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The One Who Takes Her Away

The One Who Takes Her Away

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Her kingdom loves her kind harem, but she always wants more. When she finds a mysterious man in a leather jacket outside the palace walls she knows that he is what she is looking for. Dying to have him she tries him out for one night. Her Harem isn't happy she didn't tell them about him first and some begin to fight for her attention. By dominating her in the room until she is happy again. With all the love and the jealousy what could possibly go wrong for her? Who could possibly be on the move to kill her?

Chapter 1

I love my people. And my people love me. It's just how it is. Hell they didn't even bat an eye when I said I would be taking multiple husbands. I took Sable in first. A blonde player that made me fall in love with the idea of having him. He has other girlfriends too but I had him first so that's all that matters to me.

Next was Hannah, she used to go from one guy to the next but she has always been loyal to me. God her hands could work magic. She has another boyfriend but I really don't care for him. But he makes her happy too so I smile through it. Especially when she begs and simply says "You know I'm yours at heart though Mommy. Only yours."

Later I got Jake, fluffiest hair in the world!. First one to take my ability to walk and make me beg. Me! A brat! Yet only he can make me listen to him no matter what.

In my world there are only two places you can be:

The Lands of the Holy Angels. Where we mourn the passing of the goddess of love Goddess Luna.

The Lands of the Dark Ones. The demons who celebrate the passing of the goddess of love.

I am 'Anela. Princess of the Lands of the Holy Angels. I mean my name literally means Angel. My mother always reassured the people I was the perfect queen for the people, but the people had been fright when they said I wasn't full angel. My dad was a grandson to a demon. So my Great Grandpa married an angel, they gave birth to a half breed, who married and angel who had a barely demon child. When a child is born they are assigned an animal depending on their descendants. Prey for the angels and predators for the demons. I was locked in my room to only see my parents until the animal left me when I turned 10. Every animal leaves a child when theh hit 10 unless the child is repeatedly hurt by others.

I had a wolf. I was a true queen to the Demons because I was heir to both thrones. My dad should have taken rule of them but he passed it to his brother who has no kids. But I was forced to choose the side that kisses everyone's ass. The demons are hotter, and the ones that are trouble are always in leather and that is fucking hot. Not to mention, they are way into BDSM. Which is what I have always wanted since I found out about it. But enough about me, let's start the real story of why the hell I'm in the wrong Kings bed.


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