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The Chronicles of Sea Orchid's Exorcism

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Thousands of years ago, the heavenly general Sea Orchid was ordered to kill Thousand Feathers:, the "extremely evil demon". Thousand Feathers:was executed on the bank of the River Styx; Thousands of years later, the human girl Sea Orchid was once again ordered to kill Thousand Feathers:, the flower demon of Manjushage Only this time, who will win and who will lose? The Manjushage blooming on the bank of the Styx River becomes more and more fierce every year, more desperate and more crazy every year. The fiery red flower is the blood he shed. There are flowers but no leaves, there are leaves but no flowers, and the flowers and leaves are missed from life to life.

Chapter 1 Explosion

On Sunday, I practiced cooking alone at home. Mom said she would come back for lunch and wanted me to cook a decent meal. So I worked for two hours and finally cooked a few delicious-looking dishes. It was almost noon. I first brought the cooked dishes to the table, and then went into the kitchen to prepare the last dish. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I heard a deafening explosion. I didn't even have time to cover my ears, and a sentence came into my mind: It's over, the gas bottle exploded, and my mother will scold me when I get back.

I opened my eyes. Why open your eyes? I was also curious when I opened it. Then I saw a handsome man in ancient white clothes, holding a book in his hand and looking at me with a smile.

I found myself floating in the void, confused for a long time, and then asked: "So, I am dead? Are you a god? Are you here to pick me up?"

The handsome guy in white blinked his eyes and said very gently: "I am Bai Wuchang Niluo."

"Bai Wuchang?! Do you still have a name?" I was speechless and looked him up and down.

A pair of peach blossom eyes, thin pink lips with a smile, her hair is neatly combed, a white jade hairpin is passed through, and a white forged belt hangs down on both sides, straight to the shoulders, and there is a famous pearl inlaid in the center of the belt. , holding a volume of book in his hand, this is a perfect-looking handsome man who never eats fireworks!

Is this really the legendary messenger from the underworld?

Mianluo continued to smile gracefully: "Bai Wuchang is just a job title. There are many people like me in the underworld, who are in charge of matters such as sending people to reincarnate and return to the human world. Miss Sea Orchid, your life is not over yet, but your body is... It was destroyed, so we had to find another body for you that is suitable for your soul, but this body is not in your era..."

"You can just tell me to send me to time travel." I was so excited, time travel, time travel!

Miannuluo smiled: "Then, if you are ready, we will set off."

"Wait!" I thought of my parents, and I felt anxious, and said to myself, "I have to leave a letter to my mother, otherwise she will be worried."

"But, your body has been destroyed..."

"Is it okay if I possess you for a while?"

Mianluo hesitated for a while, then pushed my body, I yelled and fell down.

Opened his eyes and saw only one eye, the left eye was dark. I forced myself to sit up. My body felt no pain, just very weak. There was a blood-red and disgusting thing hanging on the edge of the sink. When I looked closely, I saw it was half an intestine. I was so frightened that I almost fainted... My mind just reflected what had just happened, and then I lowered my head in fear. At a glance, I saw that my chest and stomach had exploded into a plate of tomato salad.

I screamed and rolled back.

If it explodes like this, I would rather die.

Oh, no, I was already dead.

I immediately remembered the purpose of my coming here. By the way, I wanted to leave a letter to my parents. Climb to the study to find paper and pen? I don't want to stay in a body like this for a minute! Look at the blood flowing all over the ground and use local materials.

I dipped my stiff fingers in blood and wrote on the wall: Mom and Dad, don't worry, I just traveled through time, and I will come back to see you often.

Looking at the bloody lines of words on the snow-white wall, the visual effect is quite shocking.

I lay down satisfied and died.

Chapter 2 Wanted Orders in the Underworld and Demon World

Returned to the misty void again. I quickly checked my body, and found that my arms and legs were all intact, and then I breathed a sigh of relief.

Mianluo motioned for me to follow him.

I was so excited that I felt so happy that I no longer had to study or take the college entrance examination, and could sleep in every day.

"Handsome boy, where are you taking me? First of all, let me declare that I will never go to the Qing Dynasty! I will die without even having a boyfriend in this life. I don't want to find a bun. What's the use of being handsome with a bare face? No matter how handsome you are, He's also a dumpling. It's your fault that my body was destroyed, and you have to compensate me." I muttered.

Mianniuo said in a very gentle and approachable way: "Don't worry, the era we went to is quite far away. We are not on the same historical line as you."

I was overjoyed and said, "So, I am traveling th


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