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The Vampire Who Wants Me

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Dylan's life changed when a transfer student named Brian joined his circle on campus. What was once a gray area for Dylan suddenly became clear. He realized he was becoming attracted to Brian. Love blossomed, and unexpectedly, the beautiful beginning unveiled many bitter truths along Dylan and Brian's journey of love.

Chapter 1

Dylan's POV

"I need your blood, Dylan!"

'WHAT?!' I screamed inside my head, staring in disbelief at Brian, who was grinning under the moonlight. This should have been a beautiful night since we had just become a couple.

"What do you mean, Brian? Blood? What kind of blood?" I asked, my face still showing confusion as I tried to decipher Brian's statement.

"I want to make love while drinking your blood, so... I need your blood," Brian replied casually, his handsome face now feeling more menacing.

"Don't joke around, Brian! This is not funny at all. What kind of movie did you watch that made you say such weird things?"

Brian flashed a crooked smile, then moved closer to me, pulling my hips toward him. We were now just inches apart, and I could see that his skin was unusually pale, different from what I had always seen.

"I'm not joking; I'm serious. You need to know who I really am, Dylan! I've been holding back all this time, but your scent is too strong, and it's making me crave your blood..."

I became even more confused, furrowing my brow. Robert's hand gently caressed my face, his gaze wild and intense.

"You're the sweetest guy who's ever captured my heart. I'm sure your blood will taste incredibly sweet and fresh. I won't take too much, just a little, please, Dylan."

Brian's words sent shivers down my spine. Unintentionally, my eyes wandered to his slightly open lips.


I pushed Brian away until I fell backward. I wasn't mistaken! What I saw behind Brian's lips were indeed fangs.


I screamed, my voice echoing through the forest. A sense of dread began to creep over me.

Brian chuckled and approached me again. His hands, unnaturally white, reached out to help me stand. I could feel his ice-cold skin; it was far from what a human's should be.

Brian held my chin and gave me a kiss on the lips. I wanted to resist, but fear and my love for him combined, leaving me powerless as his lips passionately met mine.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to introduce my tongue into the kiss, he broke it.

"D*mn! Stop all this nonsense, Brian! You're ruining everything! From stopping this car in the middle of the forest to now playing games that make no sense! Do you even love me? I don't want to be some miserable gay guy falling in love with a psycho!"

I said firmly.

"I love you. But, as I said, your body's scent is too tempting, and it's making it hard for me to stop myself from taking a little of your blood."

Brian's answer left me hanging and confused. Why did this d*mn London boy have such a thing for blood?

"I gotta go! You're becoming more and more irrational, Brian. Forget what happened tonight," I said as I walked toward the car. I was too tired and disappointed to be caught up in the drama he had created.

However, Brian quickly held me back, pulling me towards him again.

"I'm a vampire."

One sentence that made me roll my eyes. It seemed like he had a fetish for blood and an ambition to be Edward Cullen.

"Well, okay then. If that's the case, we can go to my house. Luckily, my parents are out today. We're free to watch Edward Cullen and make love when he sees Bella Swan's blood. Deal?"

I flashed a sweet smile and nodded.

"I'm serious, Dylan!" Brian said, his face tense, his eyes piercing as he stepped back, releasing me from his embrace.

"Look at this," he said.

In an instant, Brian's body moved backward and returned to its original position. Fear and worry began to creep over me. I didn't respond; I just stood there frozen.

"If you still don't believe, then I'll show you something else interesting."

Brian looked toward a tree branch above my head, and suddenly, the branch broke and fell. I instinctively covered my head and crouched, screaming in panic.

"Open your eyes," Brian said. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw that the branch was in his hand. Something that a regular human couldn't have done because the branch was quite large.

"See? Now, do you believe?" Brian asked, looking at me intensely.

I'm speechless. Was he really a vampire? I wasn't dreaming, right?

"I'm being honest. I'm a vampire. I won't hurt you. I've been trying to restrain myself, but when I saw that you are the true love of my life, my desire to drink your blood became so strong, and it's hard for me to control it. But I'm aware. You must be scared and think I'm a psycho. I don't want to hurt you, Dylan. Now that you know the truth, I won't force you. You can go and forget all of this if that's what you want. I guess we can't be together," Brian said, his gaze distant and his tone filled with regret.

I didn't know, but this all seemed like Brian's sincerity. However, he was the first man who made me acknowledge and be honest with everyone about my sexual orientation.

"Hey, listen to me. You'll always be my love. I'll share a little of my blood with you," I said loudly.

Brian immediately lifted his face and looked at me with a beaming smile. It was quite strange to see this pale vampire looking so happy, like a child getting a new toy.

"Really, Dylan?"

I took a deep breath and said again, "Yes, Brian. Drink my blood."

Brian hugged me tightly, and I could feel his happiness. Whether this was a mistake or not, one thing was clear: I just wanted to make him happy. Besides, what's wrong with a vampire drinking the blood of a handsome man?

Chapter 2

Three months ago...

Dylan's POV


The alarm ringing woke me up. When my eyes opened, it was already 8 o'clock in the morning.


I immediately jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. I had an exam at the university today, and it was scheduled for half-past eight. Of course, I was almost late.

"Dylan Leonardo Smith! What are you doing?! Get up quickly!"

I raised my face from inside the bathroom and saw Jennifer Hyerin White, a.k.a my mother, standing with her arms crossed in front of my bedroom door.

"Yes! I'm up, Mom!" I shouted, my face covered in soap.

"Rinse your foolish face and have breakfast right away!"

I gave her a thumbs-up and watched my mom walk out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Ten minutes later, I was ready, wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans. I didn't for


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