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Strange Happenings: Moonlit Prelude to Werewolves

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**On the Azure Star, a Wave of Unsettling Horror Descends...** In the eerie midnight, as the ordinary commuter boards a fateful ride, their body undergoes a grotesque separation, with heads dancing in mid-air. Mirrors in the restroom conceal lurking eyes, observing the incessant flow of life. The self-service cafeteria echoes with ceaseless chewing sounds, suffocating those within. In this surreal world, fear and strangeness become tangible, manifesting in bizarre occurrences that defy logic and terrify the inhabitants of the Azure Star. As the clock ticks and the moon hangs heavy in the sky, the ordinary is warped into the extraordinary, and the line between the living and the otherworldly blurs. Amidst this chaos, fitness coach Ye Sha finds himself ensnared in a web of inexplicable events within the confines of his home. Haunting encounters with malevolent spirits send shivers down his spine, yet, at the brink of despair, bathed in moonlight, he undergoes a monstrous transformation, emerging as a fearsome werewolf and turning the tables on his pursuers. As the veil of conspiracy lifts, the mystery of Ye Sha's origins gradually unravels. The enigmatic forces at play lay bare a convoluted truth, and the bizarre entities blocking his path are revealed to be mere pawns in a larger, more sinister game. "More terrifying than the inexplicable, more horrifying than the supernatural!" The Azure Star becomes a battleground where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Unseen forces manipulate the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the sinister dance of shadows and moonlight unveils a world where the macabre thrives. In this chilling tale, every reflection hides a secret, every midnight ride is a journey into the unknown, and every meal in the self-service cafeteria is accompanied by the ominous symphony of perpetual chewing. The Azure Star is no longer just a celestial body; it is a realm where the inexplicable reigns, and Ye Sha must navigate this twisted reality, where each revelation plunges him deeper into the abyss of horror and revelation. As the Azure Star pulsates with ominous energy, the question remains: What lies beyond the veil of the surreal on this enigmatic celestial body?

Chapter 1

What a mess! What a mess!

The world is in turmoil, strange descent!

The strange situation on the news is crazy, the announcer speaks very fast, and introduces the situation with the switch of the screen.

Strange old man walking downtown, see the seven orifice bleeding, sudden death on the spot!

No pupil child ghost heavy, looking around for their eyes, see immediately blind!

More bloodthirsty hounds prey on humans, butcher butcher swims to kill prey, gorgeous female corpses confuse men...

News broadcast here, the announcer with a heavy face, "Please pay attention to the majority of residents around, when there is a situation, first preserve their lives, and then report a response in time."

Carefully read the news Ye Sha heavy sigh, weak lean on the sofa.

Turmoil comes, strange comes, he is an ordinary man and how to survive?

He's a good fitness instructor, he's strong, he's learned a good fight, but that's all useless in the face of weirdness.

After all, you have to face demons and ghosts, and no matter how good your skill is, it is just a grasshopper who hops. He's got tendons like this, which would be a good meat for the spooky.

"Bang, bang, bang."

Kitchen suddenly came a strange sound, Ye Sha heart could not help but a tight, quickly tense the whole body muscles, stood up, slowly move, for fear of alarming the possible existence of strange.

The noise grew louder and louder, as if something were coming out of the sewer.

Ye Sha thought for a moment, the foot force, grab the door and flee!

A moron would have to face that weirdness! The best way is to run!

With the last squeeze of the Wolf's claws, the child could no longer struggle, his head was tilted, and there was no sound...

Chapter 2

In the bathroom of the sixth floor housing, Ye Sha looked at himself in the mirror with some distress.

Although he is to escape from the imp to kill, but he has become more than the imp also terrible werewolf, do not know whether it is a strange kind.

"This is also lucky in the unfortunate, becoming a werewolf, at least before the weird have a self-protection ability!"

Ye Sha by nature optimistic, easy to meet, but comfort themselves. He went through a strange hunt, and then changed into a monster, not a nervous breakdown is a good performance.

"Can it be changed back?"

Although the werewolf's body is very strong and resilient, he has just been bitten by the kid's arm is restored in a flash, but if he can't change back to human form, he must stay away from the city and hide in the mountains, after all, he does not want to hurt people.

"Change back, change back!"

Ye Sha heart crazy hint himself, at


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