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My Life Is mine, Not Yours

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My life has not been mine especially because I'm adopted. Everybody wants something from me and everybody wants me to just give as they demand. Life for me is not fair, I know that my mother always wanted a boy instead of a girl but the agency only. had me. All my life I had to pretend I was someone else just to make her happy but now...I'm finally 21 and ready to leave and live my life. Find who I am or should I say what I am. Continue reading to find out more about Leslie and what she has become.

Chapter 1

"Please, let me out. I didn't do it, Mother, please you have to believe me" I cried, begged, and screamed to be released from the closet she left me in because her beloved necklace when missing.

"Leslie my child, I know you wanted that necklace since the day I got it. You wanted to sell it so you can leave with some extra cash, don't you? You repulsive little rat" Mother spat venom with every word she said, it hurt. Every word that woman has ever said hurt more and more because I love her. She is my mother after all.

"Please Mother it wasn't me" Did I mention that I hate small spaces and the dark? As a child mother had a tendency to leave me in this closet for hours at a time as my time out. I hadn't done anything but she would find an excuse to put leave me here. Every time I was left here, I could go out to eat or drink water. Once she forgot me there and I went two days without water or food, it was cold and I felt like I was dying.

"Leslie, tell me where my necklace is and I will release you. You know my dear that I keep my word" she said banging and screaming at the door that separated us. "I don't know, please let me out, I hate it in here...PLEASE!" As I yelled I felt this pain. My body was hot as if I was boiling from the inside. I screamed at the pain I felt, every single bone in my body felt like it would break if I dared to move a small bit.

"Leslie honey I know you want to get out but that is no way to talk to me. I demand respect, this is my house and if it wasn't for my husband you wouldn't be here you beggar!" as I started to hear how she was struggling to open the door I fell to the floor, crying in pain. This is too much for me, it hurts me...please.

'Leslie I need you to be strong, let me take control. I can help you leave this place' I got scared but with all this pain I obeyed and let go.

The growl was loud. What was that? could it be an animal? a dog maybe? or could it be, but...there are no wolfs here in Bay Spring, it's said that there have never been wolfs here. Mother liked this place because of that.

Growl, screams, begging for forgiveness, begging to be released. Who is that? My mind went dark, did I faint? Was I this weak? maybe mother was right. I will never be anything. She has given me everything I need to survive yet I wanted more but never told her, I think she could feel that I wanted more, and thars why she had me. Why was I so greedy?

Cold was all I felt once I woke up. why am I in the woods? the green grass and tall trees surrounding me were amazing I had never been here before. Mother told me to stay as far away as possible, this time she will actually kill me. But how did I get here, where am I? How did I get here? a strong wild pushed me to the ground. Splat...wet, what did I fall in? What is this, why is there blood on the floor? As I inspected the ground and myself...blood was all I could see. Everywhere, what happened last night? what happened to me and who was that I heard yesterday that made me so weak? Did that thing take over my body? The most important questing whose blood is this?

Chapter 2

Blood was all I could see, all I could smell. It had been years since that day, I still don't remember what happened. All I remember was waking up in the woods, cold and without clothes. Thinking mother would be mad when I got home because I didn't ask for permission or because I was covered with blood. But I was wrong once I got to the property the entry of the house and the inside of the house was a disaster, furniture was tossed around, walls covered with blood, hand prints and flesh decorating the walls and floors.

Panic, fear, and terror were what I felt once inside. What happened last night? what is the meaning of all this? where is my mother? did anything happen to her? Panic hit me hard once more as I realize the silence. I couldn't hear anything. Not her heels abusing the floor with every step she took, not her screams at the house cleaners because she thought they could have cleaned better.

"Mother...Mother, where are you?" I yelled wit


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