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A Royal Scandal

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Desperate time's call for desperate measures right? After the death of her parents and brother Karliah had to move on with her life despite the pain. Fleeing away from her abusive aunt's home leads her to New York where she starts her life anew but meets some royal blood along the way. Her encounter with a handsome stranger leads to a one night stand. Karliah finds herself in the palace fighting for a place in Prince Nicolas's heart but the arrival of princess Lisa makes her think otherwise. Lisa is another princess in the game and she is quick to sweep Karliah off her feet.

Chapter 1




Jake and I stared at the papers in my hands. This contract would be good for our small family especially since I was expecting our first child.

Jake and I were famous painters and I met him during my highschool days. He was a few years older than me but that never stopped our love from blossoming.

"What do you think Ronnie?" Jake asked curiously.

I sighed deeply and caressed my pregnant belly.

"I think it's a great opportunity for us especially since we have a new addition in the family but London is just far away from our families."

Jake grasped both of my hands gently, getting my attention.

"Remember Ronnie this isn't just for us it's for our baby and her future."

"I guess you're right, let's do this then."

He smiled at me.

"That's the spirit."

" Since we've made up our minds I'll call back Mr. Roger and tell him our decision. "

He noticed my hesitation and kissed me on the cheek.

" Trust me Ronnie this is the best decision we've ever made especially for our careers. "

After that Jake left our room and went to call Mr. Roger. I stared at the window deep in thought.

Maybe Jake was right, this was a good thing for the both of us and maybe we could make a name one day so that I'll kids would look up to us.

A few minutes later Jake returned back to the room with a smug smile on his lips.

"And I hope that smile is good news for us," I teased playfully.

He chuckled lightly and pulled me into his arms.

"He agreed, Ronnie!"

Tears of joy streamed down both of my cheeks.

"Honey you don't need to cry , this is good news."

I wiped my tears away and sniffled softly.

" I know Jake but just pardon me for the happy tears. I assume it's the pregnancy hormones."

Suddenly sadness filled me.

" What's wrong?" Jake asked in a worried tone.

"My parents won't approve of this Jake and I haven't even told them that I'm pregnant."

Jake cupped both of my cheeks.

" I can convince them, Ronnie , you and I love each other and that's what matters the most."

"Jake, you don't understand, sometimes they can be strict and overbearing."

"Then I won't give up on our relationship Ronnie, " he said in a low voice.

His facial expression softened.

" You should get some rest because we have a long journey ahead of us."

" I hope you have some sunscreen with you because it can be very hot in Zambia especially during October, one of the hottest seasons."

He shrugged carelessly.

" I don't mind the heat Ronnie, you should know by now that I would do anything for you. "

He placed his hand on the protruding belly.

" That applies to our daughter as well."

I cocked a brow at him.

He had a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

"What makes you think that it's going to be a girl?" I teased.

" Ah that's simple because I want a little Ronnie junior running around the house."

I pouted my lips.

" No way I prefer having little Jake junior running around the house in his diaper."

I looked deeply into his eyes.

" I'm sure whatever gender we'll have we are going to shower our baby with a lot of love."

Parenting has always been a sensitive topic for Jake because his parents were always on trips around the world and they never paid attention to him.

"Everything is going to be fine."

Later that night I had a hard time falling asleep. I felt very anxious, maybe it was because I was going to meet my parents but I wouldn't be alone this time.

Maybe I was just overthinking everything, maybe my parents wouldn't be hard on Jake.

The next morning we were on a flight heading to Zambia. Jake and I held hands because I had a feeling that we had to brace ourselves for the worst.

It wasn't long before we were welcomed by the warmth of the October air. I missed my country and all the people that made it special for me, especially my family.

I turned to Jake with a smile on my lips.

"Welcome to Zambia."

Since Jake was still not familiar with how things worked back here I managed to find a taxi driver that was willing to drop us off at my parent's house.

I kept showing Jake some of our famous landmarks and he was impressed to hear our history.

I could see my parent's house from a distance.

This was it.

My neighbors seemed excited when they saw the blue taxi approaching.

Once we arrived Jake got out of the car and began to remove our luggage from the car.

I got out of the car slowly. My pregnancy was a small bump but it was unnoticed since I was wearing a loose dress.

"Look, it's Ronnie!"

Everyone seemed excited to see me.

And I was happy to see them as well.

"She brought someone with her."

I was welcomed by my parents and we all went inside the house. Jake and I sat close to each other.

"This is a wonderful surprise my dear" my mother beamed.

I smiled at her.

"I thought you were going to visit us in December so how are your studies going?"

" Mom and dad, this is Jake."

I looked at Jake and he gave me an encouraging nod.


"Her husband" Jake finished confidently as he entwined our hands.

My father stared at us in disbelief.

"Ronnie, what's the meaning of this?!" He demanded angrily.

" Father Jake is telling the truth we are in love and we got married and now we're expecting our first child together. "

Father immediately got up and Jake and I followed suit.

"We sent you to New York in order to complete your education Ronnie and now you've brought the family name to shame."

My father was about to hit me but Jake caught his hand mid air.

Chapter 2


There was a deadly silence among us and mom had to be the one to intervene.

"Richard, please calm down."

Father glared at her.

" So you're taking her side? Like what she's done is a good thing, this is unacceptable."

Jake let go of my father's hand as he stood in front of me protectively.

"Sir I just want us to talk in a civil manner so things don't have to get out of control" Jake said quietly.

Father immediately sat down.

"Sir I really love your daughter and I would never do anything to shame her. I know that you're angry because we got married in secret."

" I want to assure you that I'll keep her safe and protect her."

" I won't let any harm come to her or our baby as long as I'm here and I'll make sure to provide for them."

Father seemed to be considering Jake's words. After the silence


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