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Han Xiao, the "Starry Sea" veteran player, was thrown into the transmigration army by a mysterious power from the East. He transformed into an NPC with the player's interface and returned to the time before the official release of "Starry Sea". He resolutely chose the highest difficulty level of the mechanical class. Warships lined up and roamed the starry sea, the mecha were agile like dragons, the energy cannons destroyed the ** earth, and there was an endless mechanical army quietly waiting in the personal warehouse. One person is a legion! If it weren't for the appearance of the players, this book would be a serious and traditional transmigration theme... As an NPC, normal NPC functions towards players are all available... issuing quests? Adjusting favorability? Teaching skills? Wait, why do I know all these players! Alright, the real world has also returned to ten years ago. The correct translation in English is: Han Xiao, the "Starry Sea" veteran player, was thrown into the Transmigration Army by a mysterious power from the East. As an Ash-grade power leveler, he transformed into an NPC with player interface and returned to the time before the public beta of "Starry Sea." He made the bold decision to undertake the highest difficulty level as a Mechanical class. Spaceships formed fleets, traversing the stars. The Stellar Mech suits were agile like dragons, and the profound-energy cannons razed the ** ground. Additionally, an infinite mechanical army silently awaited within his portable storage. One person, a legion! If it weren't for the appearance of players, this book would have been a serious and formal transmigration into another world theme... As an NPC, Han Xiao possessed all the abilities of a regular NPC towards players... issuing quests? Adjusting favorability? Imparting skills? Wait, hold on! Why do I recognize all these players? Fine, the real world has also returned to a decade ago.

Chapter 1 newborn

"Twenty-fourth test subject, injected with Valkyrie solution, survived for two minutes and forty-five seconds, time of death, 4:22 a.m..."

I was the only person in the house. Who was speaking?

Han Xiaoxiao suddenly opened his eyes and was greeted by a blinding white light. The familiar entrance to the gaming cabin was gone, replaced by a pure white ceiling and white walls with a cold metallic texture, giving off a sci-fi vibe. The room was arranged like an intensive care unit, and he was lying on a metal table, his bare upper body connected to several wires and electrodes. His back touched the cold metal, sending a chill through his entire body.

Several researchers in white lab coats gathered around with expressions of disbelief.

Wasn't I just accepting a new account leveling job from a client? I chose a standard starting point. Where am I now? Han Xiaoxiao was experiencing a severe headache, his thoughts in disarray, as if someone had forcefully injected him with a massive amount of information. His last memory was accepting a power-leveling job, creating a new character in the game "Star Sea," and then smelling the strong scent of burnt protein...

"Quick, inform Ms. Haila that the test subject has come back to life!"

"Call the guards! We need to control the test subject immediately."

The researchers in white lab coats shouted anxiously. Han Xiaoxiao couldn't understand their language, but he could grasp the meaning behind their words: "test subject," "survival time," "guards." These terms made him feel uneasy. Urgent footsteps could be heard outside the door; someone was rapidly approaching.

Should he stay still or make a run for it? Only hesitating for a moment, Han Xiaoxiao decisively chose the latter. Playing a waiting game was not his style. He quickly broke free from all the wires and electrodes attached to his body, stumbling towards the laboratory door. The white-coated researchers hastily retreated without trying to stop him.

"Boom!" He crashed through the door and found himself in a long white corridor. At both ends of the corridor, a dozen or so guards dressed in black combat uniforms were holding ** and surrounding him.

Han Xiaoxiao recognized the half-tree sapling emblem on the left chest of their uniforms and took in a sharp breath. "The Sprout Organization of Version 1.0 of Hai Lanxing? Weren't they already exterminated?!"

A guard swung the ** heavily, and Han Xiaoxiao instinctively raised his hand to block it. The electric pain shook his entire body, as if his bones were about to crack, and half of his body went numb.

"This pain is 100% real?!" Han Xiaoxiao was greatly shocked. In the game "Star Sea," the upper limit for pain regulation was 40%. Going beyond 40% would cause damage to the player's nerves. The gaming cabin had the function of monitoring players' vital signs, and in the event of such a malfunction, it should have forcefully disconnected him.

What's going on? The gaming cabin I just replaced seven years ago is acting up again? D*mn it, the repairman who came a few days ago only charged me 300 yuan and solemnly promised that there wouldn't be any problems within six months. It's completely unreliable. I'll call customer service later and demand a refund!

More than a dozen muscular... um, strong guards swarmed in and Han Xiaoxiao experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed by a group of burly men. He was escorted into an empty small black room, and the guards locked the door before leaving.

The surroundings were pitch-black, with only him in the room.

Han Xiaoxiao grimaced in pain, rubbing his wrist to recover.

His head started to ache again as a plethora of information surged out.

After a while, Han Xiaoxiao finally understood the whole story.

"I've crossed over... into 'Star Sea'?"

Han Xiaoxiao widened his eyes, utterly astonished.

"Star Sea" was an immersive holographic game with servers spread all over the world. It had nearly 60 million players online simultaneously at its peak. (Don't doubt the severity of population explosion in parallel time and space in the year 2060.)

The game was set in a space universe, and the maps and scenes were automatically generated and evolved from the latest generation of optical brain input parameters. They were unimaginably vast, capable of accommodating billions of players online simultaneously without any burden. Countless guilds and organizations engaged in gold farming, running maps, and clearing dungeons within the game. A top-tier equipment could be sold for millions of dollars, reaching astronomical prices.

It was an extremely popular game with excellent balance, ensuring that the paying "whales" had some advantages while not making it so imbalanced that casual players felt it was unfair. The primary method of maintaining this balance was by enhancing the game's competitiveness and technicality. "Star Sea" was no exception and had given rise to professional players and professional leagues as derivatives.

At this point, you might think that I'm going to talk about how Han Xiao was once an extraordinary and legendary professional player.

Not really. Although Han Xiao made a living from games, he has no connection to the four words "professional player." He is a despised power leveling player who works without a studio.

As an experienced power leveling player in the game "Star Sea," Han Xiao has gone through all the version changes and gained some fame. He consistently ranked among the top 100 players in the Huaxia server's leaderboard. In the latest ranking, he was at number 47. According to his skills, he should have no problem playing professionally, but he merely works as a power leveler. The reason why will be explained later in this article.

"The Sprout Organization, one of the starting planets for beginners in Version 1.0 of Star Sea, and the event on the Blue Ocean Star." Han Xiao muttered to himself. Before he traveled back in time, Star Sea had been in operation for over a decade, and the 1.0 event had already become history. Did he really go back in time?

Han Xiao's expression became serious. This meant he couldn't get back the 300 yuan he paid?!

"Slap!" Han Xiao slapped himself. Even if he traveled back in time, what was he thinking about getting a refund? Am I a fool?!

His memories seemed to have gaps, not knowing the experiences of the original owner of the body. He couldn't even remember his own name, only some common knowledge about this world. For example, the time he was in was the 687th year in the Star Sea calendar, and the official launch would be in 688.

In the era of Version 1.0, the three dominant forces in the universe—Glorious Federation, Scarlet Empire, and Spirit Sect—maintained tens of thousands of years of peace since the end of their self-exploration period. The Silver Wing Army had not been formed yet, and the source of the Psionic Disaster was still struggling on a desolate planet. The Shining World had not been born, and the Tree of Worlds civilization had not yet invaded the unexplored universe in a big way. The Broken Star Ring where the Blue Ocean Star was located remained insignificant at the edge of the observable universe...

To maintain the game's attractiveness, "Star Sea" drew inspiration from a game called Yamaguchiyama from many years ago, where each new update brought disasters and major events. Gul'dan Yanzu caused trouble for so many years and was crushed by an egg (why add "yet" here?), and the Burning Legion invaded once again. Who knows how many more times they will return. In this aspect, "Star Sea" fully absorbed the experience of Yamaguchiyama. It was thrilling to play, but if you really cross over... my friend, do you have a return ticket?

Compared to the interstellar wars and catastrophes in later versions, the Sprout Organization is a small fry. However, it poses a fatal predicament for Han Xiaoxiao in the current situation.

"Sea Blue Star is modeled after Earth, and the Sprout Organization is an organization that attempts to subvert the political power of major countries. If I remember correctly, the subjects of the 'Valkyrie Experiment' would undergo ** and become cannon fodder."

The body the Sprout Organization used for human experiments, which Han Xiaoxiao currently inhabits, has fragmented memories. Apart from common knowledge, only fragments of memories of being imprisoned and experimented on remain.

Around the age of twenty, resembling his past self to some extent, it's hard to say whether he is healthy or not. He still recalls the words in the white coat. He was injected with the "Valkyrie Solution". This thing is one of the genetic potions of the Sprout Organization, used to enhance the brain. It has a death rate of seventy percent, but it caused a mutation in him.

Suddenly, a line of semi-illusory blue text popped up in front of him:

[You have been injected with the 'Valkyrie Solution', endurance potential +1, gaining expertise - High Concentration, gaining expertise - Low-level Mental Resilience]

"Panel information!" Han Xiaoxiao felt a sense of joy in his heart.

A translucent blue light screen unfolded in his line of sight, giving a strong science fiction vibe without obstructing his vision.


Name: Han Xiaoxiao

Race: Carbon-based human (Yellow)

Template: NPC (Countdown for version 1.0 public beta: 358 days, 11 hours, 03 minutes)

Overall level: 1

Experience: 0

Secondary profession: Civilian lv1 (0/50)

Main profession: None

Personal attributes: Strength 2, Agility 2, Endurance 3, Intelligence 3, Mystery 1, Charisma 2, Luck 1

Available attribute points: 0

Energy: 0 (lv0)

Power level: 1-2

Rank: F (Ordinary human)

[With a combat power of five, you're a piece of rubbish. Just grab any random NPC on the street, and they could rub you on the ground a hundred times, ah, a hundred times!]

Health: 23/30 (sprained)

Stamina: 36/36

Expertise: High Concentration - Increases learning and crafting speed by 10%

Low-level Mental Resilience - +3 Willpower checks

Skills: None

Potential points: 0

Career knowledge tree: Not unlocked

Influence: None

Legend level: 0

Equipment: None


"The game panel of 'Star Sea,' thank goodness, it's still here. Truly, heaven blesses the handsome."

However, Han Xiao quickly discovered something abnormal.

NPC template? I'm not a player? The 1.0 public beta countdown begins?

Han Xiao frowned, noticing several important factors.

First, although he didn't understand why the attribute panel had crossed over with him, this was the real world, where every life was genuine. Once he died, he wouldn't resurrect like in the game.

Second, he had become an NPC but possessed a player's system panel. This was undoubtedly good news as he could level up and grow like a player.

Third, realizing the countdown to the public beta, he became aware that he might have returned to a time before the release of Star Sea. Did that mean the previous players would reappear?

The fourth point was crucial—his current situation was very dangerous!

Han Xiao sighed. He envied those who transmigrated into a normal starting point, like having 500 gold coins and ten starting units, abundance of resources and helpers. Maybe they even came with their ex-girlfriends. Even if not all of these perks were present, at least the environment would be relatively safe. Even if there was an enemy plotting against them, they would only attack covertly from behind. But what about him? Starting in a battle, he was like a lone hero caught in enemy lines. If he wasn't careful, God would send him back to the Hall of Heroes... if such a thing existed.

Han Xiao didn't possess the ability to revive like players did. He had only one life, and it would be a waste to throw it away here.

Yes... he thought it was "a waste," which differed slightly from a normal person's mindset of "I must survive." As for thoughts like "My fate is in my hands, not in the heavens" or "Swallow a golden pill and transcend life and death," those were typically the reactions of patients with adolescent delusions.

"What the hell, am I the only one who got trapped in Sword Art Online?" Han Xiao complained.

Despite having senses identical to reality, he had considerable doubts inside.

What is the essence of one's existence, true life? Or just a set of data? A soul transmigration?

"Since I'm here, I have to accept it and take it step by step," Han Xiao thought to himself. Regardless of what he was, if he didn't want to die a heroic sacrifice, he had to find a way to survive.

There was still a year until the public beta, and before the players arrived, he had a year to prepare. That was the only good news that uplifted him at the moment. He deeply understood the destructive power of players, akin to a locust plague, synonymous with chaos and madness.


At that moment, the door of the black room opened, and several people walked in. Due to the backlight, Han Xiao could only vaguely see the outline of the woman leading the group, whose figure was **.

"How is the test subject doing?" the woman spoke to her subordinates behind her. Her voice had a slightly hoarse texture, like a cup of rich coffee, lazily mixed with a touch of sexiness.

"It seems to be out of the manic phase," the head of the experiment, Lin Weixian, said while inspecting Han Xiao from top to bottom with a burning gaze, as if looking at his private possession.

Han Xiao said hoarsely, "Who are you?"

"Hmm? Looks like there is some deviation in memory?" the woman raised an eyebrow.

"The Valkyrie's ** brain, memory loss is a normal reaction," Lin Weixian squinted.

As his eyes gradually adjusted to the light, Han Xiao could clearly see the woman's appearance and was instantly amazed.

With a head of wine-red curly hair covering half of her face, she wore a tight black combat uniform. Her ** figure seemed like it would burst out of the clothes, arousing masculine hormones. Her facial features had both the three-dimensionality of a Westerner and the softness of an Easterner, resembling a mixed-race beauty. With black eyeshadow, she exuded a mature and lazy temperament, like a ** snake.

Note: The detailed description of the woman's figure has been omitted as it veers towards objectification.

"If Daji had this level of beauty, King Zhou wouldn't have died unjustly," Han Xiao's mind floated with this thought.

"Hera, the supervisor here," the red-haired ** stared at Han Xiao, waved her hand, and said, "Take him downstairs for a blood test. I want to see the report immediately!"

Two expressionless elite guards stepped forward, one on each side, holding Han Xiao's arms and escorting him out. Han Xiao glanced at their formidable bodies under the guard uniforms and the ** on their waists, immediately abandoning his plan to resist on the spot.

He recognized "Red Snake" Hera. This was one of the challenge scenes in the Blue Sea Star - the "Valkyrie Laboratory," one of the subordinate bases of the Blossom organization.

During version 1.0, countless novice players born in Blue Sea Star cried and pleaded with Hera, also known as the "Sister of Discouragement," on the forums. In the future, she became an interstellar powerhouse of the Carlton Star Group, surpassing Catastrophic-level strength, and was crowned with the title of "Goddess of Death," renowned throughout the Broken Star Ring.

Han Xiao bitterly smiled to himself. His current situation truly felt like the bitter cold of late December!


Chapter 2 Mechanical Engineering



Before the story begins, let me briefly introduce our protagonist.

Han Xiao, a pure masculine character. The reason behind his ambiguous name is simple – his mother's surname is Han, and his father's surname is Xiao. It's straightforward and has profound implications.

In his thirties, he can feed his whole family without any worries. As for his appearance... he belongs to the type who would be called "big brother" by a thirty-year-old man sitting next to him when bribed with two hundred yuan by the neighbor's elementary school student to impersonate a parent at the parent-teacher meeting.

Although he may look a bit disheveled, in the "Star Sea" community, he is well-known and has a wide circle of friends. His prominent ID is "Lao Fu Liao * Young and Crazy," which evokes admiration and envy from casual players when strolling in the player city. In his commentaries on top p


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