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The muse gang

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Imagine living a life today where no one listens to you. Then tomorrow, a ghost pops up who could do any possible thing you want him to do for you. But first of all, you need to do something for him first. Gotta admit... my life was hell fun but being backed up by a ghost really came with some side effects. Let's talk freaky in THE MUSE GANG. A gang of ghosts and humans sharing a bond of no imagination. Welcome to my crazy highschool life of a pervert. My name is Edward Hanson. And my life had never been dramatic.

Chapter 1


I'm a sick and non-chalant mammal. A regular victim of ridicule and bully from Victor and co, aka the vi kings.The name's Edward Hanson and calm is the game. A nerd since grade three, stalked and befriended by a fellow nerd, apparently the only friend I had. Not surprised, no one was interested in me. I was just a normal guy in school, known for nothing else except plain balderdash.I even suffered from agoraphobia!! Just to be clear, that is the fear for being in public places with too many people.I live in Norwich, England, an origin of Oxford and the owner of the cutest diary you could find for a guy.School is not my only point of rejection. Infact, home is a little plain worse, with my elder brother there; Alfred. He does not mind he is older than I am with two whole bloody years. The nineteen year old just keeps up the work of Victor at home for me, or worse.And dad? Well I may not have much of a problem with him because he literally says nothing to me except, "Go get the door you pipsqueak.""Make me coffee you scumbag!""Get my mails idiot," or "Feed that twin of yours." That's the dog.Mom is the best at home because at least, she still fakes a smile at me when I wake up.Why does everyone hate me?! Even family.I even have a regular detention at home, aka get grounded, whenever mom makes it up to my room and finds it messed up.However, at a point like this, I'm not depressed. Turns out I'm now used to being ignored. If only everything was done my way. I was not even excellent in school!To be general, I'm a total failure in everything. Sneak my way through failure and leave my mates awed.Enough talk about about my awesomeness.Let's get to my life.

Chapter one

It was morning again, kissed this dark hole called life a good morning and ran out to get the school bus. And once again, I missed it by three seconds.I could see my equals laugh at me from the back of the bus. How graceful! Walking to school again.***By the time I got to school, I had already missed the first class. Everyone welcomed me with chuckles as I stepped in, the history teacher giving me a hard glare.Aardvark, so I called the man because he had a big nose, had us in the most boring subject in the world; history. Just so you know, his real name is Morgan. But I'd be referring to him as aardvark so long as I live.He held his glower on me, "Hey Mr, coming late to school again?"Somewhere from the back of the class, that scumbag called Victor declared, "Fell asleep in the bathroom again perhaps."The entire class let out a suppressed laugh.Very funny! Because I was the only one who has unintentionally fallen asleep while using the loo.I bowed in shame and walked slowly to my seat. But somehow, that was one gem of a moment. Not because I slept in the loo, but because I dreamt of kissing Ella while sleeping.Ella! Hah! She was the jewel of my highschool. The one the boys will  sell their balls for to kiss. Relishing the moment, I was not aware I was being recorded snoring like a pig. And now, they were reminding me of the bittersweet moment.Aardvark himself joined them, "That's enough class. Now as for you young man," he lowered his specs and looked at me, "This should be the last time you make it late to my class. Or you would be saying hello to a check mark."What was the use? I had a lot of those from other teachers already.The d*ck kept on talking, "Now class, where was I? Yes! Napoleon, French..."He just blabbered as I thought of my usual but miserable life.Murphy, my fat and only friend bumped my shoulder from beside me, laughing at the *ssh*l* he called a friend, "Who were you kissing this time? Liza?"I smirked, Liza! Ella's main rival. Those two girls really had some attitude. Once I had a crush on Ella. I walked up her and confessed true love... Or lust, I can't still tell. She gave me a look as if my face was covered in dog poop. No! To be precise, as if the whole me was covered in dog poop. Nah! She was simply irritated by the nitwit asking her on a date.Facially, I was fine. Infact, I was the cutest boy I knew... If it wasn't still one of my balderdash again. I had this light brown flat top hair bringing the glow of my blue eyes. But somehow she still had a problem with me. I don't think I still need to tell you what it was.After what felt like forever, it was time for our break. I was in my usual situation again; Murphy before me, telling me of the various ways he lost his teeth and myself, with my usual treat, burger and apple juice.I watched Elizabeth Sand make her way past us to her friends, a group of girls who have made a record of slapping me or spitting in my food.My mind somehow went back to when I asked her rival on a date. And I was shed out like a piece of used toilet paper. How would it be with her? She might throw whatever she's eating in the trash.I glanced at Murphy who seemed to be speaking some language, anything but English. Yep, he had a weiner stuck in his mouth.I sighed, "Hey. What do you think about Liza?"He stopped and watched me strangely, as if I was the one previously speaking some weird language, "Oh no! Please don't tell me you wanna get your eyes clawed out this time. She'd hate herself for letting you love her."I rasped angrily, "No I was just thinking. If I somehow got a chance to go out with her, I would get famous here in school. Don't you think?"He waved me off nonchalantly, "Forget this dude. There is no way she is saying yes."D*mn it. He was painfully right, so right he could bet a grand for it. If only I could force her or maybe blackmail. Chee I was thinking stupid again. ***After school, I got home and grabbed lunch, sitting behind my computer to see if there was anything that would get into my mind. Like making it the zillionth email I've sent to Ella without a reply. There was nothing pleasing in my life.I slept off on my laptop. For two good hours!! Chee!Later on, the voice of my mom woke me. From the little I knew of calculations, she was halfway up my room. Wait!My room that was in a mess.Pushing myself from the chair, I began putting away the little garbage I could when I noticed there was no way in hell Alabama that I was going to clean this up before she cleared the few feet left.I already saw myself going through another round of week long grounding after I ended the last one yesterday.My only escape plan was to stop her from getting into the  room, errhm... which was a little bit over the edge.Still, I ran to the door, opened it and found her just before it, "Hey How are you?"Mom eyed me and sighed, "I know your room is in a mess, isn't it?"I shrugged and feigned innocence, "I do not know what you are talking about. You know what? Why not go down and see if Dad needs you. I do not think you should expect any mess in this room again. I mean after last week. It is so tidied up."I knew I was lying, but not more than she did. She just tried forcing her way through the doorway but I stopped again.One thing I hated was frustration, "Mom no, I told you already, no mess here."She gave me a glare, making me quietly give way for her to get in. Because I knew the sure stage after her angry look; no allowance for a week. That was the last thing I needed.She stepped in and I gasped, saying hello to another grounding after she saw the dumpster my room was.Mom nodded, "What do you know? I'm impressed, first time."I frowned in confusion and turned to check if she was just being sarcastic.And guess what!She was not! My room was as clean as my sister's. Oh! I haven't mentioned Sophie. I know, my lil sis.But forget that, I was perplexed. I left that room a dumpster seconds ago and met it in shape just when I was expecting another grounding.My mom clearly sensed my surprise too, "You did not do this, did you?"I stammered and lied, "Uhmm of course I did. Who else would clean up my room for me?"Mom inclined her head, "So why were you trying to stop me?"I snickered and rubbed my neck nervously, "I just tried to tell you. You shouldn't have stressed, that's all."Mom sighed softly and left.I stepped deeper into my room and looked around. It was clean and without mom making a big deal out of it. It was not because I escaped grounding that I will tag an incident like this good.It was creepy, frightening.I stood agape and rubbed my arms and eyes. There was no one in my room. Even if there was, the time was too little to have done so much.

Chapter 2

Chapter two

I shared this story with my only friend in school. Then he gave me the worst look he had ever given my stupidity.

I shrugged, "I'm serious. I left my room for like ten seconds and returned to find it so unlike it, so clean."

Murphy mocked, "Maybe it's a guardian angel that is meant to look out for you so you do not get your ass kicked."

I rolled my eyes and looked away.

"Join them okay? Tag me silly," I scoffed.

Murphy kept his drink and put out both hands in an explanatory manner, "C'mon. I was just messing with you. It is possible it's something you saw."

I kept quiet so he could win the

argument, yet I am sure of what happened.

But that still left me afraid in every language. I knew no one in the world would believe there was a swift, invisible creature that helped me clean up my room under a short time.


We were returning to class after the


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