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Loves and Vampires

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Heyon is a boy who has just turned 19. He is in love with his best friend, Seok, but the feeling is not reciprocated, as Seok already has a boyfriend. But to prove himself brave to Seok and all the other boys who decide to see him performing a challenge, Heyon agrees to go to the city cemetery to lie down on the sleeping vampire's grave and thus prove himself to be a brave adult for everyone. However, this was no simple, silly challenge. Heyon was taken to an ambush in the cemetery where he was where deceived by two wizards besides his best friend, having his blood delivered to the sleeping vampire, making the beast finally awaken. Heyon should die with the surrender of his life, however, his soul ends up being linked to the vampire's, making him a vampire too. And when Heyon awakens with a thirst for blood and hair that exudes power in its vibrant color like magma, everyone fears him, for now he will be compared to the offspring of a demon created to bring chaos to the world and who must be stopped before of the world being destroyed.



Review after half of the novel

I really love this novel. It's really lovely novel. I like the story of this little vampire .it's like a dream the little boy tortured by his father and betrayed by his best friend. Thanks for this novel I just hope it has a good ending for little vampire.

March 19, 2024

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