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This Ghost Is In Love With You

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Many people believe that many souls roam the surface world because they still have many things that they did not do when they were still alive. But the funny thing is, Ashey Brown never thought that she would also be that soul. And what's worse, apart from the fact that she was killed for no apparent reason, she passed away without even experiencing being in love like other twenty-three-year-old girls. She is too young to die! But when she met Randall-- the man who can help her to find her cadaver-- she seems to find more than that. She is Ashey Brown, And this is her story...

1st Ghosting: Ashey Emerald Brown

WHEN Ashey parked in front of her house, she glanced at her phone first before proceeding to get out of the car. Her phone is on the dashboard. It keeps on vibrating earlier, indicating that there's someone texting her.


"If you keep on ignoring this message, you will die..." Ashey rolled her eyes instantly, she thought the message was important. But it's only chained messages, "Argh, what a nonsense message." 


 Shaking her head, she put her phone into her bag.

Those chain messages aro no longer stopped by the people who had free time and a load. She pulled out the car key and prepared herself to get out of her car. Another day is over. She was tired but every time she looked at her house and car, that tiredness led her to reassured feelings.


 Why not? Will everyone expect a person like her, who grew up in an orphanage to be this successful on her own? She grew up alone. She didn't know who her parents and relatives were, but at least, she made it. 


 She had a house, a car, a stable job with stable income and huge savings in a bank that can travel back and forth to wherever she might want to go. Not to mention, she's still alive even if she ignored that kind of chain message from day 1. Ashey shook her head and laughed a bit in her thoughts. 


 Sometimes, she really beats that kind of sh*t. She decided to get in her house as soon as possible. She will be the one to prepare and will cook for her dinner.


 Ashey was stunned and frowned, because the gate of her house was unlocked. Oh, she was a paranoid person but this time, she chose to ignore it. During the time she lived there, that subdivision had zero crime, anyway. 


 Maybe she just forgot to lock the gate of the house fence earlier. The front door of the house is more important to be locked anyway. She also had a real problem with being forgetful, so that the key of her house was under the plant at the side of the door.


 Finally got in her house, she took off her blazer, turned on the TV, turned up the volume, then put on her apron and faced the kitchen.


"Hmn, a sunny side up egg with V- cut on it will do..."

She noticed her stocks in the fridge and cupboard are running low. She made a note: "Grocery day" with a date, then glued it to the door of her fridge. It is easy for her to remember that she needs to buy food.


 She crushed the V-cut and mixed it into the three beaten eggs. It's a delicious dish, one of her favorites. An egg is everyone's mother's dish. You must need to think for a twist, just like a book, so you don't drop reading. 


 She smiled at the smell of scrambled egg with V-cut…


 "Here we go..." She immediately tasted it.


 Well, being an introvert had advantages and disadvantages. She thought, just like this. Even if she's tired, she still serves and cooks for herself. Even honestly, she can afford to pay for a one maid. 


 She prefers to be alone. She's not comfy with people. She is also not good at getting along with others. They say she's a big weird woman who walks and talks every day, aloof and detached. Mysterious. 


 Well, she agrees with those things. Simply because people are very good at judging someone even if on a day to day basis, they keep on focusing on social media, posting quotes about judgmentality and some bible verses but the irony of it, it is difficult for them to apply that to themselves. Get the point?


"Ouch," her finger was cut a little with a knife, accidentally. No, she will not use that knife.


 Surprisingly, she took it and put it back to where it should have been. "Something is weird tonight... why the hell is this knife scattered here in the sink?" She lived there alone, d*mn it. 


 Ashey turned off the stove and took off her apron, and decided to go upstairs. Weird things have an answer when you are eager to find it, right?


 "PEW!" The man literally spat at the picture he was holding. Before he put it back on the table. 


 The table was lined with picture frames, with photos of the person living there, of course, Ashey Emerald Brown…


 Tan- skinned, small rounded face, round deep set of brown eyes, beautiful child. But her eyes, those deep eyes... are full of mystery. Sorrows can be traced in her eyes even in the photos of her, accompanied with nuns and childrens. Up to the present photos.


 Maybe, the world has become cruel to the young teacher. Based on the photos in front of him, she has no family. "Oh, that is why. You don't have a family, so you don't know how it feels to lose a family member." He clenched his fist in anger. 


 He could never forget the arrears of the young lady to him. And to his family.


 ASHEY must have needed to confirm first if anyone had entered her house, before she called the police hotline. Because the last time she'd done calling the police without clear reason, it was just a cat that made her freak out! Embarrassing, yeah. In The End, she bought a huge pizza that was good for a group of police. 


 Yeah, she and her stupidity sometimes. 


 She rubbed her chest as her phone vibrated for another text again!


 Mentally exhausted, she picked up her phone and read the message. "F*ck!" 


 Who wouldn't curse? It was the chained messages again! The sender doesn't want to stop, so be it, she will call him! 


 She stopped and sat down at the main step of the stairs. Dialling, she rubbed her forehead. She shouldn't have called her student. She can mute his number just like she was used to. With her confusion, she forgot that the barred wall she put to herself, was torn down. She wiped her face with the palm of her hand, her students were the only people that could lower the defense she had blocked to herself. She should no longer be surprised.


"Teacher? Hello? Good evening..."


 Ashey blew a breath, "Adan, good evening. Ahm, listen-- please do me a favor by stop sending me--" stop amidst talking to her student, her eyes widened-- into her peripheral vision, she saw a shadow! Coming close to her!


 "Teacher? Hello?" She still heard the voice of her student Adan, on the other line, but she immediately declined that call and hurriedly dialled the police hotline near the subdivision's where she lives. 


 She was still a human, she thought, and made a mistake in calling the police hotline because of nervousness that's currently eating her system.


 "Teacher Ashey," a sarcastic greeting from the intruder.


 She could not see him clearly because of the dark. She hadn't turned on the light yet. She ignored him and kept on calling the police number but until now, it just rang…


"The number you have dialled is not in service..."


 "Sh*t!" There is nothing as sh*t as this, she exclaimed to herself. 


 She is in the dangerous situation, f*ck it! The intruder walked slowly towards her, and her feet couldn't move in nervousness! 


 With the help of thunder lightning outside, she saw what the intruder's holding and about to do with her…


 The blade of a knife shines through the reflection of lightning due to a thunder from the outside— that's one of her kitchen knives! 


 The intruder—no, the killer—had a good choice. He even chose her branded knife, shun 8 inches chef knife!


"Say my hello to my daughter the moment you meet her in hell, Teacher Ashey!" The killer ran— and forcefully stabbed the teacher to her stomach.


 She never moved again. Her fingers was released from the phone she's grabbing earlier, which the killer trampled to crush.


 He carried his victim like a sack. He would have set the house on fire, but it's raining hard. 


 Never mind, he could easily dispose of the teacher's corpse by the help of heavy rain. Definitely, there were few people outside due to that. He can easily mislead the corpse.


We will have a long trip, Teacher Ashey...”

2nd Ghosting: The Angel of Death

ASHEY laughed. That kind of laugh with tears. That kind of laughter that she hasn't done yet in her entire life. No joke makes her laugh like that. 


 Only now—when the so-called angel told her that she's dead.


"Live, love, laugh, those are the things that you should do when you're alive," the angel firmly said, "I'd read your records. How boring your life was," he added, when he released a gadget that Ashey didn't know where it came from or where the angel got it.


 The Angel of death is... wingless. And he is actually wearing all black— from his shirt, pants, as well as his shoes— those exactly look the same to the pair of shoes that sells in the market! He's not wearing white that many people will assume by hearing the word 'angel'. Yeah, great! 


 The angel of death is also handsome. That kind of a face that while you keep on staring, truly comforting in the eyes. That face can be c


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