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The World of Gu Insects

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In "The World of Gu Insects," a ancient and mysterious world is unveiled. The protagonist finds himself ensnared in a conspiracy controlled by Gu arts. In this fantastical and perilous world, he must explore his own power and decide whether to become a guardian of justice or be consumed by darkness. As the story unfolds, he will face various trials and challenges, revealing the complexity of fate and the mysterious forces at play. This is a journey of courage, betrayal, and self-discovery that will lead readers to explore the astonishing world of Gu Insects.

Chapter 1 To sacrifice oneself without regret for vanquishing evil

"Fang Yuan, obediently surrender the Spring Autumn Cicada, and I'll give you a swift death!"

"Fang Yuan, Old Demon Fang, don't even think about resisting. Today, all the righteous sects have united to crush your demonic nest. We've already set up a net to trap you. This time, you're doomed to die!"

"Damn you, Fang Yuan! For the sake of cultivating the Spring Autumn Cicada, you've killed countless lives. You've committed unforgivable sins, too numerous to count!"

"Demon, three hundred years ago, you insulted me, defiled me, slaughtered my family, and exterminated my entire clan. Since that day, I've wanted nothing more than to feast on your flesh and drink your blood! Today, I'll make you wish you were dead!!"


Fang Yuan stood amidst the fray, his tattered green robe draped over him, blood soaking his body, his gaze sweeping the surroundings.

The mountain wind billowed his blood-stained robe, sounding like a battle flag fluttering in the wind.

Crimson blood flowed from hundreds of wounds on his body. Just standing there for a moment, a large pool of blood had already accumulated beneath his feet.

Surrounded by enemies, there was no way out.

The outcome was clear, he would die today without a doubt.

Fang Yuan remained calm and composed, his eyes deep and unfathomable as ever.

The righteous heroes and young talents who besieged him were either dignified elders or renowned young heroes. They now surrounded Fang Yuan, some roaring, some sneering, some squinting with vigilance, and some staring in fear at their wounds.

They dared not attack, fearing Fang Yuan's last-ditch counterattack.

After three hours of tense confrontation, as the sun set and the last rays of sunlight illuminated the mountain with a fiery glow, Fang Yuan slowly turned around.

The crowd immediately stirred, taking a step back in unison.

At this moment, the gray-white rocks beneath Fang Yuan's feet had already been stained with blood, forming the first section of the inscription: "To sacrifice oneself without regret for vanquishing evil." Despite his pale face due to excessive blood loss, it now bore a radiant glow under the sunset.

Looking at the setting sun and the verdant mountains, Fang Yuan chuckled softly. "The mountains are green in the morning and snowy in the evening. Success and failure are but fleeting."

As he spoke, memories from his previous life on Earth vividly flashed before his eyes.

He was originally a student from China on Earth, who, by chance, crossed over to this world. After three hundred years of twists and turns, he had roamed the world for over two hundred years. Five hundred years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Many buried memories surged up from the depths of his heart, replaying vividly before his eyes.

"In the end, I failed," Fang Yuan sighed inwardly, feeling some nostalgia but no regret.

He had long foreseen this outcome when he made his choice back then.

The so-called demonic path was one of no cultivation of virtue, only killing and arson. Rejected by the heavens and opposed by the world, yet still unrestrained and rampant.

"If the newly refined Spring Autumn Cicada had worked, in my next life, I would still choose to be a demon!" With these thoughts in mind, Fang Yuan couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Old Demon, why are you laughing?"

"Be careful, he's about to counterattack in his final moments!"

"Quick, hand over the Spring Autumn Cicada!!"

The crowd pressed forward, and just then, with a loud bang, Fang Yuan exploded.


The gentle spring rain quietly moistened Qing Mao Mountain.

Night had fallen, and a cool breeze brushed against the fine drizzle.

Qing Mao Mountain was not dark. From the foot of the mountain to its peak, numerous faint lights sparkled, like a brilliant ribbon adorning the vast and secluded mountains.

These lights emanated from the tall suspended buildings of the Gu Yue Clan, not enough to be called a multitude, but still numbering in the thousands.

In the center of the Gu Yue Clan, a magnificent building was hosting a grand ceremony. As a result, it was even more brightly lit and resplendent.

"May our ancestors bless us, and may this Opening Ceremony produce many outstanding youths to add new blood and hope to our clan!" The middle-aged Gu Yue Clan Chief, with a few strands of frost at his temples, knelt on the brownish-yellow floor, his upper body upright, palms pressed together, eyes closed in sincere prayer.

He faced a tall black lacquered altar, which had three layers holding ancestral tablets. On both sides of the tablets were crimson bronze censers, with wisps of incense smoke rising.

Behind him, more than ten people were also kneeling. They were all wearing loose white sacrificial robes, the elders and officials of the clan, holding various powers.

After a prayer, the patriarch of the Gu Yue clan took the lead to bow, hands flat on the ground, forehead touching the brown floor, emitting a light tapping sound.

The elders behind him all looked solemn, silently imitating his actions.

For a while, the ancestral hall was filled with the light sound of foreheads touching the floor.

After the ceremony, everyone slowly stood up from the floor, quietly leaving the solemn ancestral hall.

In the corridor, the elders couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and the atmosphere relaxed.

Conversations gradually started.

"The time has passed so quickly. In the blink of an eye, a year has passed."

"The last Awakening Ceremony seems like it was just yesterday, still vivid in my memory."

"Tomorrow is the annual Awakening Ceremony. I wonder what kind of new talent will emerge from our family this year?"

"Sigh, I hope there will be young talents with A-rank aptitude. It's been three years since our Gu Yue clan had such a genius."

"That's right, the Bai family and the Xiong family have produced talents in recent years. Especially Bai Ningbing from the Bai family, his talent is truly terrifying."

Someone mentioned Bai Ningbing's name, and a worried expression appeared on the faces of the elders.

This child's talent was extremely outstanding. In just two years, he had reached the rank of a Rank 3 Gu Master. Among the younger generation, he was unparalleled. Even the older generation felt the pressure from this rising star.

Given time, he would undoubtedly become the pillar of the Bai family. At the very least, he would be a strong individual. No one doubted this.

"But among the youths participating in the Awakening Ceremony this year, there is also hope."

"That's right, the Gu Yue clan has produced a talented youth from the Fang lineage. Able to speak at three months, walk at four months. At the age of five, he can compose poetry and recite verses, exceptionally intelligent and talented. It's a pity that his parents died early, and he is now being raised by his uncle and aunt."

"Yes, he is early-witted and ambitious. I have heard about his works such as 'Toast to the Guests', 'Ode to the Plum Blossom', and 'River City'. He is truly a genius!"

The patriarch was the last to leave the ancestral hall, slowly closing the door and hearing the discussions of the elders in the corridor.

Immediately, he knew that the elders were discussing a young man named Fang Yuan.

As the head of the clan, he naturally paid attention to outstanding and prominent descendants. Fang Yuan was the most outstanding and dazzling among the younger generation.

And experience had shown that those who had exceptional memory from childhood or had extraordinary strength like adults often had excellent aptitude for cultivation.

"If this child is determined to have A-rank aptitude, he should be nurtured well. He might even be able to compete with Bai Ningbing. Even if he has B-rank aptitude, he will still be able to stand out in the future and become a flag bearer for the Gu Yue clan. But with his early wisdom, the possibility of B-rank aptitude is slim, it is highly likely to be A-rank." With this thought in mind, the patriarch's mouth curled up slightly, revealing a smile.

Then, he coughed and reminded the elders sternly, "But I must say this upfront. We must compete fairly and cannot resort to conspiracies or actions that harm the unity of the clan. Please keep this in mind!"

"We dare not. We will keep it in mind."

"We will definitely remember."

"Then, I'll take my leave now, patriarch."

With their minds full of thoughts, the elders dispersed one by one.

Before long, the long corridor became quiet. The spring rain blew through the window with a slight wind, and the patriarch stepped lightly to the window.

Suddenly, there was a mouthful of fresh and moist mountain air, refreshing the heart and soul.

This was the third floor of the attic, and when the patriarch looked out, he could see almost the entire Gu Yue clan.

At this late hour, most of the households in the clan still had lights on, which was different from usual.

Tomorrow was the Awakening Ceremony, which concerned everyone's vital interests. A kind of excitement and nervousness enveloped the hearts of the clan members, causing many of them to have restless nights.

"This is the hope for the future of the clan." With eyes reflecting the flickering lights, the patriarch sighed deeply.

At this moment, there were also a pair of clear eyes silently watching these flashing lights in the middle of the night, full of complex feelings.

"Gu Yue Clan, this is five hundred years ago?! The Spring Autumn Cicada really worked..." Fang Yuan's eyes were deep as he stood by the window, letting the rain and wind hit him.

The Spring Autumn Cicada's effect was to reverse time. Being ranked seventh among the ten great Gu, it was naturally extraordinary.

In short, it meant rebirth.

"Using the Spring Autumn Cicada for rebirth, I have returned to five hundred years ago!" Fang Yuan reached out his hand, gazing steadily at his young and somewhat pale palm, then slowly clenched it, feeling the reality with force.

The sound of the rain tapping on the windowpane filled his ears, and he closed his eyes slowly, only opening them after a while, sighing, "Five hundred years of experience, it's like a dream."

But he knew clearly that this was definitely not a dream.

Chapter 2 Enlightenment across five hundred years against the flow of time

Legend has it that there exists a river of time in this world, supporting the flow of the world. And by using the power of the Spring and Autumn Cicada, one can go against the current and return to the past.

Regarding this rumor, opinions vary among the people. Many do not believe it, while some remain skeptical.

Hardly anyone truly believes.

Because every time the Spring and Autumn Cicada is used, one must pay with their life, sacrificing their entire body and all cultivation as the driving force.

This price is simply too steep, and what's even more unacceptable is that — often, even after sacrificing one's life, the outcome remains unknown.

Even if someone obtains the Spring and Autumn Cicada, they dare not casually use it.

What if the rumors are false and it's just a hoax?

If it weren't for the fact that Fang Yuan was at his wit's end, he wouldn't have used it so quickly.

But now, Fang Yuan is thoroughly convinced.

Because the


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