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Mate Bound

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Elizabeth had a chance encounter with her life mate. Finally, he had succeeded in totally moving her skirt out of the way so it was bundled at her waist. She felt his hands slipping under her underwear and pushing it away. The damp silk slipped down her legs to pool gracelessly at her feet. Mr. Tall and Dark used the opportunity to grab her *ss in earnest. He groaned low in his throat as he caressed handfuls of her derriere. She continued to push futilely on his chest. The wolves trusted fate and believed their fate was sealed by their goddess. Considering how they found their mates, that made sense. They believed any human dropped into their lap was destined to be mated to a wolf. In their opinion, why else would Luna have sent them that human? Abused and Taken, will there be any hope left for Her? After many escapades, a mysterious event occurred. BOUND TO MY MATE is a 35 part steamy werewolf erotica series. Enjoy the ride....


Cheryl-Ann Porter

Review after the novel completion

A little confusing. Is this a compilation of all the works of one Author or the works of many? There is not a Supernatural Species that is nor covered and it goes through every human emotion imaginable also. Some of the stories were thoroughly entertaining, some felt unfinished and some were just plain disturbing. I wonder what the idea of lumping so many story lines together was about. I like the werewolf stories and was introduced to many other supernatural in this series so possibly opening up my reading choices for the future.

April 1, 2024

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