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The Underwood: Love And War is about secret coven of supernatural beings that hide under the cover of the bright light of the city of Roy. Bob Rodriguez was from a very poor background. He had to suffer way beyond other regular students of his age because of his determination to fulfils his dream to study at a university. Eventually he was offered admission into the Roy University in the City of Roy. His father felt uneasy about the City of Roy and he wanted to dissuades him from accepting the admission but when he saw how happy Bob was, he chose to keep quiet and let him live his own life. In the university Bob met Angela who was a victim of the evil of the Underworld. Two of them ended up getting entangled both in love and war by the rope of fate.


Thousands of years ago, in a land far away in the north.

There was a tribe of people who lived in the forest.

They were known as the Deltans, and they were proud, and powerful people.

They were skilled hunters, and warriors.

They lived off the land, hunting animals for food, and clothing.

The Deltans believed in the powers of the moon, the sun, and the stars, and they worshipped the spirits of nature.

They believed that the spirits could grant them great power, and wisdom, and they sought to appease them with offerings, and sacrifices.

One day, a powerful sorcerer came to the village of the Deltans.

He was a tall, and imposing man.

His skin was pale, and lifeless.

He had piercing eyes, and very long, and dark hairs.

He claimed to be a messenger from the spirits of nature.

He promised to grant the Deltans great power, and wisdom.

The Deltans were wary of the sorcerer at first.

But with time, they soon came to trust him.

He taught them powerful spells, and incantations.

He also showed them how to Communicate with the spirits of nature.

He spent many years living with them, and their love for him grows as time passes.

But the sorcerer had a dark secret.

He was not a messenger of the spirits.

He was a vampire.

A creature of the night with powers beyond those of mortal humans.

He was fast, and strong.

He also possessed the ability to heal quickly from wounds.

He could also hypnotize, and control the minds of humans.

He had come to the Deltas village to prey on them.

He had come to feed on their blood so he could get stronger.

At first, the Deltans did not realize what the sorcerer was doing.

They were fascinated by his powers, and they did not suspect that he was a creature of darkness.

But as time went on, they began to notice strange things happening in their village.

People started disappearing in the night, and strange marks were found on the neck of their dead bodies.

The sorcerer became more, and more powerful, and he began to control the minds of the Deltans.

He would often hypnotize his prey, and lured them to the deep forest, where he could feed on their blood, freely.

This goes on until on certain night.

A young Deltan lady, named Rosa, discovered the sorcerer’s true nature.

Rosa was a magic enthusiast.

She was always secretly following the sorcerer around, just to catch glimpse of the new magic he performed.

This particular night, just as she usually does, she followed him around, until he entered onto the forest.

While hidden behind a big tree, she watched the sorcerer bending down as if trying to assume the posture of cattle.

Suddenly, the sorcerer transformed into a giant bat, and fly away.

Rosa was horrified by what she had seen, and she knew that she had to do something to stop the sorcerer.

In the following day, she gathered a group of brave Deltans men, and told them what she had witnessed.

They all came into conclusion that the sorcerer was a dangerous creature, and they had to drive him away.

At twilight, they set out to confront him.

They search through the forest for hours, before finally setting their eyes on the sorcerer

They found him in his lair, surrounded by his minions.

He was ready for them, and he unleashed his dark powers upon them.

The battle was fierce, and bloody.

Many Deltans were killed before they even get to touch him.

After taking down all his minions, they all concentrated their forces on the sorcerer alone.

Rosa was particularly determined to stop the sorcerer, and she fought with all her might.

In the end, while the sorcerer was busy attacking the men, he was taking little cautious against Rosa's attack.

He believed a woman’s attack could do him less harm, but before he knows it, Rosa managed to pierce the sorcerer’s heart with a wooden stake

The sorcerer screamed in pain, and turned to dust before their eyes.

Since then, vampire has been but a myth passed on from generation to generation.

In the present day.

Bob Rodriguez had always dreamed of attending university ever since he was a little boy.

He had always been a studious child, with a thirst for knowledge, and a deep passion for learning.

But, his journey to gaining admission to university would be filled with countless obstacles, and challenges.

Bob grew up in a small town in the country called Kalinga.

In Kalinga, the opportunities for education were limited.

His parents were both farmers, and they worked tirelessly to provide for their family.

But despite their best efforts, they simply couldn’t afford to send Bob to standard school.

As a result, Bob had to settle for attending the local school, which did not offer a standard quality of education.

He often found himself lagging behind his mates that attended high quality schools, and felt discouraged by the lack of resources, and support.

The Rodriguez family depends solely on their farm to feed themselves.

Their situation is challenging, with very little room for error.

Any misstep in their farming activities could have a significant impact on their livelihood, and their ability to provide for themselves, and their family.

Bob’s parents have worked hard on the farm for many years, but despite their efforts, they have not been able to achieve the financial stability that they desire.

They worked long hours in the fields, and are constantly worried about the weather, pests, and other factors that could negatively impact their crops.

The family lives in a small house in the town, which is not in the best condition.

The house is old, and rundown, with leaky roofs, and walls that are not properly insulated.

This means that they are often cold in the winter, and hot in the summer; making it difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to their farming activities, Bob’s parents also have to manage their finances carefully.

They have very little money to spare, and every penny count.

They have to make difficult decisions about what to buy, and what to prioritize.

Sometimes, they have to go without certain things that they need.

As a result, Bob’s parents are very adept at budgeting, and mindful of where their money is going.

This has been reflected in Bob’s own approach to personal finances, as he has learned the importance of making wise financial decisions from his parents.

Despite their financial struggles, Bob’s parents are determined to provide for their family, and to see to the success of their children’s educational carrier as much as possible.

They have instilled a strong work ethic in their children, teaching them the value of hard work, and perseverance.

Bob, and his two younger siblings, Mary, and Alex, often help out on the farm, doing whatever they can, to support their parents, and contribute to the family’s well-being.

The family’s diet is primarily made up of what they grow on the farm.

They eat a lot of rice, and vegetables, and occasionally, they are able to raise a chicken for meat.

However, their diet is often lacking, in varieties, and nutrition, which can have negative consequences for their health.

But, because they have not been consuming any chemically preserved product, they were able to maintain their optimum health.

Bob’s parents are also worried about the future.

They know that they are getting older, and that their ability to work on the farm will decline over time.

They are concerned about who will take over the farm, and take care of their children.

They were worried whether their children would be able to continue the family’s farming tradition.

Despite these challenges, Bob’s family remains resilient.

They have strong senses of responsibility, and they support one another through thick and thin.

They are grateful for what they have, and are always looking for ways to improve their situation.

As Bob grew older, he realized that, with his family’s situation, if he wanted to pursue his dreams of attending university, he would have to work harder and make more sacrifices than his mates, who were from a well-off family.

He spent countless hours studying, pouring over textbooks, and attending extra classes.

He took on odd jobs in his spare time, doing everything, from mowing lawns, to washing cattle, just to earn some extra money to put towards his education.

Bob was determined to make his dreams a reality, no matter the cost.

He was willing to make personal sacrifices, and go above, and beyond what was expected of him, to make sure he had the funds necessary to pursue his higher education.

Despite his commitment to work, and dedication, Bob struggled to get the grades he needed to gain admission to university.

He would often stay up late at night, cramming for exams, and trying to memorize complex equations, and theories.

But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to grasp some of the more challenging concepts.

Unfortunately, Bob’s lack of understanding was not due to lack of effort, but rather due to the fact that, he was missing some of the foundational knowledge that was needed in order to understand the more complex concepts.

Without that base knowledge, he was unable to make the connections necessary to truly understand the materials.

Bob’s lack of success in school was further compounded by his family’s financial struggles.

As his parents’ farm began to struggle, they were forced to cut back on expenses, and make difficult decisions about where to spend their limited resources.

Bob was acutely aware of the sacrifices his parents were making on his behalf, and he felt a deep sense of guilt, and responsibility to succeed.

Despite the odds against him, Bob refused to give up on his dream of attending university.

He continued to work hard, and study diligently, even when it seemed like all hope were lost.

He attended tutoring sessions, sought help from his teachers, and tutors to try to improve his grades.

One evening, after Bob’s family just returned home from the farm.

They sat on a large bamboo bench, under the shade of the tall mango tree, in front of their house.

They were all very tired, and were resting, while refreshing themselves with the smoked yams they had brought from the farm.

Gentle breeze brushed against their faces, as they watched the sun slowly dip below the horizon, painting the sky a beautiful orange-pink.

Out of nowhere, Bob’s father asked “any good news about your admission you would like to share?”

Bob was taken aback by the sudden question from his father.

He was not expecting him to have been so concerned, that he would bring up the topic when everyone was tired, and trying to catch their breath, after a long day of farming.

Bob had thought that his father would be too occupied with the day-to-day activities on the farm, and may not keep tag about the progress in his admission pursuit.

“Nothing yet, father.”

“I was told that we would start to hear from the universities that I applied for, latest by the end of this week, but I am yet to receive any notice.”

Bob replied, with his face blooming with sorrow.

He knew that, although his father was a cheerful, and optimistic man, he was very rational too.

He knew that, his father would not allow him to apply again the following year, as the application fees had taken a substantial toll on the family finances.

His father kept quiet, not saying anything again.

It seemed as if he was reserving his response for the right moment to talk.

At that moment, Bob’s mother, and siblings stood up, and stepped inside the house to prepare dinner for the family.

Just as soon as his mother entered the house, Bob’s father starts talking again.

“Considering your mother is very emotional, and would only be unable to remain rational in a matter concerning the future of her child, I could not discuss much of my thoughts about your admission, in her presence.”

Bob was not surprised.

He was sure of what his father was going to say.

“Alright father, please share with me your wisdom.” He replied.

His father continued, “We all know about the effort you had put into seeking university admission, but you are a man, and a man should not bet his whole life on one choice alone, when there are other choices he could have equally ventured into.”

“I would suggest that we wait for the good news, from any of the universities that you applied to, for one more week.”

“After that, you should try other routes to succeed in life, such as trading.”

“As you also know, your uncle did not study at a university, and he is now a major business icon in the nation.”

“You can travel to him, and learn the way from him.”

Bob knew that, although his father was advising him, he was literally telling him to wake up from his dream, and face reality.

Bob knew it was his last chance to pursue his lifelong dream of studying at the university.

In a low, depressed voice, he replied, “I understand you father.”

“I will follow your advice.”

They both remained silent as they reflected on their discussion.

His mother had finished cooking, and they both went inside to eat their dinner.

The following day, it was a Sunday, and they don’t usually go to the farm on Sunday.

Bob had forgotten his small bag in the farm, the previous day.

He was about to leave the house, and go to get the bag, from the farm.

When he stepped out of the house, he saw the cybercafé man of the town, coming towards their house, holding a document envelope in his right hand.

When the man sighted him from afar, he shouted, “Bob! It is finally here! You have been admitted to university my boy!”

Bob could not believe what he had just heard, and quickly ran to meet the man.

The man quickly handed him the envelope.

He opened the envelope, and saw that it was indeed an admission letter from one of the universities he had applied to, the Roy university, in the city of Roy.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Bob’s first reaction was a mix of shock, and joy.

He couldn’t believe that he had been accepted into a university.

He started jumping up, and down in excitement, not minding the onlookers.

The cybercafé man, who had delivered the letter, congratulated him, and wished him further luck.

Bob quickly expressed his gratitude to the man, for bringing him the best news of his life.

He hurried back into the house, unable to contain his excitement.

When Bob entered his house, his parents, and siblings were all gathered in the main room of the house, talking about what to prepare for breakfast.

Because Bob had earlier told them that he was going to pick up his bag in the farm, they expected him to be on his way to the farm.

When he entered the house, they were all surprised.

They could not believe that anybody could have gone to the farm, and returned in such a short time.

Just when they were about to start asking how he was able to be so fast, they noticed something was different about Bob.

He had a big smile on his face, and he was holding a document folder on his right hand.

They knew something good had happened, but they did not know what exactly it was.

Bob gathered his family around him, and break the news to them.

“I’ve been accepted into university” he said, while still unable to believe it himself.

His parents, and siblings were overjoyed.

They hugged him tightly, and congratulated him.

Bob’s father was particularly overjoyed about the news of his admission.

Out of curiosity, his father asked him about the university that offered him admission.

This was when Bob mentioned that, it was the Roy university in the city of Roy.

On hearing this, his father was reluctant about it.

It was as if he could remember unpleasant, and dark experiences he once had in the city of Roy.

He wanted to talk about his reluctance, and disagreement about sending Bob to the city of Roy, but he could not bring himself to tell him the thought in his mind.

This was because his father knew best, how much this meant to Bob, and how long he had been dreaming of being admitted to university.

So, he chose to not spoil the day for Bob, and the family.

Finally, after years of hard work, and dedication, Bob’s perseverance paid off.

He was accepted into a prestigious university in the city, where he would go on, to earn his degree in engineering.

But his struggles didn’t end there.

Even after being accepted, Bob knew that, he had to study harder to be able to maintain his scholarship benefits, so that the tuition would not be overbearing for him.

He also had to juggle his studies with part-time jobs, to make some other end meets.

But despite the challenges awaiting him, Bob was determined to reach his goal, and successfully earn his degree.

On the day he would travel to the school, excitement, and nerves filled his body, as he packed up his belongings, and ready to made his way to the university.

His excitement was similar to that of an astronaut, preparing to take his first flight into the outer space, in an adventure full of unknowns, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Bob’s family were equally elated, as they prepared to send him off to university.

They had been dreaming of this day for years, and now it was finally here.

Bob was the first person in their family to attend university, and they were all incredibly proud of him.

They believed in him, and they hoped he would make it big, to save the family from their poverty.

The family had wake up early in the morning, to prepare for the journey.

Bob’s mother had cooked a big breakfast, which included chicken, eggs, and fresh vegetables from their farm.

Bob’s father had also prepared a bag, full of varieties of fruits from their orchard, which he hoped would keep Bob nourished during the journey, and in the university.

As they sat down to eat, Bob’s siblings shared stories about their own experiences at school.

They talked about their favorite teachers, the subjects they enjoyed, and the challenges they faced.

Bob, now being the big man of the house, encouraged them to work hard, stay focused, and make the most of their time at school.

After breakfast, the family helped Bob pick up his belongings.

They had spent the previous week packing, and preparing everything he needed for the journey.

Bob’s father had even made a special wooden shelf to store his books, which he hoped would last him throughout his studies.

The family made their way to the bus station, in the center of the town, where they were greeted by a large crowd of well-wishers.

Bob’s classmates from high school had come to see him off, along with many of their parents, and other members of the community.

He was met with cheers, and applause along the way.

The crowd had made signs, and banners to show their support, and they waved them excitedly as he walked by.

Bob’s family beamed with pride as they watched him take in the moment.

As they made their way to the bus, Bob’s father stopped, and shook hands with many of the other fathers in the crowd.

They exchanged words of encouragement, and shared stories of their own children’s successes.

Bob’s mother hugged many of the mothers, offering kind words, and warm embraces.

Once they reached the bus, Bob’s family hugged him tightly.

His siblings were in tears, and his parents’ eyes were filled with emotion.

They wished him well, told him how much they loved him, and reminded him that they believed in him.

Bob stepped onto the bus, looking back at his family, and the crowd one last time.

He felt a mixture of excitement, nervousness, and sadness.

He knew that, his was the start of another chapter in his life, but he also knew that he would miss his family, and his town.

As the bus pulled away, Bob looked out the window, and saw the town receding into the distance.

He thought about all the memories he had made in that place, and all the people who had supported him along the way.

He felt a deep sense of gratitude, and appreciation for his family, and his town, and he promised himself to come back as a successful man.


As he arrived at the student dorm, Bod was met with a bustling, and lively atmosphere.

Students were moving in, laughing, and chatting as they carried boxes, and suitcases up the stairs.

The smell of pizza, and popcorn wafted through the air as groups of students gathered in the common room to watch movies, and play games.

Bod nervously made his way to his assigned room, hoping to meet his roommate soon.

As he entered the room, he was pleasantly surprised by the spaciousness, and cleanliness of the room.

He quickly unpacked his belongings, making sure to decorate his side of the room with photos of his parents, and siblings.

He introduces himself to his roommate, Cephas.

Cephas had a twin sister named Chika, who was also present in the room at the time.

Cephas was a medical student, so he, and Bob would not be having their lectures at the same lecture hall.

In contrast, Chika, Cephas’s twin sister was also an engineering student,


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