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Yvenne discovers her boyfriend's affair with her best friend, leading to her murder. She returns as a vengeful ghost and encounters Andrew, who is the only person that can see her ghostly form and they team up to uncover the truth behind her death and take revenge on the murders. Doubts about Andrew's motives arise as they dig deeper, putting their bond to the test and eventually Yvenne would find out secrets about the people she once thought were family and friends that would leave her in shambles. "Shadows of Revenge" delves into betrayal, resilience, and the quest for justice. Will seeking vengeance bring peace, or deepen the shadows? Follow Yvenne and Andrew's linked fates to discover the outcome.


Yvenne's P.O.V

"Please, spare our lives. I'm willing to give you anything you want, just leave my family alone," my father pleaded with the intimidating leader of the gang but the man just chuckled in response, joined by his two companions.

Tears streamed down my face and fear crept through my veins as their laughter filled the room.

Guns were pointed at me and my family and the gang's presence loomed over us.

I glanced at my mother, who held my twin sister Jenna protectively, while my dad was beside me looking tough but you could tell he was trying to hide his fear.

The leader, standing before me, exuded a menacing aura. I dared to look up at him and observed the fierce image he portrayed. 

Multiple piercings decorated his ears, nose, and lips. His bloodshot eyes and unkempt hair added to his intimidating demeanor. Tattoos covered his visible skin, leaving me no doubt that he had more hidden beneath his clothes.

My fear heightened as he gave me a creepy smile and immediately took my eyes off him. 

I closed my eyes in fear and began to mutter words of prayer. I could hear my mom whispering comforting words to Jenna, who was on the verge of a panic attack. 

Despite my mother's attempts to remain quiet, her words were audible to our captors, which only made them more angry.

Dad attempted to negotiate with those people but they were not interested in his pleas and were determined to carry out the evil plan they came here to do.

I didn't understand why that was happening to us. We were relaxing in his vacation only to be met with terror not even using up to a week in the vacation.

Regret filled me. I had warned Dad about the dangers of this place but he dismissed my concerns, favoring Jenna's preference instead. Now, here we were, face to face with three dangerous criminals, threatening our lives for no reason. 

They had forcefully entered our beach house, overpowering our security guards and killing them without remorse.

"Do you think I need your money?" the leader sneered, a strong accent coloring his words as he laughed mockingly.

"You see..." he paused, placing his legs casually on the center table before us.

"I've been paid to kill you, my pretty one, and your father," he declared, pointing his gun directly at me and then my dad.

Fear consumed me, tears streaming uncontrollably down my face and Jenna gasped loudly, her anxiety increasing. We were all scared, paralyzed by the realization that death was near us.

Who could be behind everything? What could we have possibly done to deserve this?

"Please, spare me and my daughter. I am a wealthy businessman, and I swear I'll triple the amount you've been paid to end our lives. Just let us go, and I'll fulfill your every wish. No police involvement, we can pretend this never happened," my father pleaded in desperation, his hands clasped together.

It pained me to witness my strong, courageous father reduced to pleading for our lives. But we had no other choice than to plead for mercy from those heartless criminals.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Orlando. I have orders, and I must carry them out no matter what so keep your money to yourself, I don't need it." the leader replied, his tone growing darker. 

He lifted his legs from the table and aimed the gun directly at my father's forehead.

"And last words Orlando or do you guys have anything to say to your dad before he dies?" the leader asked in mockery.

"No, please wait-"

"I guess I would have to kill him now since you all don't have anything to say to each other," he sneered and cocked his gun.

We screamed, begging him to reconsider his decisions but our pleas fell on deaf ears as he pulled the trigger.

"I love you all, never forget that," those were my father's final words before he fell, lifeless, into a pool of his blood.

A loud yell escaped from my mother. "Shut the hell up bitch or you would be next!" one of those murderers shouted at my mother and she fell silent immediately, whimpers coming out silently from her mouth.

I was stunned, unwilling to accept the reality of what just occurred, and praying that this was just a terrifying nightmare that I would soon wake up from.

Not a tear or scream escaped me; I simply knelt, my face devoid of any emotion, and stared at my lifeless father.

One of the other gang members approached me, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me outside alongside his accomplices. 

I was too broken, too numb to fight back. I allowed them to take me away.

My mother's frantic screams and pleas echoed in the background, but it was futile. At one point, she mustered the courage to intervene, attempting to rescue me, but she was struck with the butt of a gun. That was when I snapped back to reality.

"Mom!" I screamed as I watched her collapse, rendered unconscious. 

Desperation consumed me, and I struggled against the stronghold of the man carrying me. I longed to run to my mom's side, to check if she was alright, but my attempts to break free were futile. The man's grip on me was unyielding; he was much stronger than I was. 

"Let go of me, you jerk!" I yelled, my voice strained with effort. I continued to struggle, but then I felt a searing pain at the back of my head, and everything went dark. 


"Look at her, you pathetic loser. I wonder what I ever saw in you," I heard a voice, strangely familiar, as I struggled to regain consciousness. 

"She's defenseless now. Stupid brat, always acting like she's the best among everyone. Why don't you use that supposed cleverness of yours to get out of this situation? Or you could call Daddy for help. Oh wait, I forgot, he's gone," another familiar voice jeered, accompanied by laughter. 

I tried to open my eyes, but my vision remained blurry. A surge of pain coursed through my body, restraining my movements to mere whimpering. 

"Oh, the loser is waking up," the voice remarked, followed by a sharp kick to my side. I cried out in pain and laughter erupted from my torture, enjoying my torment.

Struggling against the pain, I forced my eyes open once more, barely making out two figures before me, laughing. 

My blurred vision prevented me from seeing their faces. I blinked, trying to see the people in front of me

"Oh, Yvenne, I wish I could stay here and revel in how wretched you are, but unfortunately, time is not on my side. I have somewhere to be. Goodbye, Yvenne Orlando, forever and always. Oh, and before I forget, do say hello to my dead grandfather for me in heaven. In your next life, don't be so arrogant and don't trust so easily, you cunt," the voice declared. 

"I hate you so much, so fucking much that I feel like killing you every time I see you. I was unable to do that then but thankfully, I am now. I am so glad you get to die by my hands, I have waited for this moment forever, goodbye bitch." the voice said and in an instant, a gunshot resounded, this time hitting me in the stomach.

Agony surged through my side, and I clutched the source of the pain. It hurt so much. I felt something sticky coming out of me, the realization struck - it was blood. 

Whimpering in agony, my tears flowed freely, amusing my captors because they laughed. 

My lungs constricted, and I desperately attempted to inhale, hoping to mitigate the pain but it only made it worse. Groaning, I felt tears streaming down my face as the pain overwhelmed my whole body. 

My vision returned, and I could finally see. My eyes locked with those of my shooter, a mix of hurt and betrayal clouding my gaze as I recognized them. I was shocked.

"Why?" I managed to utter, my voice trembling, as I searched their eyes for answers. 

I couldn't believe who was in front of me no— I refused to believe what I was seeing. 

They narrowed their gaze and knelt closer to my face, looking at me with disgust.

"Because I despise you, Yvenne Orlando so rest in pieces and don't come back in the next life where I would be," they sneered through gritted teeth.

It couldn't be, this was a nightmare, how can they do this to me? 

My own-

More tears streamed down my face, disbelief evident in my fading consciousness as my eyes fluttered, closing slowly. 

The pain gradually faded, until there was nothing left but peace. The last face I saw was that of my killer smiling menacingly at me.




Yvenne's P.O.V 

My eyes blinked open and the sunlight hit my face. I groaned and closed my eyes immediately then I slowly began to open my to adjust to the brightness. 

Once I was able to see clearly, I realized I was lying on the ground, surrounded by bushes and tall trees.

'Where am I?' I thought as I looked around my surroundings then all of a sudden, yesterday's memories flooded back, hitting me like a thunderbolt.

I remembered everything, the vacation, gangsters, dad, kidnapped, familiar voice, and gunshot.

I gasped and sat upright, shaking off the leaves that clung to me. Everything felt unreal but I knew it was true. 

I looked down at myself and realized I was still alive; I hadn't died yet even though I was shot. I touched the place I was shot at but there wasn't any wound there, just dry blood staining my dress. 

'How was the wound gone when I had been shot?' I thought and tried to remember the face of the person who shot me but it


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