and with all the warmth in the world, hugged his sister by the legs as he couldn't reach her."

"Hehe, be careful Joshua, I don't want to throw the food" Being gentle, she shook her legs a little so she could walk smoothly and not lose her balance"

"Oh daughter" Spoke the mother, an older woman with somewhat rustic clothes, gray hair, and several wrinkles. We thought that something had happened to you. For about an hour now the guards have been raiding to catch several criminals."

"Calm down ma, you know I know how to defend myself from those asshole bouncers, several have already tried to mess with me and what they got was a beating" The brunette was proudly and confidently recounting her past experiences."

"I know, but you know you are not invincible and they don't play fair, tell me, what would we do if something happens to you, Yelena?" Counted the mother with fear and concern, hoping that her eldest daughter would understand and be more careful."

Hearing that, she could not help but feel a certain guilt for her attitude, since everything they were telling her was true.

If she continued like this, sooner or later she would end up arrested and with a fate worse than death.

She let out a sigh and headed for the kitchen as she calmed her mother down.

"You're right ma, calm down, I'll avoid getting into trouble and not abuse my luck" She smiled at her mother as a sign of understanding, being returned by a small smile" Now... Who's hungry?"

" Me, me, me!" The little boy pranced around a bit adorably."

"Then go and wash your hands while Mother and I prepare the food" Yelena lifted a little of the food she brought, then went into the kitchen and was overtaken by her mother "

The two women hurried to prepare today's dinner, the little brother ran to the bathroom to wash his hands.

The atmosphere was quiet, the dark green tapestry on the walls accompanied by a dark wooden floor and several candles illuminating the interior gave the feeling of security and calm.

Yelena was demonstrating her good cooking skills by preparing her usual special, meatloaf.

The two women synergized well as they prepared the kitchen, passing and helping each other to stir, prepare and clean up. It took them about fifteen minutes in comfortable silence, neither of them feeling the need to talk at the moment.

Once the dinner was cooked with the help of a stove and some fire magic, they took the dinner out of the pan and cut the dinner into several pieces, serving first to her brother, then to her mother, and finally to her.

The three of them sat down but not before thanking for the food and for living another day in relative calm, at one point, the mother turned to look at the photograph of her late husband, she could only let out a sigh followed by a grimace of sadness. Yelena noticed and gave her a few words to comfort her.

"Calm down ma, everything will be alright" With a soothing tone, she spoke to her mother and gave her a warm smile."

"G "Thank you, daughter, it's just..." The older woman tried not to lose her composure, but as she spoke you could sense her frustration, mixed with some annoyance and sadness" Things are only getting worse and worse, because of the imbecile emperor. If he wasn't around, everything would be better."

"Your father would still be with us" As she said that, she couldn't help shedding a tear, it hurt her to remember that occasion."

"I know, and if I could do anything to fix all this, I would." A fervent feeling of hatred was coming up again."

Since she was little, she always hated the emperor and his way of ruling, many friends were gone, she could not enjoy her life anymore and had to live always in fear of one day going out and having those filthy guards or some madman kidnap her and make of her what he wants.

She could only sigh to keep from exploding, saving her will for later.

"Let's just hope something happens and that monster ceases to exist."

"Hopefully daughter, hopefully."

Yelena ate slowly, enjoying her creation, as did her mother. Her brother, on the other hand, ate like a pig, devouring two pieces of the cake.

When she finished, her brother went upstairs to his room to go to sleep, her mother got up and went to her bedroom, but not before saying good night to her daughter.

Yelena got down to work and started cleaning the kitchen, after all, it was her turn.

Scrubbing dishes and removing dirt from surfaces helped to calm her down and leave her to her thoughts.

That thing she said earlier stayed with her, she wished the emperor didn't exist anymore, but she knew it was impossible. If he had lasted so long-ruling it was for a good reason, and he could not be underestimated.

Still, he couldn't stop thinking about it, first, coming up with very silly and unrealistic plans, like throwing a stone at him, getting eaten by a pig, and giving him rancid cheese.

Little by little and the more he thought about it, the more serious plans and ways to kill him came to him.

An attack on a parade? Too obvious, plant an explosive in the castle? She couldn't even plant the bomb before she was executed, battle with him? Okay, that wasn't getting her anywhere, so she stopped pondering it and just concentrated on finishing cleaning up how much and earlier and maybe reading a little.

Several minutes passed, and she had finally scrubbed the last dish, now her night was free and she could do whatever she wanted.

If it wasn't for the night guards and the ferocious animals, he would take a walk in the woods, he should stay inside and entertain himself with his books.

He went up to his room and entered quietly, trying not to wake his family.

Once inside, she lit a candle with a little magic to give it light, then she stood in front of her bookshelf and looked for a book to read today.

After some thought, she decided that today was mystery night.

He took his book entitled The Time Killer and quickly lay down on his bed to read it.

The story was very catching, a man who traveled between different times to annihilate certain people, without explaining very well why.

And so the hours of the night went by, lying in various positions on his bed, until the day claimed its turn in the darkness of the night.

Curiously, at the same moment that a ray of light reached his eyes, he stayed in the part where the reasons of the man were explained, and what he said was enough to swear that he would do the impossible to fix everyone's life.

I kill these people so that the future of hundreds of thousands more will be prosperous.

It had become clear, she would kill the emperor in some way or another, perhaps in the same way as in the book, if it was possible, of course.

"Hmmm, I wonder if time travel is possible..." She got up from her bed and began to think about her doubt. Staying awake wasn't a problem for her, after all, she's gotten used to doing it occasionally."

As she continued to believe in that plan and some way it was real and possible, she left her room and went downstairs until she reached the kitchen, right there was her mother, humming a song in a slow rhythm while she was preparing what seemed to be eggs with some meat, her brother must still be asleep as, he was not sitting at the table, waiting for his food as usual.

She didn't make much noise and just sat down to wait for her breakfast. With nothing else to think about or concentrate on, the idea of time travel was still in his head, he had to investigate if it was possible, and he had in mind the best place to find answers, the library of his city.

In that place he could find everything from more of his books that he loves to read so much, to writings of ancient wizards and their strange relics, after all, if a bearded man enchanted a stone to make it talk, there was a chance that a more serious and dedicated wizard had done something with a clock or something like that.

"Erick, breakfast is ready!" shouted the mother with enough power to wake and/or hurry her youngest son, in turn, she held a plate with an omellete and placed it in the little boy's place" I hope that boy didn't stay up too late!"

"Easy ma, he didn't" Without thinking much about what she said, she carried on as if nothing happened serving herself a plate of food all by herself"

"Again Yelena?" Said the mother a bit annoyed to hear that, she didn't like at all her daughter staying up doing anything per se" What did we agree on, daughter? You promised me you wouldn't do it again."

"And it's true, just now was the first time I've done it in almost two months." The brunette would say while eating rather quickly, but not fast enough to avoid attracting her mother's attention. "Besides, you know that I like to read a lot and that not sleeping one day doesn't affect me."

"Please daughter, let this be the last time this happens, or I'll give your favorite book to Erick" She would say firmly and without another word, she served herself breakfast and began to eat, ending the conversation."

Thinking about that was very unpleasant, as much as she loved her brother, she couldn't tolerate his treatment of books and many of his toys in general. She knew it was a thing with his age, but she still didn't like it.

She felt a slight shiver, which made her set a mental note to herself not to watch her favorite book die.

"Okay, well, I won't do it anymore, okay?" The girl was relieved to receive a nod from her mother, which calmed her down and made her continue with her breakfast."

As they ate, little Erick came down the stairs very quickly until he arrived next to his family and his treasured breakfast, he didn't hesitate to eat it very quickly receiving a scolding from his mother, Yelena let out a giggle and continued eating.

As the food on her plate dwindled, her plan for today was almost complete. First, she would grab a dagger next to her hood to go out and be ready in case something happened, then she would go to the library to look for any old books that would be of use to her, and probably steal them if necessary.

She hoped to find useful information to think about her next move, and she had to be quick, the emperor's monster had eyes and ears everywhere.

Finally, she was done, so she hurried up to her room while her mother did the dishes and Erick would do anything to entertain himself.

He arrived quickly, and without wasting a second, pulled a silver dagger with a detailed blue handle out of his clothes drawer, courtesy of a kindly thief who almost mugged an old lady, that day was interesting, and he got such a gift.

He left the dagger and went to his closet to pull out what he was looking for, a dark hood that his mother knitted him with magic wool or something, what he likes most is the color and that it allows him to be agile, better if it's at night because of its dark color.

He put on his hood and left his hat down for the moment, took his dagger, and hid it in his clothes in case he had to make a quick move.

With everything ready, she left her room and made her way to the front door where she was stopped by her mother as she left without warning.

"Where do you think you are going young lady?" her mother would say behind her daughter, placing her hands on her waist and with a serious expression."

"I'm going to the library ma, remember they bring new books these days and I don't want to miss them" Yelena would partly tell the truth, today new books were arriving and from other places, she doesn't know, but it wasn't the reason she was going out. Feeling very nervous, I hope her mother would swallow that excuse and let her go."

"Is it Wednesday already, hell, I have to take Erick to his tutor and have him get his lessons" Remembering this, her attention was fixed on something else, so she didn't give her daughter much thought "It's okay, just go carefully and get there before dark."

"Thanks, ma, I'll bring you something from the market when I come home" She opened the door and turned one last time to say goodbye to her mother and brother who had just arrived in the living room "Bye ma and bye Erick, I'll be back later"

"Bye sis!" he waved goodbye with his left hand and a smile on his face."

Yes, it was her lucky day, she had the morning and afternoon free so she could investigate as much as she wanted without someone bothering her.

She didn't hesitate for a second and set off on her way to the library.

Even walking fast, it would take her several minutes to get there, but it didn't matter, as long as nothing got in her way.

Chapter 2

As she continued her walk, she could see more of those ugly signs with a certain authority she hates so much, she was tempted to tear them down, but it was better not to attract stares that would lead to her arrest for property damage and a bunch of trumped up charges to end up in a dungeon.

No, no, what he would do would be to continue on his way, maybe turn to see something that caught his eye a bit, but not for that reason stop to look at it, there would be more time and occasions to do that.

As she got closer to the library, she noticed that the place was a little less crowded than usual, maybe it was just something insignificant, and it could be an advantage to have fewer people there.

At last, she arrived at her destination, the town library. A rather large and nice building, one of the few places in the whole town that felt safe and kept its essence.

Outside of it, there was a round of guards to keep order around. I wasn't sure why, but that spot


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