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The Mysterious Rhythm Set

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: @kevin
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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In "The Mysterious Rhythm Set," delve into a riveting trilogy of suspense, secrets, and human complexity. "The Sinful Grove" unveils a sinister past concealed within the tranquil facade of a grove, exposing sins that echo through generations. "Enigma of the Shoe Prints" ensnares readers in a web of mystery as a detective races against time to decipher cryptic imprints and unravel a cryptic plot. Concluding with "A Tragic Sonata," witness the tragic interplay of love, deception, and the consequences of a mother's desperate measures to protect her daughter. Through intricate storytelling, each tale weaves its unique cadence, forming a harmonious yet haunting symphony of human experiences. "The Mysterious Rhythm Set" promises an enthralling journey through the enigmatic depths of crime, passion, and the intricate dance of fate.

Chapter 1

The Sinful Grove

In the northern region of Myanmar, pearl milk tea is not merely a beverage but rather an extreme form of cruelty.

My boyfriend, in order to tip a female livestream host, sold me off to the north of Myanmar.

Boyfriend: For a mere 800,000, your parents can sell their house and gather enough. I truly cannot bear to see you suffer here.

Me: Thanks, if there really is 800,000, I'll treat you to pearl milk tea.


Above the coal-fired stove, there hung an enormous pot, with half of it filled with water emitting a warm, gentle steam.

Zhang Jing, beaten all over and bound hand and foot, attempted to escape for her life. However, her struggles in the pot proved futile.

"What exactly do you want to do..."

Due to fear, her voice trembled as she spoke.

Shang Biao, the leader of the thugs, reached into the pot to play with the water, casually giving Zhang Jing's thigh a touch. "Rest assured, today I won't treat you to pearl milk tea."

Hearing him say that, Zhang Jing unexpectedly breathed a sigh of relief.

This Zhang Jing, weighing eighty pounds, had at least seventy pounds of stubbornness. In her six months at the KK Industrial Park, she had escaped six times.

Each escape and subsequent capture resulted in a beating that left her half-dead.

But she remained resolute.

This time, having exited the industrial park, victory was within sight. She hailed a taxi, only to be inexplicably brought back by the driver.

Having experienced torture, it seemed she knew how cruel pearl milk tea could be.

One thug carried a cloth bag and ran into the yard with an evil grin. "Biao Ge, here's what you wanted."

It was unclear what was inside, but it seemed restless, causing some agitation.

Shang Biao's eyes flashed with a hint of cruelty as he eagerly accepted the cloth bag.

Sensing another impending catastrophe, Zhang Jing's gaze was filled with terror.

"W-what is that..."

Shang Biao poured the contents of the bag into the pot.

For a moment, ripples shimmered as dozens of eels writhed and frolicked in the pot.

"Biao Ge, spare me! I'm most afraid of these slippery things..."

Zhang Jing's face changed dramatically as she screamed.

"Causing me to be scolded several times, Zhang Jing, this time I'll make you wish you were dead!"

After Shang Biao finished speaking, he calmly opened the valve of the coal stove.

Zhang Jing struggled in the pot in vain.

Stewing a living person?

As this thought crossed my mind, a wave of overwhelming fear surged within me.

Having been in northern Myanmar for half a month, my refusal to engage in scams had left me without food for days.

After being beaten this morning and now being tied up to witness this gruesome spectacle, I felt weak, as if I could faint at any moment.

The sweat on my forehead dripped down onto the wounds on my shoulders, causing a burning sensation.

I couldn't help but shiver again.

"Suyuan, why do you torment yourself like this?"

Mo Dexin appeared behind me at some point.

I turned to look at him, finding a helpless expression on his face.

However, my predicament today was all thanks to him.

If not for being tied up, I really wanted to rush over and tear him apart.


I was about to curse Mo Dexin's ancestors when Zhang Jing in the pot suddenly let out a heart-wrenching scream.

The large cauldron brimmed with a spreading crimson hue.

Zhang Jing cried out and struggled.

Those who have savored the tea featuring loach nestled in tofu would comprehend the ordeal she was currently undergoing.

"Shang Biao, are you not afraid of retribution?"

Before I could finish uttering a word, Shang Biao viciously slapped me.

I tumbled heavily to the ground, my head buzzing, and beside my ears, Mo Dexin's feigned reminder echoed: "In such a place, thinking of standing up for others, Su Yuan, are you courting death?"

He wanted to come help me, but as soon as he looked behind me, his outstretched arm retracted.

Clad in black with a handgun hanging from his belt, a cigarette slanting from the viper's mouth, he strolled over with an air of arrogance.

Behind him, several armed private bodyguards trailed.

Shang Biao hastily ordered someone to carry Zhang Jing away.

The arrogant demeanor he had just displayed crumbled in an instant upon seeing the viper, shrinking like a turtle.

"Boss, you've arrived."

The viper's gaze pierced beyond Shang Biao, sending a shiver through Mo Dexin.

"Who's this, still thinking of cherishing delicacies here!"

Shang Biao quickly stepped forward to elaborate on Mo Dexin's situation.

With an indifferent expression, the viper flicked the cigarette butt into Mo Dexin's collar.

The clothes caught fire, burning a hole, and Mo Dexin's neck blistered, yet he remained rooted in place, afraid to move.

A pat on Mo Dexin's shoulder and a disdainful look from the viper: "So, you're the scoundrel who personally sold his girlfriend to this place."

Mo Dexin blushed: "…The family is poor, burdened with a load of debts… I had no other choice."

"No other choice? With your sorry state, you're still trying to play the role of a man?"


I had heard that the boss here was called the Viper, aptly named as venomous as a snake. A mere displeasure could lead to a deadly game.

With a single tap on the shoulder, Mo Dexin collapsed to the ground as if losing all support.

"The new shoes got a bit dirty."

The Viper merely gestured with his eyes, and Mo Dexin lowered his head to use his tongue to clean the boss's shoes.

However, just as his tongue was about to touch the shiny surface, the Viper viciously pressed his face with the other foot.

It was evident he applied force, twisting Mo Dexin's face.

"...Why, Viper, why treat me like this?"

The Viper's foot loosened, leaving a clear shoe sole imprint on his face.

I just realized this guy was truly ugly.

Especially his nose, resembling a garlic bulb.

I must have had a unique taste back then.

"Half a month, not a single task completed. Do you think my place is a charity?"

"I'm only responsible for luring suckers like you here. Why should I fulfill the tasks you give me?"

Impatient, the Viper pulled out a handgun and aimed it directly at his forehead: "Because of this!"

Mo Dexin instantly petrified, not daring to make a sound.

"Even if Monkey King came, he'd have to perform. You think entering the KK Industrial Park, there's a chance you're not a sucker? Moreover, someone like you, our boss would never let you off easy!"

After Shang Biao spoke, he grinned with malicious delight.

"I really have difficulties..."

His so-called difficulties stemmed from owing massive debts due to online tipping to female streamers.

"Truly poor and foolish, d*mn it! To call you a pig is an insult to the intelligence of pigs!"

Shang Biao spat on Mo Dexin's face, his saliva mixed with leek residue.

The Viper surveyed me from top to bottom: "University, major in translation?"


"Proficient in English, Thai, Malay?"


"Do you hate him?"

The Viper's gaze shifted towards Mo Dexin, trembling with fear.

In these past ten days, I had dreamed every night of tearing him apart.

I nodded: "Hate!"

"As long as you agree to follow me, you can seek revenge right now."

As the Viper finished speaking, Mo Dexin crawled over, hugging my legs with a tearful tone: "Yuanyuan, for the sake of our past, spare my wretched life..."


Upon hearing these two words, flames of hatred surged in my eyes.

A thug rushed over with a report: Just now, Zhang Jing died due to uterine perforation, massive bleeding.

At this moment, I finally understood that the so-called resistance was, in fact, a path to self-destruction.

Even in death, I would drag a few scapegoats with me!

I swore allegiance to the Viper, pledging myself as his faithful companion, as long as he handed Mo Dexin over to me.

Unexpectedly, he acquiesced.

Not long after, Shang Biao came to summon me to deal with Zhang Jing's lifeless body.

Obediently, I went to find a shovel.

Shang Biao intervened: "Why bother with that? Just use the suitcase she brought and toss her by the riverside."

Zhang Jing's body was still warm, and when Shang Biao started, he discovered a necklace around her neck.

The pendant depicted the zodiac sign of a horse.

Though not worth much, Shang Biao claimed it as his own without hesitation.

"Perhaps one day, I'll encounter a lady born in the Year of the Horse and can conveniently present it as a gift!"

Measuring less than five feet, her body folded, with a crisp sound, two yellow eels emerged from within.

Effortlessly, Zhang Jing was packed into her pink suitcase.

By the small river, numerous suitcases had already been discarded, along with several sacks tied into human shapes.

A foul stench pervaded the air, and flies swarmed...

Shang Biao stated that the Viper arranged for me to accompany him in handling the bodies to make me aware of the consequences of attempting to escape.

Encountering Mo Dexin again was within the confines of a water dungeon.

In reality, the so-called water dungeon was merely a stench-filled water pit.

The pit contained some wooden frames, with punished suckers confined inside.

In the adjacent guard booth, equipped with air conditioning, a guard was placing a plucked live chicken into a large wooden barrel.

The barrel was teeming with something.

Poor chicken, struggling initially, gradually fell silent.

Once the guard lifted it, the chicken's body was covered in leeches.

They were covered in sticky slime, twisted in shape, some thicker than my fingers, crawling all over the chicken's body.

Disgusting and horrifying.

I took a deep breath, stating my purpose to the guard.

He instructed me to enter and even handed me two rolls of toilet paper.

"Inside is too smelly; you can use this to cover your nostrils."

I accepted his kindness, covering my nostrils as I walked in.

The water in the large pit was a dark green, with human waste floating on the surface.

Hands and feet bound, Mo Dexin was extending his head through a small hole in the wooden frame, devouring the leftover porridge on the banana leaf like a pig.

Perhaps too hungry to endure, he hadn't noticed my arrival and remained wholly engrossed in his meal.

Midway through, he suddenly stretched his neck, staring wide-eyed, making a whimpering sound.

As if something was choking him.

If he died, it wouldn't be fun anymore, so I summoned the guard in charge of the water dungeon.

Grumbling, the guard entered and mercilessly pounded Mo Dexin's back.

Finally, he expelled the object stuck in his throat.

It was a wad of used toilet paper.

"Wu-wu-wu... they probably brought us the leftovers from sweeping the tables..."

Mo Dexin cried like a child.

In the end, he looked at me with pleading eyes: "Yuanyuan, I know you've always had a compassionate heart. Can't you just spare a dog's life and release me?"

In this hellish place, his life wasn't worth more than that of a dog.

I internally scoffed, but my expression remained unchanged: "If I were to save you, I want the contact information of that little sweetheart of yours."

Mo Dexin hesitated: "...She's timid; please don't bring her to a place like this."

So, I could be sold to the north of Myanmar.

I had been in a relationship with him for three years, only to be surpassed by an internet sensation he barely knew!

"Well then, seek your own fortune."

Suppressing the urge to strangle him, I turned around to leave.

"Don't go, Yuanyuan. I'll listen to you, alright! As long as you can save me, I'll do whatever you ask."

He surrendered.

What a coward.

I obtained Little Sweetheart's phone number, then brought the bucket containing leeches from the guard booth. In the astonished eyes of Mo Dexin, I poured those dreadful leeches into the water dungeon.

"Suyuan, you're fickle!"

Mo Dexin's screams were truly delightful.

However, my revenge had only just begun.


Based on my understanding of Mo Dexin, his previous social circle was very simple, with a brain capacity that could only stretch so far.

If someone hadn't guided him, he wouldn't have had the capability to sell me to this place.

This matter was undoubtedly closely related to that Little Sweetheart.

So, I must make Little Sweetheart reap what she sowed.

Private cellphone use was strictly prohibited in the scamming operation.

Being here, for the sake of revenge, I didn't mind losing 800 in killing 1000.

Over two months, I got close to the Viper, becoming the woman who slept beside him.

Besides the scamming operation in the KK Industrial Park, the Viper also had some shady dealings in several Southeast Asian countries.

Due to my proficiency in several languages and networking skills, I quickly became the Viper's assistant.

Once I had a phone in hand, I began planning the scheme to bring Little Sweetheart here.

"Surnamed Mo, do you think I'm a fool? How could I not know what's going on in the north of Myanmar?"

Using Mo Dexin's social media account, I messaged her, and she replied straightforwardly.

It was a bit challenging to deceive her.

When meeting clients with the Viper, I took the risk of snapping some photos at high-end events and sent them to her.

Among them was a picture of me toasting with the Viper.

"You actually can have a meal with him; he's the Viper!"

This internet sensation had some connections.

Despite being in China, she actually knew about the Viper.

I continued to boast, as if I were already superior to everyone here.

"Xin ge, how are you so amazing? In such a short time, you've become the Viper's confidante!"

Her address changed from "surnamed Mo" to "Xin ge," indicating that Little Sweetheart had begun to believe me.

"Invite you to share my enjoyment, and you keep hesitating. Baby, don't you love me anymore?"

I almost vomited at my own nauseating words.

Under my sweet talk, Little Sweetheart finally yielded.

The prey was about to enter my trap.

On the day I was to pick up Little Sweetheart in Myawaddy, I was in a good mood, even specially applying makeup.

The Viper, not trusting me alone, had Shang Biao bring along two brothers to protect me.

A group of four arrived at the prearranged small park, but we didn't see Little Sweetheart.

The park was relatively quiet, a healing haven after witnessing months of bloodshed and horror.

We ordered a few cups of coffee and waited patiently. Shang Biao even playfully ordered a cup of pearl milk tea for me.

After two or three hours, he said he was hungry and went to buy something to eat.

Not long after

he left, an armed group stormed into the coffee shop, directly killing the henchmen Shang Biao had brought.

"I can sell you the first time, and I can sell you the second time. Do you think you're the Viper's plaything, and I dare not touch you?"

Little Sweetheart finally appeared, wearing sunglasses, a clever smile on her face, and even a touch of elegance.

When I was seized into that black SUV, I realized I had underestimated the situation.

Little Sweetheart surprisingly had influence over the armed forces here.

It appears that this internet sensation is not as innocent as she seems; her identity is intricate.

I cannot simply sit idly; my vendetta remains unfulfilled.

I contemplated calling the Viper, only to discover my phone was nowhere on my person.

Shang Biao, who had just bought bubble tea, used my phone for payment, yet the scoundrel did not return it to me.

As he departed, these individuals stormed in.

He also confiscated my phone, rendering me unable to seek help.

This cannot be mere coincidence; Shang Biao must have orchestrated this intentionally!

Perhaps this group had already laid a trap, patiently waiting for him to lead me into it.

Observing my expression, Little Sweetheart, with a touch of mockery in her tone, remarked, "Suyuan, oh Suyuan, I used to think it was foolish for you to engage in a three-year relationship with Mo Dexin. Now I see that not only are you foolish but also reckless."

I genuinely hadn't anticipated that even through textual conversations across screens, she would discern that I am not Mo Dexin.

"Now that you're in my hands, do as you please, but mind your language!"

Despite my fierce glare, she remained unfazed and found it amusing.

"Although you glare at me now, soon enough you'll be begging me to spare you!"

I refuse to bow down to such an individual, even if death is imminent.

"Have you ever wondered how I knew you're not Mo Dexin?"

She would likely offer an explanation, but at this point, knowing such details is irrelevant.

I cast my gaze indifferently out of the car window.

The outside world bustled with activity, yet witnessing my forced entry into the vehicle did not attract a single curious onlooker.

It seems my demise is imminent.

"It was your good boyfriend, Mo Dexin, who braved countless dangers to call me. He said, 'Darling, you're so delicate; you mustn't be deceived into coming to a place like this.'"

Your pride means nothing!

Mentioning Mo Dexin reignited my fury, prompting me to lunge at her, intending to strangle her.

Before I could reach her, a security guard's gun was pointed at my forehead.

"If you don't want to die, behave yourself!"

The gun was chilling, emanating a palpable sense of authority, its touch invigorating and awakening.

Suppressing my anger, I dared not move.

Little Sweetheart provocatively extended her fair, delicate hand, lightly patting my face.

"Rest assured, darling, I won't let you die so easily. The pearl milk tea is still waiting for you!"


The journey wasn't long, but the mountainous road was rugged. It took quite a while before I was taken to an unidentified mountain.

Tall walls surrounded an isolated small courtyard.

Each corner of the courtyard had a guard post.

Every guard held a submachine gun, maintaining strict vigilance.

"Do you know what this place is? A human milk factory! Congratulations, Suyuan, you will soon become a cow here."

That wretched woman laughed with unbridled delight.

Despite not losing internet connection at home, I had heard of the human milk factory, and a sense of dread engulfed me.

As the car stopped, a gun-wielding guard came to welcome Little Sweetheart.

"Wolf Brother mentioned this morning that Sweetheart Sister went out for supplies, never expecting she'd bring the cow back so soon!"

Seeing the guard's deferential demeanor, I realized I had crossed paths with a formidable adversary in Little Sweetheart.

Her infiltration was deep, truly beyond imagination.

Walking and instructing the guard at the same time, she said, "Quickly inform Wolf Brother. I've captured the Snake's woman!"

Upon hearing this, the guard immediately beamed, "Snake has always wanted to take over our business. Wolf Brother loathes him. Sweetheart Sister capturing this woman is truly relieving Wolf Brother's pent-up frustration!"

Under Little Sweetheart's orders, the guard ushered me into a sealed room.

The room was dim and damp, permeated with a strong stench of blood.

The furnishings were extremely simple, consisting of an iron bed, along with some ropes, empty beer bottles, and a whip.

A quick glance revealed this was a torture chamber where countless people must have entered walking and left being carried out.

Understanding the situation, I asked the security guard about Little Sweetheart's motives.

He directly informed me that Little Sweetheart is the daughter of a small leader in this place.

"Sister Sweetheart's main task is to deceive men into getting involved in online loans, letting them sink deeper. Subsequently, in order to repay the debt, they willingly come to northern Myanmar to earn big money."

It's all a ruse.

I still remember that day when Mo Dexin said he wanted to spend the Qixi Festival together in Xishuangbanna.

A spontaneously planned trip turned out to be far from romantic; it was nothing short of heart-pounding.

We stayed at a not-so-high-end hotel, and after having a bit of alcohol, I was inexplicably brought here by them.

What's even more despicable is that while others were duped into coming to northern Myanmar, Mo Dexin's first thought was to sell me off.

The flames of hatred burned within, but I could only grit my teeth in helpless frustration.


The iron door was kicked open, and Little Sweetheart appeared at the doorway.

A hint of gloom flickered in her gaze as she ominously stated, "Originally, I had no qualms with you. But, Suyuan, if you intend harm, don't blame me for being ruthless."


My clothes were stripped off by the guards.

They bound me to the iron bed, then used two sharp metal clamps on my chest.

As the guard was about to electrify the clamps, the iron door was kicked open again.

A tall and imposing figure stood in the backlight, blurring my vision with tears once more.

Judging by the silhouette, he resembled the Snake.

"Save me..."

My throat had long since become hoarse, and seeing a lifeline, I was too excited to make a sound.

However, as he approached, I realized my mistake.

Both the guard and Little Sweetheart bowed and fawned, "Big Brother Wolf."

He is the boss of the human milk factory, known as Wolf Brother.

True to his name, he had a ferocious appearance, with pockmarked skin covering his face.

I had heard about the enmity between Wolf Brother and the Snake before.

This wasn't my savior; it was the Lord of Death delivering me to my demise.

I felt utter despair.

Unexpectedly, Wolf Brother glanced at me and promptly slapped Little Sweetheart.

"Who allowed you to treat her this way?"

I was perplexed.

Others present were equally baffled.

Little Sweetheart appeared even more aggrieved, tears welling up in her eyes.

A security guard hurriedly explained, "Wolf Brother, this woman can have a private dinner with the Snake, indicating her distinguished status."

"She's only been here for a few months; how distinguished could she be?"

Wolf Brother's gaze was ominous, seemingly angered.

Little Sweetheart, covering her flushed face, said, "Modexin told me everything. This woman betrayed him and sided with the Snake as soon as she arrived in northern Myanmar. Shouldn't such a woman be punished with the most malicious methods?"

Even Wolf Brother couldn't help but laugh, "Sweetheart, how many times have I told you, don't do anything with personal motives! What, did you disregard my words, intending to avenge Modexin?"

Little Sweetheart dared not speak.

Though she bowed her head, her gaze remained fiercely fixed on me.

Wolf Brother ordered the security to release me from the small bed, and I quickly put on my clothes.

However, they tore my top, leaving nothing concealed.

Wolf Brother took off his own shirt and tossed it to me.

He walked out bare-chested, instructing, "The smell here is too strong. Let her take a good bath and then bring her to see me!"

He actually gave me his shirt, infuriating Little Sweetheart.

But I knew she wouldn't dare to act out, so I deliberately raised an eyebrow at her.

Can't fight you physically, but I can still provoke you.

As Little Sweetheart led me to Wolf Brother, I felt uneasy, unsure of what I was about to face.

Despite the hatred in Little Sweetheart's eyes, I lifted my head, deliberately challenging her with my gaze.

I will settle the score with this troublemaker sooner or later. It's either her demise or mine.

Little Sweetheart initially planned to accompany me, but the security guard at the door stopped her.

"Wolf Brother instructed you to go on your own and accept the punishment. If you violate again, don't blame him for being ruthless!"

I entered the heavily guarded office, and Wolf Brother ordered others to leave.

"I truly am not associated with the Snake. I speak multiple languages and can assist him; that's why I was kept by his side..."

I attempted to explain, but Wolf Brother stopped me with a gesture.

Then he handed me a photograph.

"Recognize this person?"


A beautiful and youthful maiden, with collagen radiance on her face, adorned with a lovely butterfly bow on her head. She wore a necklace with a zodiac horse pendant.

"Zhang Jing!"

The person in the photo was plump and radiant, appearing to weigh more than 80 kilograms.

Yet I still recognized her.

Despite slimming down, her delicate features hadn't changed.

Wolf Brother's eyes brightened, his tone seeming somewhat excited, "Is she in the Snake's hands?"

Judging by his concerned expression, I figured Zhang Jing might be a relative or friend of his.

If I said Zhang Jing was already dead, it would undoubtedly unleash his fury.

I had no choice but to muster the courage to ask, "She is indeed in the Snake's hands. Wolf Brother, do you know her?"

"She's my younger brother's daughter, orphaned since childhood. I raised her."

So, Zhang Jing held great significance for Wolf Brother, almost like a biological daughter.

Thankfully, I didn't blurt out that she was already dead.

If Wolf Brother got angry, I would have no chance of survival.

Wolf Brother further informed me that Zhang Jing had been safe and sound studying in China. However, at the end of last year, she suddenly ran to northern Myanmar to find him and lost contact midway.

"My people searched for her for over half a year, covering every possible place, but still couldn't find Zhang Jing. I suspect she's with the Snake."

You guessed right, but why didn't you take action earlier?

Such a good girl.

The pink suitcase by the river lingered in my mind.

"How... is she?"

Asking this question, the kingpin of killers seemed to reveal a hint of vulnerability.

I casually smiled, "The girl is clever, has learned to adapt, and hasn't suffered. She's doing fine."

Wolf Brother sighed in relief, his tense expression relaxing.

It was evident he truly cared about Zhang Jing.

Turns out, even people like them have familial bonds.

"I'll have someone send you back tomorrow. I hope the Snake understands the rules of the underworld – an eye for an eye. He should return Zhang Jing to me at the right time."

"As long as you let me go back, I will definitely persuade the Snake to release Zhang Jing. If he refuses, in gratitude to you, I'll find a way to free her secretly."

For the sake of escaping death, words flowed effortlessly from my mouth.

Chapter 2


Gratefully, Wolf Brother had me escorted back.

When I returned to the base, the guards at the entrance gawked at me as if they'd seen a ghost.

Someone went to report to Shang Biao, and he, initially skeptical, rushed over to see for himself.

Seeing me, his face unexpectedly turned pale.

"Suyuan, how... how did you escape?"

"It's curious how you knew where I went. I wonder how you found out."

My gaze was piercing.

Shang Biao seemed somewhat guilty, but still put on a show of strength, "Is it strange that I knew where you went? Only Ah Lang here dares to oppose our boss!"

"Oh, that does sound reasonable. But why weren't you around when trouble struck? And quite coincidentally, you took away my phone."

"What are you implying? Why would I harm you? The boss treats me so well..."


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