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The Demon in my dream

The Demon in my dream

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Vryll Lorelei D. Acosta was controlled by a dream that's always repeating. It's like... she's trapped. She's trapped with a dream that is full of darkness...but, with so much body pleasure. Vryll is so confused about the man having sex in her dream...but one day, she just woke up with the feeling of excitement of seeing that man again in her dream. She was inlove. She was inlove with the man that according to psychology is a demon who loves to have pleasure of Vryll's body. She's inlove with that demon in her dream. Are their love story have an endgame? Are their love story possible? Who's that man in her dream?

Work of fiction


This story is a WORK OF FICTION. Any names, characters, places and events are just made by the author’s imagination.

BEAR WITH ME, I'm just a newborn writer sharing my ideas and imaginations and give a lil' lesson. My works aren't perfect!

This is not edited yet so expect the unexpected. GRAMMARS and TYPO ERRORS AHEAD!

PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! Never copy or steal this story. Any ideas, lines, names, places and events that's being copied is considered a crime for stealing mine. It's a crime!

If you don't like my story, feel free to scroll and ignore this. But if you want to, feel free to scroll down and read the story of Vryll and Ivan. Read about how they met, the flow of their love story, and what's the ending.

This story is about a demon and a human being who fell in love with each other. This story has matured contents that 18+ age should only read.

In this story, you will be able to realize that love conquers everything. Love has no ideal type and love has no world.

Your vote and comment in this story is highly appreciated!

Scroll down and enjoy reading...



"Ohh..." I let out a soft moan as I felt his hands groping every part of my body. It's satisfying.

"W-Who are you?" I asked in the middle of his kisses.


I giggled in pleasure when he slowly entered his manhood down there. Seconds after, he started to cry after sensing the change in my expression.

He started thrusting. Slow to faster, and to deeper.

I hugged him so tight while closing my eyes due to the sensation, feeling every time he buried in me.

I closed my eyes even more as I felt his manhood grow deeper inside me.

“I'm near, I-Ivan...”

He didn't respond and instead, he's just thrusting until my juices explode.

But when I open my eyes, there's no Ivan on top of me. There's no Ivan who's making love with me. No corner at all.

"You had a dream, didn't you?" Xia suddenly asked before closing the book she was reading. She woke up a while


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