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Moonlit Fury

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Chaos. It has always been around, shimmering within the surface, waiting for someone or something to break the surface and set it free. And I just happened to be the perfect someone. I never meant to do it; it just sort of happened. Somehow, I had managed to set Sycamore free from the mental cage Sia had sentenced him to. And now, Ruarc’s surrender to his Lycan was also my fault. Honestly, taking the blame wasn’t going to change the fact that I have broken the surface. Chaos is here and I’m afraid it has come to stay.


"I want her dead."

These four words, spoken with chilling determination, sliced through the frigid air of the Icelands like a sharp blade. The speaker, Thjis, whose eyes were once filled with compassion, now harbored an unrelenting verdict that sent shivers through anyone who heard them. The desolate expanse of the Icelands seemed to respond to his words, as if the very land itself trembled in acknowledgment of the gravity of his command.

Amidst the aftermath of a lycan's rampage, Sia, a loyal subject, stood in the haunting silence, his heart heavy with dread. The king, Thjis, whose imposing figure was silhouetted against the moonlit snow, declared a fate that hung like a shadow over the desolation. "Dead, my king?" Sia questioned, his voice echoing the uncertainty that gripped his people in the wake of the calamity.

Thjis, unyielding in his gaze, affirmed the grim directive, "Aye, Sia. She has been nothing but a harbinger of darkness, and this calamity only solidifies her fate." The complex web of emotions tangled within Sia as he grappled with loyalty to his father and the connection, he shared with Crinka, the subject of Thjis's command.

Why me?" Sia questioned, seeking to unravel the motivations behind this grim directive. Thjis, still unwavering, explained, "I want you to kill her." The burden of responsibility weighed heavily on Sia's shoulders, torn between filial loyalty and the anguish of his own emotions.

Internally, Sia cursed. "Why me? I mean, if you want her dead so badly, you could have let Raja kill her."

"I want you to do it," Thjis reiterated firmly. "I could have sent any of your brothers, but you're the only one who knows that wolf. The only one who knows where she could be. Furthermore, I doubt any Icelander at the moment is in the right state of mind to take action after losing a loved one."

"I lost someone too!" Sia protested, his pain adding to the turmoil in his heart. Thjis dismissively retorted, "A wh*r* you never appreciated doesn't count," further deepening the emotional abyss between father and son. The gravity of the situation pressed on, and Sia sought a glimmer of mercy. "Now, as I was saying, her presence here has unleashed this carnage. The she-wolf has brought death upon our kind and those who served our kind. Her continued existence threatens our very survival."

"Raja killed those people, not her," Sia argued, desperately searching for a glimmer of mercy.

Thjis's eyes bore into Sia's, a storm of turmoil hidden within their depths. "She is the sole reason that lycan got full control in the first place," Thjis explained. "She had no right to spoil the season for us. Now, instead of enjoying the festivities like we are supposed to, we are outside burying our dead. I could have them brought back to life, but I can't do that with your cousin here."

Sia understood the gravity of the situation but couldn't shake the pain in his heart. "I understand, but she carried my child. Is there no path that leads to mercy?"

Thjis's expression remained steadfast, his verdict final. "The only means to safeguard the Icelands and its secrets is her demise. Once she's dead, bring her body back so that we can be sure."

"We?" Sia inquired, a hint of curiosity creeping into his voice.

"The elders," Thjis clarified. "Thanks to you and that she-wolf, I would have to make a trip to the House of Ruins to explain what happened."

"You don't owe them anything, Father," Sia argued, perhaps seeking a way to lighten the burden placed upon him.

Thjis's voice hardened. "Don't," he snarled. "It's true I don't owe them anything, but I would not risk the wrath of the House because of you. Do not return, if her body is not in a bag."

Sia's pleas fell on deaf ears as his father's determination remained unshaken. "Father…" he began, but was swiftly cut off.

"Call me that one more time, and I'll rip out your tongue," Thjis threatened, his resolve unwavering. "Now, go out there, hunt down that wolf, kill her, and bring her body to me."

Chapter 1

All I had to do was drive a stake through her heart and it would be all over.

Father wouldn’t have to make the trip. The burden on our heads would be gone, and things would go back to being normal.

The only disadvantage of her death, would be mine, and that of our son.

Our son.

I don’t want him to die, but he has to. I had to choose, and I chose her.

But what does it matter now? I have been asked to kill her, and it would be treason on my path if I let her live.

My weapon was sharpened, and all I had to do was kill her and be done with it. A slit at her throat or a stab to her heart. She wouldn’t see it coming, my blade, not when she’s fast asleep at the sweetheart garden, the moon casting a soft glow over her peaceful face.

It’s funny that she can sleep so peacefully after the stunt she pulled. I envied her for a moment, envied her ability to sleep despite the shit that was happening around her.

I jumped down from the horse, landing o


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