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A contract with the mafia lord

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“ How much do you earn a month?” “$75,000.” “Only? How much will you earn in six months?” “$450,000.” “And a year?” “$900,000.” “If you earn $900,000 a year, it will take you four years to pay off and who do you think will wait four years for a paltry sum?” “I will work four jobs then.” “And you expect to earn $75,000 from each job? You can't be serious.” He replied with a scoff. Biting the corner of her lips, she tried to come up with something else but her brain went blank. ****************** Finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, Scarlett is left heartbroken and alone. What she didn’t expect is her life to change the very course of her existence after suffering a car accident and an unexpected matrimony in the hands of the most ruthless mafia man in Las Vegas, Damien Steel. He needed a wife and she was the perfect candidate. Love blooms in the hearts of the two individuals. However, their love is put to test. Will they overcome, or surrender to the will of the temptation that surrounds them? Or perhaps, their love was never meant to be....

Chapter 1

"Isla.” Scarlett yelled, her purse making contact with the floor. 

Scrabbling to the other side of the bed, Isla, wearing a frightened look, began to put on her clothes hurriedly, mouthing, “It's not what you think.” 

“Even you Xavier.” Scarlett mumbled, her eyes stinging with tears as she watched both of them putting on their clothes hurriedly. 

“I can explain.” Xavier said, trying to hold her hands but instead, she slapped him off, grabbed her purse and then banged the door shut on his face. 

Grasping her purse with both hands, she began to walk through the hallway slowly, since her vision was blinded with tears. It was the thought of Xavier coming after her that made her start running through the hallway of Coutin Hotel, tears streaming down her cheeks. 

Heels clinking against the tiled floor, she continued her hurried movement, trying to forget the scene she had greeted with on her arrival some minutes ago. 

Xavier, her boyfriend, birthday is today and so she and her best friend, Isla, had decided to throw a surprise party for him only for her to walk in on both of them, legs intertwined on bed. 

“I will never forgive you, Isla.” She said, gritting her teeth as she fists pumped the air. “Not even you, Xavier.” She yelled this time around, using the back of her palm to wipe her face. 

Not minding the attention she was getting from the people walking past, she continued her drama until she got to the entrance of the hotel. 

“After everything we've done together, she still had the guts to go behind my back… I regret ever knowing her.” She snapped and, still seething with anger, she pushed her hair behind her ears and then began to stomp towards the road. 

Overwhelmed with anger, she didn't look out for incoming vehicles before she stepped into the road and almost immediately, a car which was on a mild speed swept her off the ground. The next second, she was sprawled on the floor, blood seeping from her bruises. 

“Dammit.” The driver yelled, banging the steering wheel in frustration. 

“Is anything the issue?” Damien asked with his rich baritone. He was occupying the passenger's seat of the car with his legs crossed while he scrolled through his iPad. 

“Sir…sir…” the driver couldn't find his tongue to speak, fear surging through his veins as he stared at Scarlett, who was sprawled on the road unconscious. 

“I asked a question.” Damien said impatiently, his fingers still dancing on his iPad. 

“I hit someone. It wasn't my fault… she was…” Still running his mouth like a broken tap, Damien pushed the door open and then stepped out. 

“I'm sorry, sir. I didn't do that on purpose.” The driver rapped, joining him. 

Ignoring him, Damien took a few strides until he got to where Scarlett laid. After examining the scratch on his car, he checked her pulse.

“She isn't dead.” He announced, and the driver let out a sigh of relief, wiping the beads of perspiration from his forehead. 

Measuring six feet, two inches tall, Damien rose with his hands tucked in his pockets. His height and physique made him command attention anywhere he went, coupled with the intimidating aura which he possessed. 

Thirty-year-old Damien Steel was the current leader of the Moretti family, a notorious and one of the most powerful gangs that controlled the region. 

Living up to the standard of the former leaders, he was brutal, cold, and heartless. Apart from his right-hand man, Armani, no one had the courage to speak to him, even if they tried, they ended up stammering. 

His dark blue eyes, which were always cold, were hooded and capable of piercing through the soul of the person he was staring at.

“Open the car.” He commanded, whisking his hair aside. 

“Yes… sir.” His driver replied and the next minute, the door was opened. Crouching, he scoped an unconscious Scarlett with his broad arm and with a smirk playing on his lips, he muttered, “As light as a feather. No wonder she slumped with just a hit.” 

After setting her on the seat, he strapped her in place with the seatbelt and then flexed his muscles which were adorned with different tattoos before making himself comfortable on the spot next to her. 

“The nearest hospital.” He said, picking up his iPad.

“Yes sir.” Came the response and immediately the car was back to life. 

While the doctor and the nurse attended to Scarlett, Damien was occupying the chair which had been provided for him with his hand across his chest, boiling with anger despite his calm demeanor. 

The accident did nothing but to disrupt his plans, and he was going to make sure he got back what he had lost. 

“Sir.” The doctor called, but before Damien could give him his attention, his phone began to ring in his pocket. Slipping the device out of his pocket, he stepped out of the ward to receive the call. 

“Just make sure everything goes as planned. In case there is a glitch, inform me immediately.” Damien replied to Armani's ten minutes long report and then hung up. 

On his return, the doctor who had been waiting patiently for him said, “Sir… she is perfectly okay. We have checked her vitals… as for her unconscious state, it was caused by the shock. Hopefully, she will be conscious in the next few hours.” He said. 

Nodding, he reclaimed his seat and this time around, he had his gaze fixed on Scarlett who was sleeping peacefully. 

About three hours later, Scarlett's eyes fluttered open. It took a while to adjust to her current surroundings before she managed to sit up. 

“Who are you?” She asked, immediately her eyes fell on that of Damien, who was staring back at her. 

“You finally woke up after wasting four hours of my time.” He said, taking a swift glance at his watch. 

“What are you talking about?” She asked, with a look of confusion, but instead of responding, Damien snapped his finger and immediately the door creaked open and one of his men stepped in. 

“The document.” He said and after a curt bow, he left the ward. 

Still wearing a confused look, Scarlett asked, “Are you the driver that hit me?” When he didn't respond after a while, she hit her palms together. 

“At first sight, I knew you were the one.” 

“You're making a noise.” He said coldly, receiving the envelope.  After flipping through the document, he threw it on the bed. 

“You scratched my car, so you're…” he was still speaking when she interrupted. 

“Are you being real here? You literally ran over me with your car, spoiled my skin…” she said, pointing at the bruise on her neck. “Even if you didn't practice hit-and-run, telling me I scratched your car is the least thing you have to say.” She snapped, pushing her hair behind her ear. 

Impressed with her rant, Damien just shook his head, his gaze still fixed on her. 

“Are you done?” He asked. Not waiting for her response, he pointed at the envelope, “If you are done, go through it.”

Rolling her eyes to the back of her head, she leaned towards the envelope and then pulled it to herself and then pulled out the document it contained. 

“What?” She yelled a few minutes later, alternating her glance from the document to Damien. 

Chapter 2

Scarlett shut her eyes tightly, only to snap them open moments later. Clutching the document as if her life depended on it, she asked, “What the hell is this?” 

“You must be literate. Even if you dropped out at the basic class, you were taught how to read, write and understand.” He said, his gaze fixed on the screen of his phone. 

Armani was giving him updates about the shipment he had gone to receive from the port. Since he was unable to make it to the port himself, Armani was going to join him when he was done to give a comprehensive report. 

“That's not the point here, mister. I asked what the hell is this? A marriage contract out of the blue? Are you even thinking?” She yelled, grabbing the edge of the bed rail. 

The mumble in the ward from his men was enough to make her shut her mouth, but instead, it fueled her anger. 

“I asked a question, are you thinking? I bet you aren't.” She snapped. Hitting her palms, she said,

“For the recor


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