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Marcus growled, the taste of cinnamon and metal filling his mouth. He retracted his fangs from the neck of the dead man and dropped him with a thud. He licked the blood off his lip and grinned at the six who stood, watching him with horror stark in their features. “I told you,” He cooed, voice low and menacing as he inched forward, causing the burly six to retreat several steps backward. His smile stretched and his bloodied fangs gleamed in the soft light of the forest as he added, “I don’t forgive.” “W-what are you?” The biggest of the six stuttered, wide eyes darting to the dead body that lay by Marcus’s feet. Marcus ran a thumb across his red lips and popped the thumb into his mouth, sucking the rest of the blood from it. “Whatever frightens you.” Catch the story of Marcus Drake, a man who set out on a quest to grow stronger and avenge the death of his family at the hands of demon slayers. Little did he know, he was in for numerous surprises.


" Graaah!" Marcus groaned as blood splattered everywhere and all over him.

" Done!" he muttered as he dropped the last body he was holding and wiped his bloody mouth with the back of his bloody hand.

" I told you I don't forgive!" he said to the six burly men standing behind him...

The men shivered as they looked at each other and moved back with fear in their eyes.

" What the hell are you?!" the biggest of the six yelled, looking at the bloody scene in front of him with horror in his eyes.

They were on an outing to kidnap and hunt some young and weak schoolers but never in their life would they have thought they would be the one getting hunt instead!.

Marcus smirked as he took few steps toward them " Me? I'm a student, of course!" he said as he slashed his longest finger toward the biggest man and he fell back, lifeless.

" Ahhhh!" the others screamed in agony!

Marcus wasted no time in killing the rest and he looked at the bloody scene in front of him with excitement in his eyes.

" Yes! I'm MARCUS!" He cheered himself with a thundering laugh as his joy knew no bound.

He enjoyed killing his enemies this way as that was the only way to appease his anger and thirst.

" Marcus!"

Marcus was just about to savor the scene more when he heard his name being called and he panicked. he knew the voice well as the owner of the voice was the only friend he had in the whole of their school.

"Lake? Lake is coming this way!" he mumbled to himself as he thought of what to do to clear the ground he was standing on and more especially his bloody body and clothes!

He rushed down and came back to the scene " What do I do? what do I do?" he kept mumbling to himself as Lake's footsteps moved nearer and nearer to him.

" What do I do??"

He asked himself one last time and fell on his *ss. " I'm going to get caught..." He concluded.

This was his fourth year in school and he had been hiding it really well from his school mate so that he could live his life as a common human and not get pushed aside or criticized for being a monster as humans would call whatever that is different from them a monster.

Lake walked closer and closer to him " Marcus! where are you?!" he shouted again when he was just a tree away from Marcus as the tree was covering Marcus away from him.

Lake was getting bothered. He had been searching for a while now but Marcus was yet to be found and he wondered if any of their school mate already picked on him again.

Marcus was known as the weakest among all his mates and many would always bully him and use him to test their powers too but Lake stopped that when he got to know him and choose him as a friend. " I'm going to protect you. " Lake would always promise Marcus sincerely as he was one of the strongest in the school.

School of Warriors was a school every 17 years old sons and daughters of Aran must attend for the future of Aran as they would be brought up and trained to live the rest of their lives as Aran warriors and protectors.

The strongest would be chosen and the weakest would get picked on by the stronger ones and this had always been the rule of School of warriors.

It was just a four years training and Marcus was at the last year as he had successfully spent four years, hiding his powers and going through hell to survive the bullying of the strongest ones.

" I shouldnt have let him go alone!" Lake scolded himself bitterly as his eyes were getting red with anger and regret.

Marcus had only excused himself that he wanted to get some sticks they would use to cook their meal for the evening as they both were hungry and couldn't wait for the dinner the school would share later at night.

" I should have gone with him... Marcus!" Lake shouted again as he hit the big tree with his fist!

" I'm here!"

Marcus small voice rang out from behind the tree as he staggered forward and fell on his stomach!

Lake looked down and was shocked to see the bloody Marcus on the ground! he frozed for a while as he looked at the person he had vowed to protect covered in blood...

" Mar... Mae... Marcus...?" He called as he bent down and raised Marcus's head...

" Lake... I'm... I'm... fine... I only got wounded in my arm." Marcus managed to say as he pulled up his big top and showed his deeply cut arm to Lake and Lake widened his eyes in both fear, anger and confusion

" Who did this?!" his angry tone alerted Marcus and he scrunched his nose.

" An animal." he replied.

" Animal?! how come? how?"

" I was only searching for the sticks when I saw a bloody scene in front of me and I screamed! there were bodies all over the floor and... I was so scared that I slumped and then... an animal... an animal jumped on me and fought with me...

I would be dead by now if not for you that shouted my name and it ran off." Marcus lied and closed his eyes, pretending to be resting but that was only after he had covered his hand which was slowly healing because he had wounded it with his own poisonous nails to hinder the fast healing.

Lake looked around but there was no animal around but the danger in his eyes would have sent all animals away if they were even around because he was ready to kill them all for hurting his friend!.

" Please... take me to.. my dorm. " Marcus pleaded, his heart beating hard for the fear that Lake might see through his lies.

Chapter 2 FEAR

The walk back to the dorm was silent as many things were running through Lake's mind and Marcus too was a bit disturbed.

Lake might have believed him now because he trusted him and knew his capability but if the word spread,  his parents would surely know the truth and they would be saddened again.

The only thing that always bothered him whenever he satisfied his blood thirsty nature was the fear that his parents would get to know about it and he knew how scared his parents were...

His father and mother were both humans and his younger brother was a human too. So, Marcus  always wondered why their first son was a demon when they were humans and the fear that they might dispose him or kill him due to fear one day kept him sane whenever he was with his parents.

" I know they love me." He would always say because he knew that was the pure truth but... human mind could change at anytime, especially when it comes to a demon son!.

" I&#


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