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Love is a beautiful thing, a battlefield of souls wanting, needing and conquering all odds to get to where they are at peace most, home. It's a series of puzzle pieces scattered all over with only one goal, to be found and united to be complete. Love is a journey, beautiful, adventurous, fulfilling and worthy. But like all journeys, it is not always smooth all the way. There are challenges, pitfalls, wanting but not reaching, needing but not getting, disappointments... But, is it all worth trying? Love is a bad idea, but we let it happen because it is then we really begin to live. This journey is about a group of friends, united by the result of love. A wedding, the first same s*x wedding in the country after a very brutal series of events. Isabelle Turner together with her wife Shay Johnson join her highschool best friend Crissy James to celebrate her wedding with the first famous LGBTQ author, Bette Richards. Two couples driven by a common goal and a friendship going beyond barriers. Together they act as a guide for a young love between two young and lost souls, brought together by fate. One running from herself, the other one not but unsure if this love is the right thing for her family. It is as captivating as it is emotional. Will the love conquer? Regardless, it's a journey worth taking.

Chapter 1

She woke up with a yawn and a contented stretch then sat up. Mickey rose up from his own bed on the floor wagging his tail in excitement. There was no one else in the room and even though she had known there wouldn't, she was still a little disappointed. Warm cuddly mornings were what she wished to have every morning but over the past week, she had been waking up to an empty bed, empty room and empty house except for Mickey who was always so happy to see her. The only thing she always looked forward to was the note that never missed a day by the bedside table. Neatly folded and a little perfume applied. That was always the signature and just like all the other days, it was there. She shook her head and smiled. Who still wrote perfumed letters or even letters in general? Them.

It was a habit they had adapted when they realized that their different jobs weren't going to be adjustable everyday. Sometimes Izzie would have to go to work early in the morning and sometimes Shay would work late into the night. They had started leaving notes for each other to make sure their affection wasn't affected at all. Izzie had become extra busy over the last week and so the notes had come more frequently.

She stretched her hand and took it, unfolded it then read the message silently. It was some minutes to nine in the morning. She had slept two extra hours but that was only because she had worked late. She got up, brushed her teeth and washed her face then headed to the kitchen where she made breakfast. Instead of eating, she packed it to go. The next thing she did was to take a shower then dressed up and after feeding Mickey and leashing him, she left for town whistling a melodious tune.

Two years and some months down the

line, the love she had found was still as strong as it first was. Izzie was still the woman of her dreams. Not that she had expected it to change but so many relationships had started like theirs, strong, full of love and affection, making love everyday but most of them lasted for just a few months. Theirs was exceptional. In fact it was like they fell in love more and more each day which was a great feeling. They were building their empire slowly but were getting there.

Some minutes later, she drove up to the company's garage and parked next to Izzie's car. It was just a few months old and among the gifts she had gotten for her on their second year anniversary. She took her bag with breakfast and walked towards the entrance of the rapidly growing company. T&J was it's logo, standing for Turner and Johnson. She hadn't done anything to deserve the ownership of the title but Izzie had requested it to be like that. Who wouldn't want to be associated with their lover? Definitely not her, she had agreed and seeing her name there was always a wonderful feeling. She stepped in and headed towards the manager's office. No one stopped her since they all knew who she was. When she got to the door, she stopped for a moment remembering that she hadn't told Izzie that she would be stopping by. There wasn't anything wrong with surprising her wife though, right?

"Knock, knock!" she called out but there wasn't any answer. She twisted the handle and pushed the door open. There was no one in sight, the desk was empty and the office too quiet. She frowned and was about to panic when she realized that she didn't have any reason to. Perhaps she was in a meeting, or had gone to the restrooms. She decided to go next door which was their friend, Kaylee's office and ask of her whereabouts. She however decided to leave the breakfast on the desk. After placing it there and was about to leave, she saw her.

There she was, lying on the office couch, a beautiful picture to behold. Watching Izzie sleep was amongst the things she enjoyed doing most. She was like an angel, sleeping beautifully and peacefully like a baby. She smiled then went over to her.

"Wake up sunshine," she said and kissed her on the forehead. She might have been fast asleep but the light touch was enough to wake her up. She opened her eyes and blinked. "You are really overworking of late. You don't even get much sleep."

"Baby, is that you?" she asked in a sleepy voice. "I hope I am not dreaming."

Shay chuckled then kissed her again but

lingered a little, "Does that feel like a dream?"

"Do it again, just to be sure I am

not dreaming," Izzie replied sneakily which made both of them laugh.

"Do you want to be inappropriate in your work place?" Shay raised an eyebrow.

"It's a good thing I am the boss. I get to decide everything even if it is kissing my wife or even making love to her."

"Ooh, she sounds like a really cool boss."

Izzie laughed, "Yes she is." Then, "God I

have missed waking up to you and with you. This whole week has felt endless."

"Tell me about it. I hope it's the only time we will ever be that apart."

"Once the wedding is over, things will be different. I'm only working double to make up for the days we will be gone."

"Are you excited?"

"Excited, nervous... That combo is driving me nuts."

"Why are you nervous? Is there

something I should know about you and her?" she asked not really sure why she had asked that. It wasn't like she hadn't believed the whole story Izzie had told her about their days back in highschool. Maybe it was just curiosity to know what kind of a person this Crissy James was? She had sounded so mysterious. When the invitation to the wedding had come, she hadn't expected it to be for both of them but it had not only been that but also a special invite, not for Izzie but for both of them. And a very unusual request. Well on her part it was because who the hell requested someone they didn't know to be a part of the bridesmaids? At least she knew Izzie from back then but she hadn't even met her. They were going to meet for the first time the day after tomorrow.

"I know what you are thinking,"

Izzie said.

"Do you now?" she sat down

beside her.

"CJ never even once looked at me in that way. To her and to me, I was very straight. At least we both thought so, until you came along."

"So, I corrupted you?"

"Yes you did, but in a good way."

Shay smiled then went on, "Anyway, I wasn't even thinking about that. I'm thinking of the fact that she requested even me to be a part of her inner circle. She doesn't even know me and suddenly she wants me to be a bridesmaid on her side. Who does that?"

"And you think that she has got something under her sleeve?" Izzie laughed then went on when she nodded, "Honestly, I don't know why she did that. Maybe she is trying to be friendly. Doesn't want you to feel left out. I don't know, just try to be positive."

"I am trying Izz," I just hope she doesn't have any ulterior motives because I swear to God I will kill her with my bare hands."

"Somebody is jealous and territorial," Izzie teased with a laugh.

"'No!" she replied defensively which made Izzie laugh loudly. She herself didn't know why she was feeling like this all of a sudden. CJ was getting married for heaven's sake. How could she want her girl while she was already making a life commitment to another. Her wedding was the talk of every show. It never failed to be highlighted in every hour of the news broadcast. There was nothing surprising with that because yeah, it would be the first ever same s*x wedding to be held in the whole country. It was the talk of every minute, especially now that it was just a week away. Every turn they made, the senator's daughter is getting married to another woman.

"Hey, it's not a bad thing," Izzie said rubbing lightly on her thigh. "I love that you are like that and you love me that much. It's a beautiful feeling to know that someone is willing to fight for me, for our love. I just want you to trust me, okay? I understand baby, I know I would also be jealous but this," she took her hand and placed it on her chest where her heartbeats drummed. "Hear that?" she nodded. "It beats for you, this day and until my last breath. I love you Shay and no one is ever taking me away from you."

"I wouldn't even let anyone try."

"So, do you trust me?"

"With my life mi amor."

"So, relax and let's go make this

wedding that will remain pasted in history a success. Take it as an honor to be among the people who will make history, something that will be remembered even long after we are gone."


"Good," she turned and looked at her desk. "Now that that's settled, I have been burning to ask, is that by any chance waffles dipped in chocolate syrup-"

"And a left over messy burger laced with a huge amount of mayo? Yes, you got it," she finished for her. "Our breakfast. I thought that we could eat together today before we go shopping for the rest of the things we are going to need."

Izzie laughed loudly, "My God, we have the weirdest and unhealthiest eating habits. I love us." She got up and took the bag with the meal and some paper plates she always kept in the office for days like this one then served equally. "But some day, we are going to drop dead."

"I don't mind, as long as we drop together." She took her first bite and once she had swallowed, she asked, "Is there a specific time we need to observe when going there?"

"There is the rehearsal dinner and apparently it's supposed to take place on Sunday so, we need to be there by seven in the evening."

"Good time."

"Did you speak to Maggie, is she going to be joining us?"

Shay shook her head, "No, little Bruce needs her full attention especially now that he isn't feeling so well. The babysitter won't be available then. She is okay with us taking someone else in her place."

"That's too bad. Knowing Maggie, she must be feeling so taken down. But who are we gonna take in her place?"

"I was thinking-" she had hardly finished the statement when the door flew open. They both turned and two familiar faces appeared.

"What's up folks?" Kaylee greeted cheerfully. "Guess who stopped by."

"Nelle, hey!" Izzie greeted before standing up to hug her. Yeah, that's what always happened with them. Izzie and Janelle had become the best of friends whereas many sisters in-law never even got along least of all things. "How was the trip with Alex?"

Shay remained seated watching as the two talked. Janelle had left a few days before for a camping trip with her boyfriend. She was in between jobs which she mostly did with contracts. She couldn't be more proud of her

"I missed you guys," she met her eyes and smiled. "Hi sis."

"Hey yourself. Can I get a hug too?"

"Of course," then, "You wanted to talk to me about something?" It was more of a question.

"Yeah, about that... Izzie?"

"So," Izzie took over. "There is this friend of mine, from years back. She is getting married in a week's time and she has invited us to be part of her big day. She also was generous enough to spare two more spaces for two of our friends. How would you feel about being a special guest in the first ever gayest wedding in the whole country?"

"Oh my God! Crissy James is your friend?"

"Yes she is."

"Oh hell yeah! I definitely want to be part of that."

All this while, Kaylee had remained silent seemingly uninterested with the conversation. That was so unlike her because this was the kind of thing she never wanted to miss, the kind of thing she would rather force than be left out.

"What's up playa?" she teased her. "Why are you so quiet? Shouldn't you be throwing a tantrum just about now?"

Kaylee looked up and shrugged, "Nah, I think l'm beginning to get to that point." They all turned to her not knowing what she was talking about. "I mean, look at me and look at you all. You are all hitched, I am single. It's a wedding you are talking about and I'm a lone sad potato. A wedding is the last thing I want to go to. Furthermore, shouldn't you be offering that position to Maggie or Alex?"

"Uh-oh," Nelle reacted. "You are definitely beginning to get to that point."

Shay and Izzie laughed, "Oh my God! This is so hilarious."

"Are we finally getting to that point?"

"It's not funny," Kaylee protested.

"I guess I miscalculated the years. I didn't think we would get there until you were in your thirties," Nelle went on regardless.

"The last one really broke you, didn't she?" Shay asked. She felt bad for Kaylee, the first time she had decided to settle with one girl, she had been heartbroken even though she never wanted to admit it. She wasn't about to admit it even now. This was the most hard headed woman she had ever seen.

"I was gonna hurt her anyway, so it was actually fair. Let's say she saved me from breaking another heart." She exchanged a look with Izzie. They both knew a broken heart when they saw it.

"I don't believe that but anyway, guess what else could happen in a wedding." Kaylee raised both eyebrows but was still showing no interest. "Come on, beautiful single ladies looking for something temporary which is kinda your thing."

"Also, there is a whole week off work full of pre-wedding fun activities for the special invites. Spa, sporting events among others," Izzie explained.

"A whole week?"

"Yes, a whole week. Everything from the food to the fun to places to sleep all catered for by the families."

"Why didn't you start with that? Hell yeah, I'm in!"

"Alright we leave the day after tomorrow."

Chapter 2

Bette walked along the last shelf of books at the newest bookstore in town, taking out books and rearranging them according to the titles and the date they were published. Most of the copies there were her own work which was making the biggest sales ever since she opened the bookstore. She was already running late and had turned the sign at the door to closed so that no more customers would get in. There were already three of them inside who didn't seem to manage to make a choice about the books they wanted to go with. One week towards her wedding day and she was already feeling the pressure becoming too much. She had multiple things still undone among them meeting CJ within the next thirty minutes to go fit her gown for the second time. The first time, it had needed some adjusting but now, time was running out.

She was already done rearranging but the customers. were still yet to go over to the counter to pay for the books. She could leave but didn't want to leave


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