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Kill Us All

Kill Us All

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Five high school teenagers that avoided school excursion, found themselves fighting a ghost that was awakened from it's cell. Amanda tried to stop her friends from getting into such danger but things got worse when her father was murdered by the killer ghost. Fosterland was endangered and were scared but a single mother and a cop, happened to become the savior of the teenagers and Fosterland but in the quest of doing so, she has to put the lives of her two boys at risk. Jake and Jane took the fate and the once peaceful city of Fosterland was crowned with death.

First Take

Elsa heard a knock on the door while she was busy watching the dishes

“Mom someone is at the door” she said loudly and kept cleaning the dishes.

The knock came more loudly again and again and Elsa groaned. She peeped into the dinning, rubbing off the foams on her hands with a rag.

When she noticed that nobody is at the dinning, she headed towards the door, packing her hair with a yellow bow,

“Mom?” she called again as she was walking to the door.

“Everybody leaves without telling anybody” she sighs when she heard no reply.

She opened the door and saw a girl about her sixteen with a brown uncombed hair and a sharp brown eyes standing in front of her.

Elsa smiled to her and said.


She was carrying a box of chocolate with both hands. Her beautiful eyes were staring steadily at Elsa’s face.

“Want some chocolates?” she asked Elsa. Her hands were shaking slowly but her legs were steady, her skin is very white and weak. The white shoe she is wearing has no single stain on it.

“Hey! You the chocolate girl?” she smiled to her but she did not reply the smile.

“Want some chocolates?” she asked again.

“Yes off course..I …I think I have some money with me” she chuckled, struggling to bring out some money from the pocket of the blue jean trouser she was wearing.

“Want some chocolates?” she asked her again. She stared at her and forced out the money.

“Yea…here” she smiled, handing the money to the girl. She looked at the money on Elsa’s hand and returned her stare back to Elsa’s face without touching the money. Though her hands were occupied but she never even made an attempt to take the money.

“Want some chocolates?” she asked again.

Elsa was startled by the three words she kept saying.

“I guess I should take the chocolates first before paying right?” she asked and peeped at her face, aiming for the box she was carrying with a smile on her face.

Slowly, she opened the box and grabbed one chocolate from it.

“I think this is all my money can afford” she said and stared at the girl.

“Want some chocolates?” she mimicked her with a chuckle and took a bite.

After the bite, she saw herself in the kitchen she was in before the girl knocked. The dishes she was watching was scattered on the floor and boxes of chocolate scattered all over the kitchen. She looked around her and noticed something on her hand. She lifted her hand and saw the pack of chocolate she took a bite from. She kept wondering what was really happening but she couldn’t say it out.

“What the fuck” was all she could say.

While she was still wondering what was really going on, she began to hear some loud clatters in the kitchen. The clattering became louder and Elsa’s ear began to bleed. She screamed painfully and closed her ears when she noticed that she was bleeding from both ears.

The clattering stopped at a moment and footsteps began to walk up and down the kitchen, both on the ceiling and on the walls.

It was as if Chucky was coming.

The footstep was walking faster and it seemed like thousands of people were running in one room. Elsa kept turning around following each footstep. She was very terrified.

Suddenly, she began to hear a voice asking her “Want some chocolates?” repeatedly.

As she was turning around, she saw the same chocolate girl sitting a wooden stool besides the door, staring steadily at her with her beautiful eyes.

“Hey! What are you doing here? What happened?” she asked, moving closer to her.

She jumped down from the stool and was moving closer to Elsa as she was also going closer to her. Her eyes turned red and blood was gushing out from her mouth slowly. Elsa, scared, stopped approaching her and instead, she was going backward step after step after she saw a sharp butcher knife in her hand.

“What are you doing? What…what is wrong with you?” she asked with tremble.

Her footstep was scarier than his mindset.

“Want some chocolates?” she asked with an ugly frown, getting closer to Elsa.

As Elsa was going backward, staring at the chocolate girl, a noise from the dish sink distracted her. Scared, she turned immediately and looked towards the sink but didn’t see anything.

Before she could turn her eyes back to the chocolate girl, she has already arrived to her feet and raised up the knife for a stab.

“Want some chocolates?”

Before Elsa could release a yell or scream, the knife has been buried in her chest, though it didn’t touch her breasts.

Elsa, breathing fast, looked at the knife buried in her chest and coughed out blood from her mouth. She raised her eyes and noticed that the boxes in the kitchen are all gone and the scattered dishes were arranged well before the sudden trauma. Everything was normal again.

She was also holding the chocolate she took a bite from.

“What’s that noise Elsa?” her mother said as she was arriving the kitchen.

She was scared of the sight she saw in the kitchen.

“El….oh my god” she screamed out loudly and rushed down to the floor.

Elsa was still lying on the floor of the kitchen with the knife standing on her chest and some amount of blood soaked on her blue singlet.

“Somebody help!!!” she screamed again.

“Wha…what happened sweetheart?” she cried and placed Elsa on her laps.

“Mom..A girl…a girl at the door” she breaths fast, pointing towards the door.

Her mother looked at the door immediately.

“What girl? No! somebody help me!!!” she screamed again, holding Elsa’s hand as she was busy breathing heavily.

Tears were dropping down her mother’s eyes.

“The choc..chocolate girl at the door” she stammered slowly, trying to hold on for a while.

“There’s nobody at the door sweetheart, you have been in this kitchen all this while”

“No I came out” she groaned and coughed.

“I didn’t see you come out, I was right in the dinning”

“No you were not…you” she stopped talking, shuddered, gave up the ghost and rested her head on her mother’s arm.

After some interrogation from the cops, it was announced that a teenage girl of eighteen named Elsa committed a suicide while washing dishes in the kitchen. It went viral in the whole city of Fosterland.

Some believed what the news reported and some didn’t.

Some said that she was possessed by a spirit in the kitchen and she killed herself with the influence of the spirit.

Some school mates gossiped that her boyfriend broke up with her, she remembered while washing the dishes and killed herself with the knife she was about to wash.

Others said that she was playing with a knife in the kitchen, maybe she was practicing some moves she saw in a movie. Scott Adkins maybe.

When her ex-boyfriend who is a psychopath and a nerd, heard about Elsa’s death, she had a sudden brain attack. Although, he is an addicted druggist.

“What killed her is coming for me” he kept saying.

Amanda was packing some of her clothes in her back-pack and was watching the news in her room. She was wearing a blue jean short and a black sweater.

“Sweetheart!” her dad interrupted, peeping through the door.

“Dad” she smiled and continued packing the clothes.

“Are you packing?”

“It’s an excursion but I will cancel myself out from it when I get to school. I just…just need to be…you know”

“Yeah I understand” he said with a sigh.

“You can go if you want, you know I can’t stop you and I can’t tell you what to do too”

“Dad come on, it will be a boring trip”

“Aren’t going with your friends? It should be fun”

“You want me to go?”

“I can’t tell you what to do, I will only suggest what you will like…perhaps”

“OK dad” Amanda smiled to her.

“Yeah, I got a package to deliver. See you tonight…Bye” she smiled back and left. Amanda sighed and focused on the television again.

“And ummm, invite Daniel for dinner too” she interrupted again.

“Okay Dad” Amanda replied. She smiled to her again and she returned the smile again and left again.

Amanda’s phone rang immediately. She dropped the last cloth in the back-pack and grabbed her phone.

“Amanda did you see the news?”

“I am seeing it”

“That shit is really scary, it just reminded me of ‘Nightmare of Elm Street’ and it got people talking about a lot of things”

“So it’s really real?”

“It’s freaking real. The chocolate girl and stuffs, it’s paranormal”

“What chocolate girl?” Amanda asked.

“The Elsa’s mother mentioned that. She said that her daughter mentioned about a chocolate girl who brought her chocolate. I thought you said you are watching the news?”

“I missed that part…that’s really a huge tragic”

“Whatever it is, let it stay very far away from me”

“Yeah it should”

“I wish so. Where are you at?” Jane asked Amanda.

“Home, packing and panicking” Amanda replied tiredly.

“Packing? I thought the excursion was cancelled? Maxine told me that it was cancelled”

“Fuck Maxine, it wasn’t”

“Am fucking serious, it was”

“Thank you God, I really don’t wanna go for that college excursion” Amanda breathed down slowly.

“It sucks” she grins

“Come on, meet us at Jonic store, we got somewhere to go, Jake got us a surprise”.

“Uhmmm! Surprise ya say? Is he horny again?”

“You think I can let him get me?”

“That’s what you said before I caught you banging on him under the stairs” Amanda chuckled softly.

“Oh! come on, I was high and you know that”

“Try not to get high this time”

“You coming or not?”

“I will be there” she hanged up the call and headed towards the door.

Amanda arrived at Jonic store and was welcomed by Jane who was wearing a pink short jean and a white armless shirt.

“You look pale, you okay?” she asked Amanda after a short stare.

“Yeah I’m fine, just a little stress”

“Stress? What is David doing? Doesn’t he know that he has a girlfriend?”

“Is he to be blamed for my stress? Will he be the one to run my errands for me? David is a busy guy” Amanda questioned, walking inside.

“He’s a boring boyfriend” Jane snickered.

“He’s not….let me be Jane” Amanda sighed and sat on the short couch in the old store. Amanda looked around the store with a strange stare.

The store was very old with old wooden counters and cobwebbed ceilings, cracking walls and rustling iron doors.

“What are you doing in this old store Jane? Where’s Jake…by the way” Amanda blinked.

“This is where legends meet, want some fries?” Jane replied, offering some fries in a blue fries cup she was holding.

“Where is Jake...Jane?” Amanda asked, staring at Jane with hands folded together and relaxed on her breast.

“Right behind you” Jane said slowly with an ugly smile on her face. Her long white combed hair packed in a pony style, rested on her shoulder. Amanda stared at her and looked behind immediately.

Jake and Fraser were behind her.

“Jesus Christ” Amanda panicked, looking at their eyes one after the other.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Did you miss me?” Fraser asked with a smile.

“She has a boyfriend” Jane scoffed.

“How….how long have you guys been here?” Amanda asked them.

“We just got in, there’s a back door” Jake replied, pointing at an old door behind them. Amanda was surprised because she didn’t see the door at first.

“Has this door been here all this while?” Amanda was startled.

“Yes…if I’m not mistaken”

“Are you high Ama? You,ve been acting weird since you started dating David, what’s up?” Fraser asked, walking past Amanda heading towards Jane.

Amanda sighed and looked at the half Korean dude with nicely combed black hair. She chuckled slowly and he smiled to her.

Amanda Is Warned

“Are you kidding me? Jane said…that Maxine said that the excursion was cancelled” Amanda said and looked at Jane who looked away immediately.

“What are you saying Amanda?” Fraser asked with an imperceptible scoff.

Jake looked at Jane who was busy picking her index fingernail with a toothpick she saved after eating her fries.

“What? It was our idea…by the way” she replied Jake and he blinked.

“I said after the excursion not before the excursion”

“I don’t wanna go to that dumb excursion too, I had no other choice too” Jane giggled.

“Okay…what is going on here?” Amanda was confused.

“Don’t be scared about what I’m about to say right now okay, just….’

“And why do I have to hear it from you Fraser? Jake what is going on here?’

“Look Amanda…..”

“Look Amanda, I’m the leader in this our little adventure okay, you don’t have to disrespect your leader”

“I knew you will say that, I was waiting for it”

“Jane!!!” Amanda shou


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