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The Mystery Of The Ancient Gate

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"I want to see mom and dad's faces, I want to see the world, and I also want to see what humans are really like!" "Be patient Wui, mom will try so that you can see like a normal human," Wui Jin is a 20-year-old young man who has had an eye defect since birth. This defect makes it difficult for him to develop, his father and mother have tried their best to find a way for their son to see like a normal human being, but their efforts have never been successful. On one occasion, Lian Wei and Xiang Ling brought Yier Yan to the stopover of a great physician in the hope that their son could be cured by him. There was a reward behind this hope. Grandpa Wui Ling will give Wui Jin eyes but on the condition that his parents' lives must be in return for the treatment. Will Yier Yan's parents give up their lives? Then what about Yier Yan's fate?

Born without eyes

"I'm sorry, father! I didn't do what you said; now Wui Yin is the victim of everything I've ever done to you!"

"For the umpteenth time, I hurt you again; forgive me!" Lian Wei said this while crying in front of the grave of Zhou Guon, Lian Wei's biological father.

The young man was currently crying while hugging the tombstone under the heavy rain pouring down on Luoyang City. Lian Wei rubbed the tombstone, and a few seconds later he got up from his seat, picked up a hoe, and dismantled the grave of his late father, Zhou Guon. The rain was getting heavier, and the thunder was getting louder. But that didn't stop Lian Wei from stopping what he was doing, and it wasn't long before he was smiling with satisfaction when he got what he wanted. He quickly brought the object to the temple, not far from the tomb.

Lian Wei ran away crying in the pouring rain that night. She returned feeling both happy and sad. Arriving at Zhengfang Temple, Lian Wei approached his wife and son, who were facing Grandpa Wui Ling. He was a great physician in Luoyang City, and his prowess was unrivaled. So far, many people have been treated by Grandpa Wui Ling, and they have been cured of their illnesses. Now it was time for Yier Yan to receive treatment after 20 years of living in darkness. She couldn't see the beauty of the world, let alone her own form.

"Wui Yin, bow down to your grandfather!" Lian Wei ordered his son to bow down to his grandfather.

Wui Yin,, who could not see, was assisted by Xiang Ling, his mother, who helped direct Yier Yan's head to bow before his grandfather as he did the same.

"Don't stop kowtowing to your grandfather!" Her father ordered sternly.

Without arguing, his son and wife did as Lian Wei commanded without protest. Meanwhile, he took out a red cloth from his pocket to give to his grandfather.

"I've already gotten what Grandpa Wui Ling asked for. Now I want to collect my grandfather's promise to cure Wui Yin!"

"Good! Actually, I'm not sure I can make her see, because the karma that befell your child was my fault in the past," the grandfather said as he looked at Yier Yan.

Hearing Wui Ling's grandfather's words, Lian Wei's blood immediately rose. Again, the grandfather brought up the incident in the past that made him regret it until this moment. Just because of his mistake, his son was now a handsome young man but had no eyes, so he couldn't develop like a normal young man.

"What's the point of you saying that again? I hate this discussion the most!" She spoke fiercely.

"I've already done what you told me to do, and I was even willing to disassemble my father's grave just to get the heart you asked for. So now you can't give me what I want? After I give you what you want, where is your responsibility for my struggle?" Lian Wei asked his grandfather in disappointment.

While Xiang Ling was crying beside Yier Yan, listening to the conversation between the two of them. Here, Xiang Ling feels disappointed in her husband because everything that happened was his fault, and now he has again made the same mistake, which is to make Zhou Guan's father hurt for the umpteenth time.

"You are indeed a useless husband! Every action you take never pays off, and now you're ruining everything!" Xiang Ling said it angrily.

Suddenly, Lian Wei turned to look at his wife while frowning. "Stop saying that, Xiang Ling! I did all this for Yier Yan. Don't make things worse with your drama!"

Xiang Ling smiled sarcastically through her tears and looked at Lian Wei with a hateful gaze. "Drama? I got pregnant four times, and they died because of you! Then I got pregnant with Yier Yan; if you hadn't done wrong to Zhong Guan's father, then Yier Yan wouldn't be like this Lian Wei!" Xiang Ling shouted angrily.



"Perform this ritual now, or I will never cure Yier Yan!" Grandpa Wui Ling threatened to interrupt the argument between Yier Yan's parents.

"BOIL WATER NOW!" Lian Wei ordered his wife.

However, Xiang Ling still didn't move from her spot and was still crying while bowing her head. This made Lian Wei furious, and he grabbed his wife's arm and pushed her to the ground.

"Do it now, XIANG LING!" he ordered sternly.

Xiang Ling immediately got up from her seat to boil the water, as her husband had instructed. After his wife's departure, Lian Wei brought his body closer to his son, who was still downcast and not daring to look up. Lian Wei gently caressed the handsome face, causing Yier Yan to lift her chin to get a clear view of the pure white and handsome face.

"Wui Yin, do you want to meet mom and dad?" Lian Wei asked suddenly.

Hearing the question, Wui Yin, who had been silent and frightened, immediately smiled happily. "Of course, dad, I want to see what humans look like," she said excitedly.

Then her hand touched her father's face while she tried to recognize it. "I've been waiting for this for a long time; I want to see my mother's smile; I want to see my favorite food; I want to see the bed I sleep in; and I also want to see how beautiful the world is," she said while holding back tears.

Meanwhile, Lian Wei was already shedding tears after hearing her son's deepest words. He pulled Yier Yan's body away and brought her into the warm embrace of a father. Lian Wei could no longer hold back his tears; he cried while hugging Yier Yan. It wasn't long before the grandfather gave Lian Wei the code to go to the back to prepare all the rituals to heal his son. The hug was released at the behest of the grandfather, who asked him to meet his wife immediately.

"Wui Yin, you stay here with your grandfather. Don't hold onto anything around you! Don't move from your seat!" The grandfather ordered Yier Yan.

"But Father, where are you going? Don't leave Wui Yin here alone; Yier Yan is scared!"

"Wait a moment."

"But yes-"




"Father, what happened?"

"Grandpa Wui Ling? Are you still here? Please don't leave Wui Yin alone!" Wui Yin shouted while crawling on the floor.


Bad Bugs


An alien creature that looked like blood-red root tissue attacked Wui Jin, causing her head to be injured. The creature entered Yier Yan's body, so it wasn't long before she got up from her prostration and rubbed her eyes slowly. She vaguely saw a young man sitting on an old bench without opening his eyes. The longer she opened her eyes, the clearer the shape she saw before her eyes.

"Grandpa," he murmured softly.

"Is this real? I can see now! I can see the human form, and is this me?" She asked herself while staring at her hands. She also felt his handsome face while shaking her head in disbelief. For 20 long years, she had waited to know his true form, and now her wish had been realized. Without further ado, she ran out of the temple to find her parents' whereabouts because she couldn't wait to see the form of someone who meant a lot to her.





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