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The Great Black King

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Elliot
  • Chapters: 150
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 658
  • 7.5
  • 💬 14


She has fallen in love with a character from a book she has read a thousand times and after an incident, has awakened in her arms, but who knew that one's opinion could change so much upon seeing the actions of such a being up close. Even though she no longer sees him romantically, she wants to save him and his little son, she wants to give everyone a happy ending, but... what if they are right in the middle of THEIR happy ending? It should be okay, right? After all... This was never a story about King Callisto. Surely it would be your happiness that would come first.

♱ Chapter • 01 ♱

♱ •⋅ 1750 A.C. ⋅• ♱

There was a lot to talk about when it came to history, but nothing had left me as stunned as that. The strong and warm arms of the man I had always dreamed of were around me, and he looked at me with a smile in his violet eyes that I admired so much.

He seemed real.

"What's wrong?" he asked me with a husky and gentle voice.

"Um... nothing," I said, questioning whether all of this was a dream or not, but he just continued to be there, his eyes now closed as he hugged me.

This was definitely one of the best dreams I had ever had.

"Sir," a male voice called out to him, and I saw Calisto raise his face with discontent.

"What the hell do you want?" he grumbled.

"We heard something that might interest you, sir," the man said, and I felt a chill run down my spine.

"I am busy," he said, burying his face in my back, and I could feel his breath on my bare skin, which made my face heat up.

"Sir," the man persisted, and by now, I already knew what would happen. I had read and reread that scene thousands of times, so I mentally repeated it as he spoke in perfect synchrony - "a girl has appeared in front of the cathedral of Samael."

Calisto growled, and I could feel his fangs against my skin, but he hadn't bitten me, he was just clearly unhappy.

"Then kill her already," he snarled.

"We couldn't, sir," the man said, and I smiled unintentionally.

Whether it was a dream or not, he was being too faithful to the book I had read so many times, and if it really was him, if it really was that scene, then... I was...

My gaze wandered around the room in search of a mirror, and when I found it, I bit my lip hard enough to tear it.

Red hair like blood, ruby eyes without pupils, and a pale skin like that of a true corpse.

There was no doubt, I was Asra.

The king's concubine, the one who tried to harm the saint sent by God, the one who would not only heal the king's son but also win his heart and make him good again - just like the cause of his death.

Calisto seemed irritated as his arms let go of me, and he sat on the bed.

"Do they need your king to solve something so stupid? What the hell are the princes good for?" he was clearly annoyed, but my eyes were occupied by his sculpted body, every feature of his face.

No matter how many fanarts I had seen or how many times I had imagined him, I would never come close to the true beauty of Calisto.

His long, black hair cascaded down his back in wavy and messy locks, thanks to what we had clearly done before - but unfortunately, I wasn't even dreaming in this beautiful moment - his quartz pink eyes.

Calisto was like a true masterpiece, a wonderful body that seemed to have been delicately sculpted. Slender, slightly defined, with perfect proportions, covered in tattoos and now red marks.

I sighed, and Calisto looked at me, expecting a tantrum and the morning scene that Asra always made when he had to leave her. I remembered this scene well, I remembered how I had understood it and, at the same time, found it annoying.

But all of this is just a dream, so who cares about the original script?

I slid my fingers along his arm, up to his shoulder, and sat on the bed next to him. I couldn't deny what I saw in the mirror - Asra was as beautiful as Calisto, her body was perfectly sculpted, and it seemed even sexier when it had so many bite marks and hickeys on her legs and back.

"Darling," I whispered near his ear, "don't be so angry... isn't it better that they inform you so you can go and solve it? At least they have learned their own limits."

The brunette looked at me with surprise, that certainly wasn't what he expected from me, certainly wasn't what we agreed upon, and I remember well from Asra's cries - who really wasn't me.

Calisto had promised to spend three consecutive nights with her and that they would go to heaven and the 9 circles of hell together if she so desired, but Elaine appeared. The blonde ascended and took from Asra everything she desired, not only Calisto's love that he said he could never give her but also the throne that Asra always thought would one day be hers.

Elaine was the one sent from heaven to destroy Calisto, but in the end, she destroyed much more than just the king, even if it was a dream, I wouldn't let that happen again.

"You should go," I said, knowing exactly what he would reply and enjoying the surprised expression on Azrael's face. The fallen angel seemed to not believe what he heard, and I couldn't blame him for that, it wasn't something that one would expect from Asra.

"But that's not what I promised you," Calisto replied, exactly as I expected him to, and I smiled, it was the opening I needed.

It was what Asra should have done.

"Then take me with you," I whispered, "you don't have to hold back because you promised to stay with me, I can accompany you."

Azrael cleared his throat, but he didn't expect everything to be so easy.

"I'm not sure if it's appropriate," he said, trying not to offend me, but it was obvious what he meant.

"You shouldn't parade around with your concubine."

"I can stay in the carriage," I said, not waiting for Calisto to respond, and he looked at me as if trying to understand my change of attitude, so I shrugged, "I wasn't lying or exaggerating when I said I missed you..." I slid my fingers between his and held his hand, "so... I can wait for you in the carriage while you sort everything out. I know I haven't been behaving as I should and have constantly acted like a spoiled child, but... I really want to prove to you that I can be useful."

Azrael opened his mouth to speak, and I gave him a fleeting glance, knowing Asra's abilities, so I shouted in his mind.

"Suggest that I serve only to warm his bed, and I'll make sure you don't wake up for weeks, fallen angel."

I didn't mind threatening Azrael if it allowed me to change things, if it allowed me to save Calisto, but it was obvious that the king hadn't made up his mind yet, he looked at me as if questioning whether he should really do it.

Asra didn't have a good track record of public appearances.

I smiled, "please..."

Calisto sighed.

"Alright, get dressed... I'll wait for you in the carriage."

♱ Chapter • 02 ♱

♱ •⋅ 1750 A.C. ⋅• ♱

I needed time, I needed certainty, and even though it was just an extremely vivid dream, I needed to be sure that I wouldn't change things too much, or else everything would spiral out of control.

I blinked a few times in front of the mirror. It was still surprising how attractive Asra was. I had envied her when I first read the book, but now, seeing her delicate face, her naturally rosy lips, and the way she seemed to have been carefully designed... all of it made me envy her even more.

Asra could have had any man, demon, or angel. She just needed to want it. And yet, she chose death over losing something she never had: Calisto's love.

I sighed, and the maids, who hurried into the room, dressed me quickly.

It was obvious that I was scared. After all, Asra was never known for her kindness and charity, much less her patience and gentleness.

"Excuse me, ma'am," one of them stammered as she tried to fix th


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