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100 days contract with the bachelor

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Jace Morray is a Billionaire and Anastasia Green is just a simple girl living with her stepmom and step sister. A case of mistaken identity ties her into a 100 days contract marriage with Jace. Never did she expect that this contract marriage would be filled with tears, sexual torture, conflicted emotions/feelings…..

Mistaken identity


I took in deep breaths as my feet remained rooted to the ground, finding it difficult to move, not even an inch, while I watched my stepmom and step sister from the corner of the room.

I was looking for a way to approach them, but there was none. I had to find courage, I had to look for a way, this was a matter of life and death.

"You're gonna be fine Stacia.." I mumbled repeatedly to myself, forcing my feet to move. Soon I found myself in front of my stepmom and sister, who were busy having a good time to themselves.

"What do you want?" My stepmom, Lucinda, asked scornfully, the moment her eyes met me, she had this scary look on her face, that made me quiver each time she looked at me.

"Mom.." I began in a low voice,

"She's not your mother" Lucy, my lazy step sister snapped at me, giving me the same look her mother used in looking at me.

"Mo.. ma'am.." I stammered, fidgeting in fear, where do I begin from?


"You have one minute.." Lucinda chimed in, taking a sip from the wine she was holding.

"It's grandma" I blurted out.

"It's grandma.." Lucy micmicked, but I decided to ignore her. I was used to all these anyway. What mattered right now was the life of my grandmother, and I'll do anything to save her, even if it means I'll have to endure another round of bullying.

"The doctor said she's in a very critical condition, and she needs to be operated on.." I said out loud, with every ounce of boldness in me.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Lucinda queried with a meaning tone, keeping her gaze on me.

"Please I need money for the treatm.."

"There's no money!” Lucinda shouted, not allowing me to finish.

I am aware that she's always been wicked, but I expected her to be kind since it concerned a person's life. We were talking about my grandma's life here, she was going to die if I delayed further.

"But.." I spluttered.

"But what?" Lucinda flared angrily, getting up on her feet, causing me to stumble backwards. I had put myself in trouble.

"My father, if he'd been alive, would have paid for her bills already," I voiced out.

Why was she so wicked? She treated me like a slave, ever since my father died. I've been treated as a nobody, but I've never said a word and always stayed quiet, but now it was about my grandma's life. I could not remain quiet.

"He's dead, Anastasia, there's no money, all of the money has been used up during his funeral.." she said, flashing a wicked grin at me.

"You know if dad was alive, he would never allow all of this to happen, it's his mother we're talking about, and his money, I'm only…"


I never got to finish my statement, before I felt a sharp sting on my left cheek. Lucinda slapped me, it wasn’t a new thing though.

"I see you've lost your manners huh?” She intoned, raising a brow at me.

"You've forgotten how to talk to elders right?"

"But…"I stammered, tears trickling down my face.

"Shut it, Anastasia" Lucy spoke, from where she was sitting comfortably.

"You seem to have forgotten your place right, you daughter of a wh*r*.." she spat distastefully,

"My Mother is not a wh*r*.." I tried defending in tears.

"Get out if my sight, and I never want to hear that topic from that mouth of yours.." Lucinda warned sitting back on the sofa, looking unbothered, they don't care after all, and they never will, the biggest mistake my father made was bringing her into this house.

I sniffled, stumbling backwards, turning away from them. I can't stay here, I headed for the door in tears running out of the house.




Well, I've always known I'd end up like this one day, walking barefooted on the streets, like an outcast, it was bound to happen one day, just that this time, Lucinda didn't throw me out, I ran away. I wondered what she would do to me once I returned back.

My father had died just a few months ago, and Lucinda's behavior towards me changed drastically. She treated me like a slave along with her lazy daughter Lucy, which I always endured.

All I needed from them was just some money for my grandma's hospital bills, my dad had been the one footing the bills, not until the cold hands of death took him away, after that Lucinda abandoned her in the hospital, now the doctor said she has just a little time left.

I was still lost in my thoughts when a black, highly tinted jeep stopped in front of me in a screech.

"F*ck…" I gasped, stepping backwards, the driver must have lost his mind.

"Lady scarlet.." I heard a man call, and before I could even say anything, three armed men dressed in black suits stormed out of the car, charging at me.

"Grab her.." one of the men, who seemed to be the leader, ordered, and they grabbed me holding me tight.

"W..hat are y..ou…, haaaaa!!! Let me go!!" I yelled, from the way they looked they meant business.

"Don't think of escaping, lady scarlet.." he addressed, as my brows furrowed, what's he talking about?, This is a mistaken identity, what the hell is a lady scarlet?, I kept struggling with them but they were too strong for me.

"Get her into the car…" he instructed,

"You are mistaking me for someone else, please let go of me…" I tried to explain, but they had already bundled me up. They forced me into the car against my wish, giving me no chance to speak.

Soon the car began to move, as I kept struggling, but their hold on me was just too strong, I knew I had to stop. Did Lucinda send these men after me?Who's Lady scarlet? I questioned myself, silent tears flowing helplessly on my face.

One of the men, brought out a phone from his pocket as he spoke, “boss, we just found lady scarlet".

The contract


I paced angrily around my sitting room, waiting impatiently for my men to give me a call, scarlet had gone too far this time, this very moment was crucial for me and she thought she could just back down, and run away from me, after making a deal with me, never, I'll make sure to find her, and bring her back here.

I picked the incoming call immediately after the first ring, hoping they'd brought good news.

I sent my men to search around for scarlet and bring her back to me at all cost, no matter what it took.

Scarlet Grace must be found at all cost, even if it meant tearing the whole city down, they had to bring her back, finding another replacement will be a problem.

"Boss, we just found lady scarlet.." Chris informed me over the phone and I found myself sighing in relief.

Finally she had been found, she obviously thought she could get away from me.



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