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The CEO Temptation

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In the bustling world of Chicago's largest entertainment company, Jonathan Jones embarks on a thrilling journey as an intern, inching closer to his dreams with each passing day. However, an undeniable tension fills the air whenever he finds himself in the presence of his enigmatic boss, Elliot Park – the trailblazing, young CEO leading a multimillion-dollar empire. Despite the momentary attraction that sparks between them, Elliot grapples with primal instincts that put his hard-earned career at risk, all while facing relentless scrutiny due to his age. Jonathan and Elliot couldn't be more different, hailing from separate worlds, yet a magnetic and uncontrollable allure draws them together. Caught in a captivating dilemma, they stand at the crossroads between the safe path and an enticing plunge into chaos. And when faced with the tempting pull of desire, they make a daring choice that will forever alter their destinies. Join Jonathan and Elliot in this gripping tale of ambition, passion, and the electrifying power of love as they navigate a world where heart and head collide, and the line between safety and thrilling adventure blurs in the pursuit of something extraordinary.

Chapter 1 - The First Impression

The especially hot weather in the city of Chicago that day seemed even more stifling to Jonathan, who was waiting for the moment he had dreamed of for a long time.

He was sitting in a leather armchair, scratching his nails on the fabric of the object continuously. And not even the powerful air conditioning of the room was enough to stop the sweat that kept dripping down his face, coming from his temples, walking slowly to his collarbone, soaking little by little the white blouse he was wearing.

It wasn't just the heat, as the nervousness Jonathan was feeling was almost paralyzing, building up in his chest like a snowball. However, his trepidation was no accident. He was about to meet one of the most respected men in the world. Elliot Park, the youngest man to become a billionaire, was the owner of a veritable empire.

His branches all over the world were responsible for training the biggest names in entertainment. Jonathan was there with a single goal: to become the newest employee of the P.E (Park Empire) Agency. And as soon as he heard the employee's voice echo through the room as she pronounced his name, he felt even closer to realizing his big dream.

“Jonathan Jones, Mr. Park is waiting for you” The receptionist had to repeat a few times for Jones to take any action at all. He literally felt paralyzed, and only when the woman touched his shoulder did he stand up, he stood up, determined to move toward the moment that would determine his future.

But his insecurity made him think that, while everything could go right, his confused and clumsy way could be in charge of completely destroying his goal. Then, nervously, Jonathan stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath, trying to remember all the words he had memorized on the way to the company.

Despite that, from the moment he put his sweaty hands on the door handle of Elliot's room, all the thoughts that wandered in his mind disappeared in the blink of an eye. And then, the door slowly opened, revealing a sophisticated and imposing environment. The decor was elegant, with neutral tones and exquisitely designed furniture, evidencing the good taste and wealth of the empire's owner.

A large glass wall offered a panoramic view of the bustling city of Chicago, but my focus quickly turned to the man with his back to me, standing there like an enigmatic figure. It was Elliot Park, himself. His imposing, aloof air made Jonathan feel like a mere spectator before his grandeur.

The heat of the city seemed not to affect the controlled atmosphere of the room, which remained cool and inviting.

The leather furniture, combined with the dark wood floors, created an atmosphere of power and luxury. Paintings by famous artists decorated the walls, adding a touch of art to the space.

The moment he saw him for the first time would be forever imprinted in his memory.

Elliot was on his back, standing in front of the large glass wall that overlooked the busy street. He seemed attentive, his eyes fixed on something Jonathan couldn't tell him what it was. So focused that he barely noticed the candidate's presence in his office.

Embarrassed, Jonathan pretended to bump into some object just to get his attention, which worked, as Elliot immediately looked at him. His solid-as-a-statue expression didn't move an inch as he laid eyes on Jonathan for the first time.

However, that didn't mean he was unaffected by the younger man's presence. Elliot automatically looked him up and down, analyzing every detail of his body. And it wasn't for nothing, the boy, although young, was visibly strong, with muscles that marked the white dress shirt slightly sweaty from the heat.

Although younger than Elliot, Jones has a more mature appearance, evidenced by his short brown hair. His adorably larger-than-usual eyes gave an almost childlike look to his expression, always curious as he took in his surroundings.

However, the perfectly drawn eyeliner on her eyelid displayed a strong trait of her personality and the sensuality she liked to let slip now and then.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot Park. My name is Jonathan Jones." The candidate approached to say hello.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot Park. My name is Jonathan Jones." The candidate approached to greet him respectfully.

"Hello, Jonathan. Please have a seat." Elliot's cold tone made the young man swallow, choking on his own saliva.

"Do you need water?" Elliot asked, sounding impatient.

"No, sir. I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous." Jonathan ducked his head, embarrassed.

His attempt to look confident vanished the moment he stared into the businessman's cold eyes.

His whole body was shaking, and Jonathan felt stupid for feeling that way, like a nervous teenager at a school presentation.

Even though it was too early to tell, it was not wrong to say that Jonathan was also struck by Elliot Park's beauty. His blond hair combed gracefully back made him incredibly attractive.

The businessman, oddly enough, appeared younger than he actually was, as well as possessing a mesmerizing beauty. Elliot took great pleasure in exercising daily, making his well-defined body hard to miss. And even wearing a suit that did not allow a full view of his anatomy, it was remarkable the fabric marking his thighs and buttocks protruding through the muscles present there, highlighting his most sensual parts.

Their gazes met for a brief space of time before any words were spoken again. And in that instant, they just felt the shock of being in each other's presence for the first time, until the brunette tried to break the deafening silence.

Discreetly, he took a deep breath, trying to find inside himself all the confidence he thought he had a few hours ago. However, whenever he found Elliot's green eyes staring at him sternly, he felt that the simple task of staying focused seemed impossible.

Chapter 2 - Call Me By Your Name

Even though it was still early, it was impossible for Jonathan not to be struck by Elliot Park's beauty. His gracefully slicked back blond hair made him incredibly attractive. Despite looking younger than he really was, he possessed a mesmerizing charm.

Elliot had a daily exercise routine, resulting in a well-defined physique that didn't go unnoticed. Even in a suit that didn't reveal his full anatomy, it was evident how the fabric accentuated his strong thighs and prominent behind, highlighting his muscles and exposing his more sensual features.

Their gazes met briefly, leaving them both in shock at being in each other's presence. Silence prevailed until the younger one decided to break it.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot Park. My name is Jonathan Jones," he said, approaching to greet him.

"Hello, Jonathan. Please, take a seat," Elliot's cool tone made the young man swallow hard, choking on his own saliva.



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