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Victoria is a typical woman with a simple life and a happy family. However, one day that simple life becomes a complicated one when her parents were mysteriously murdered by a monster she recognized as werewolves. It doesn't stop there. These werewolves were also after her and sorted to kill her as well. But, before they did that, she vowed to do it first. Meeting Ruzena, the leader of rebellious werewolves, with the same aim, she trains with her and seeks revenge for her parent's death. On the quest for revenge, many secrets get unveiled. Victoria finds out that she isn't the typical normal human she thought she was and that the werewolves that killed her parents were after her special powers. Among the werewolves, is Victoria's mate who she wanted to desperately get revenge on - the one who had murdered her parents.

Chapter 1

(PROLOGUE)A young girl sits inside a library. A book was on her desk, and her eyes were glued to it.The more she flips through the pages the more engrossed she gets in it.She's so concentrated that she's unaware of the time, her surroundings, the weather, and the disaster lurking around. *phone rings* Oh my God! Who is this again that won't let me read in peace.?I reluctantly raise my head from my book to check who the caller is. Dad! I was shocked –He only calls when it's urgent or serious. I quickly picked up my phone and clicked on the answer button. "Victoria, don't tell me you are still in the library. Do you know what time it is? Can't you see the storm? For goodness sake, it's about to rain and you are still not at home. You better get over your obsession with mythical creatures and start using your brain."Of course, I'm being scolded. I could feel the anger in his voice, he sounded furious. I dare not answer him stupidly, I have to think and select my choice of words –I ain't ready to be grounded for a week. "I'm sorry, Dad. Immediately you hang up I will be on my way home"I just can't wait for him to end this call. "you better sit your *ss down. Your mom and I are on our way to pick you up". He hangs up. Oh yeah, behind those anger I can still feel his love and concern. I was almost carried away by my thoughts before coming back to reality. I looked at the book I was reading, and I felt the urge to continue but this isn't the right time. I closed the book, carried it, and walked to the shelf from where I took it to put it back. This library is so silent it feels as if I'm the only one here. I remember meeting some people here, is it that they all left? But how come I didn't even know? Someone must still be here –I strolled around the library trying to see if I could find someone else. No one is here, it's just me in this big space. I just realized how late it is. Why would anyone still be here? In my three years of coming here, I've never stayed this late, which made today different. I sluggishly walked back to my seat, sudden fear engulfs me, and I feel uneasy; something is just not right. I bent my elbow to check the time –it was already midnight. It is over 30 minutes and my parents are still not here, why haven't they arrived yet? I begin to panic, the storm is also getting heavier. I picked up my phone to call my dad. I dialed his number but it didn't go through, the phone is unreachable. There's no way I'm sitting here silently if I have to wait for them I better go wait for them outside. I quickly arranged my bag, I made sure everything was intact before leaving. I walked out of the library at a fast pace, and only then I realized how strong the storm was. Thank God for my weight. If not, I won't be able to resist this storm from blowing me off the ground. I got outside and decided to wait for my parents there. There was a sudden gust of wind and some light flashing toward me from a distance. I raised my hand over my face to stop the dust and lights from entering my eyes.The lights came closer, and only then I could see it was a black SUV approaching me. The black SUV finally gets to where I am. Thank God, it's my parents. I hurriedly rushed to the left side of the car and opened the door to get in, Let's go, I said with a wide smile on my face–of course, I'm glad both my parents arrived safely but something is still not right, I can feel danger lurking around or maybe I'm just overthinking. There was a long silence, silence so deafening that if a mosquito passed by, we could easily hear the flapping of its little wings. Umm, I can sense anger around, it seems like my parent's anger hasn't subsided a bit. No wonder they ain't talking to me–No parent would like their children to endanger themself, especially not because of irrelevant things. How do I even start explaining that my interest in mythical creatures is something important to me? Something like a force draws me to know more about these creatures. I have to do something to get my parents to talk. I know just what to do."something is burning, can't you two smell it?""Burning? I can't smell anything"My mom answered with a weird look on her face. The husband and wife look at each other as if secretly conversing with one another. Seems like they've got an idea of what I'm trying to do. "How can you smell it when you are the ones burning with anger " I bloated out. "You both refuse to talk to me, that's not fair. I know I'm wrong for staying late but it wasn't intentional. Mom! Dad! I'm sorry." I quickly apologized while making some cute faces and puppy eyes. I know entirely well this action will melt their heart, which it did. My parents looked at me with smiling faces, they've always shown me so…much affection that I consider them my God.Their love towards me is unconditional, I would trade my life for their happiness if I have to.We drove smoothly and chit-chatted on the way until we reached the road leading to Glyn. Confusion spreads on our faces as we look at the giant trees that have fallen on the road. If only I could see the future I would have persuaded Dad to take the other route even if it's longer. Instead of this short and lonely path, now see the mess we are in. We sat in the car, contemplating the next step to take. Suddenly, there was an outburst of rain; the rain that has been hiding under the pretext of this storm. At least, it wanted to warn everyone before pouring heavily. My family and I just happen to be caught in it. " I think we should go back and find a nearby hotel to stay for the night. The road is blocked and the rain is getting heavier."My mom suggested. That was a good idea, so we all decided to go back. About to move we heard a loud banging on the cars-top "What was that?" my dad asked with a puzzled and serious look on his face. "I don't know what that is. Let's get down to check it out." my mom said. Mom and Dad got out of the car and headed to the front to see what caused that sound. Suddenly, a vicious creature or rather a beast –I don't even know what that is, was standing in front of them. This creature had glowing yellow eyes, razor-sharp claws at the tips of its fingers and toes, and fangs so large that it could tear the thickest of skins in seconds. Its appearance was that of a ferocious wolf. We all began to shiver and tremble in fear. Our minds went blank instantly. I could feel my stomach sink in with fear. Its stares were so fierce that it could make anybody freeze in place –maybe that's why my parents stood there with wide mouths unable to move. I was expecting them to run even before they started thinking. This creature looked so familiar to me, I cracked my brain as I tried to recall where I had seen this particular creature. Oh yes, now I remember. This is the same creature I saw in the origin of the Werewolves I read earlier at the library. I was dumbstruck, my heart began to beat fast. My eyes widened. "A werewolf!" But how come? Is it that werewolves are still in existence and even living among humans because of their shape-shifting ability? Still contemplating the situation before me I heard a sudden scream, and blood splashed on the windscreen of the car I was in. "oh my…God!"

Chapter 2

bolted out of the car as I realized the monster was coming after me, next. I dashed into the woods and ran as fast as my feet could carry. The monster was right behind me, hot on my trail, definitely using his supernatural speed to catch up with me. But, surprisingly, I was faster than him. The forest was narrow and foggy dark. I couldn't see the part I was running into and stumbled over broken branches and twigs. Whenever that happens I'm forced to slow down my pace, I turn around to check if the monster had already caught up but, surprisingly he was still far behind. Weren't werewolves supposed to be fast? I wasn't even an athlete, I had hated sports right from high school, so how was I outrunning him? My thoughts were interrupted by something suddenly appearing in front of me and I stumbled on my feet, falling flat to the rough ground. The wolf walked up to me, his face was half-shaped in a wolf and human form. I had


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