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The CEO Big Cat's Married Life

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The term "Big cat" refers to large members of the feline family. The secretary has three qualities: obedience, competence, and good cooking skills. Du Ruoyu, the excellent secretary, suddenly finds himself "proposed to" by the CEO with a hefty sum of money. "I'm hiring you to be my wife." But after the sham marriage, Du Ruoyu unexpectedly discovers— Something seems a bit off about this company??? The s*xy assistant is a Siberian Husky, the legal advisor is a gazelle, And the CEO, who couldn't care less about dogs or cats, Turns out to be a big lion who sheds fur when under stress! So Du Ruoyu stumbles into the peak of life, Flirting with the CEO during the day, and petting the lion at home at night... His heart full of complaints about the ostensibly gentle bottom and the outwardly cold but actually tsundere top.

Chapter 1 Marriage Agreement

"Down the road, the old man fell asleep again in his thatched hut. He still slept on his stomach, while the boy sat beside watching him.

"The old man was dreaming of lions."

Du Ruoyu closed his book, checked the time, and felt it was time to leave.

He straightened his clothes, debated for a moment, then decided to wear a tie. In the mirror, he looked quite decent, albeit with a somewhat childish face. But with glasses on, he appeared more refined, exuding an intellectual vibe.

Du Ruoyu took a deep breath and left his rented apartment for the company.

Du Ruoyu worked for a well-known cultural entertainment company called Liying Group, which owned a film and television production company, an artist management agency, and an independent cultural fund investment platform. Its position in the country was quite good, with a trend of continuous growth.

Du Ruoyu worked at the headquarters of the group as a secretary.

Because of the convenience, he rented a house near the company. So, he arrived at his destination shortly. Even though it was the weekend, many people were still working overtime. As he passed through the lobby, everyone greeted him.

"Secretary Du."

Du Ruoyu responded with a smiling nod.

He stepped into the elevator, heading straight to the top floor where the company's executives were located. Exiting the elevator, he swiped his card to enter the office area and headed straight to the CEO's office, just like any other day.

Du Ruoyu knocked on the door, and the person inside allowed him to enter.

He pushed the door open and glanced at the people in the office, greeting with a smile, "Mr. Shi, good afternoon."

Du Ruoyu was the secretary of Shi Yiguang, the CEO of Liying Group. Shi Yiguang was sitting behind his desk, looking at some documents intently. He was indeed the epitome of a CEO character straight out of a classic novel.

Rich and handsome, with a strong emphasis on quality, just a glance from him could make hearts race uncontrollably, at least speeding up a few beats for anyone. Du Ruoyu wasn't exaggerating. He used to think that the domineering CEO archetype only existed in people's fantasies until he met Shi Yiguang.

Although most people were reluctant to believe it, there were indeed individuals blessed with unique advantages in this world.

However, it's better to admire the domineering CEO from a distance. Once you get close, you realize it's not what it seems, especially when you're the CEO's secretary—it's hard to put into words.

Du Ruoyu maintained his smile from the moment he entered. Shi Yiguang was wearing a suit vest with the top two buttons of his shirt undone, appearing slightly more relaxed than usual. However, he still didn't smile much. He raised his eyes and gave Du Ruoyu a faint glance before gesturing for him to sit on the sofa in the reception area. Then, he himself walked over.

There was another person in the office, Shi Yiguang's lawyer, whom Du Ruoyu recognized as a secretary. He smiled at the lawyer and sat on the sofa.

The lawyer stepped forward to Du Ruoyu and handed him a stack of papers, saying with a smile, "Secretary Du, these are your marriage agreements, including the division of property and the handling of social relations between Mr. Shi and you, as well as confidentiality agreements."

Du Ruoyu took the papers and glanced through them. With Shi Yiguang's gaze fixed on him, he felt a prickling sensation on his back. He smiled and responded to the lawyer, "Of course."

It was a joke. Shi Yiguang's assets were substantial, although Du Ruoyu couldn't precisely quantify them, but the company's turnover was in the tens of millions for small projects.

As for himself, he still had to pay the mortgage every month. Only a fool would expect Shi Yiguang to alleviate poverty.

"Furthermore, Mr. Shi hopes that you can maintain a certain distance within this marriage and not inquire into each other's privacy," the lawyer explained on the side.

Du Ruoyu nodded as he listened to the lawyer, "Of course, I don't want to resign, so I won't disclose our marriage in the company."

The lawyer spoke kindly throughout, always saying "Mr. Shi hopes" or "Mr. Shi thinks," as if his attitude were very gentle. However, the wording in the documents was extremely serious and rigid, requiring Du Ruoyu to maintain confidentiality externally, or else it would be considered a breach of contract.

Du Ruoyu thought, who would disclose it anyway? Was he the kind of person to announce to the world with a loudspeaker that "I'm married to the CEO"?

As a secretary, although Du Ruoyu had seen many contracts, he was definitely not as professional as Shi Yiguang's lawyer. He read the agreement several times but couldn't find any loopholes. He looked up at the lawyer and said, "Do I only have obligations and no rights?"

Shi Yiguang gestured to the lawyer beside him. The lawyer handed another document to Du Ruoyu, saying, "If your marriage with Mr. Shi can be maintained perfectly until he fully inherits the estate, you will receive generous rewards."

Du Ruoyu continued to read.

Wow, it was indeed generous. He would even receive real estate in the end, which he couldn't earn in his whole life. Once he got this money, he would achieve financial freedom immediately.

However, all of this required him to exchange it with a blank marriage record.

As the secretary to the CEO, due to various reasons, he had to marry his own CEO.

Since the legalization of same-sex marriage and the development of cellular engineering and embryo technology, the problem of offspring for same-sex couples had been solved. However, the technology was still expensive, and its popularity wasn't very high. But because of these reasons, same-sex marriage wasn't uncommon anymore.

Of course, Du Ruoyu didn't have any personal feelings for Shi Yiguang. This marriage was just a formality, and according to the agreement, it was not only a formality but also a hidden marriage.

"After Mr. Shi achieves his goal, you will peacefully divorce. If you really want to get married in the future, and your spouse doubts your marital record, Mr. Shi can explain it," the lawyer said.

This was unexpected for Du Ruoyu. Shi Yiguang was willing to speak up for him. But it was clear that Shi Yiguang's emotional intelligence was low. This kind of thing couldn't be explained so easily, wouldn't it just make matters worse?

Du Ruoyu didn't respond to Shi Yiguang's kind intentions but instead smiled and said, "I am Mr. Shi's secretary, and I have a lot of work to do on weekdays. Now, because of my marriage with Mr. Shi..." He felt a bit embarrassed to say it out loud, "I still have to accompany Mr. Shi to act, and I have to be by the CEO's side twenty-four hours a day. It feels like taking on another job."

He maintained his smile and looked at his boss and future husband, saying, "Shouldn't I calculate additional workload and salary?"

Shi Y

iguang glanced at him, and Du Ruoyu felt a tingling sensation on his scalp, but he still stood his ground without flinching.

Shi Yiguang finally spoke, "How do you want to calculate it?"

Du Ruoyu had long gotten used to his boss's icy demeanor, but even if he was glared at, he had to try to negotiate for a raise.

He said, "You are the boss, and the boss has the final say."

Shi Yiguang looked at Du Ruoyu, who felt his scalp numb under his gaze but still didn't retreat.

Shi Yiguang turned his head to the lawyer and said, "Add an additional clause, pay him extra hourly for twelve hours a day, I'll pay for it myself."

Du Ruoyu smiled, "Thank you, Mr. Shi. Since this marriage will require me to be in a working state all day long, inevitably affecting my daytime work, shouldn't I be given a raise?"

Shi Yiguang shifted his gaze back to him, coldly saying, "Don't push your luck."

Du Ruoyu touched his nose and didn't dare to say more.

Du Ruoyu had been following Shi Yiguang since he graduated. At that time, he was young and inexperienced, often angering Shi Yiguang and receiving reprimands with a stern face. But as Du Ruoyu gained experience and made fewer mistakes, Shi Yiguang rarely criticized him. However, the CEO's slightly harsh personality hadn't changed.

The lawyer saw their interaction without any change in expression, just friendly smiling at Du Ruoyu.

Du Ruoyu lifted the glasses on his nose and said, "Since Mr. Shi disagrees, I have nothing else to say." He took out a pen from his jacket pocket and signed his name where necessary on the documents.

As a result, the lawyer immediately took out an ink pad and handed it over, saying, "Please press your fingerprint on the designated place."

Du Ruoyu complied silently.

"The contract may not be my area of expertise, but since I have agreed to this, I will fulfill my duties," he said, looking at Shi Yiguang, "Please continue to instruct me, Mr. Shi."

Shi Yiguang seemed to soften his expression slightly, pondering for a moment before saying, "You're going to be trouble."

Du Ruoyu and the lawyer both showed expressions as if they had seen a ghost. Hearing such reassuring and grateful words from Shi Yiguang was like witnessing a miracle.

The lawyer asked Shi Yiguang involuntarily, "Are you really going to marry Secretary Du?"

Shi Yiguang lowered his eyes, adjusting his cufflinks, "Why not? Are you suggesting you want to marry me?"

The lawyer chuckled, "I'm a vegetarian, a herbivore. Are you sure?"

Shi Yiguang looked at him with a rare overt disdain in his eyes, "Du Ruoyu has a simple background, and few family members. After three years with me, I understand his character quite well. He is the most reliable choice."

The lawyer continued to smile, "I didn't expect Secretary Du to agree. It's quite miraculous. But you should be careful. If you expose your true nature in front of him, growl, for example, you might scare him away."

Shi Yiguang said, "Believe me, I have a hundred ways to make you make that sound."

The lawyer shrugged. He wasn't Du Ruoyu. He wasn't afraid of the CEO. "Fine, the growl comes from a tiger."

Shi Yiguang snorted, "You won't get caught, but even if you do, I can give him an injection, hypnotize him, and he won't remember anything. That's why I chose an ordinary person. It's convenient in this regard."

"Besides, I'm a man, and he's a man too. We're straightforward and easy to maintain a distance."

The lawyer: "..."

Shi Yiguang is really pushing the envelope here, but the lawyer won't be stupid enough to say it out loud. After all, he's just a delicate herbivore... No, vegetarian.

The lawyer shrugged and said, "Well, congratulations on getting married anyway."

Shi Yiguang remained silent.

Chapter 2 Old-fashioned Melodrama

Du Ruoyu is indeed just an ordinary person.

Indeed, Du Ruoyu is just an ordinary person.

In his family, there is his mother and younger sister. His father passed away when he was a child, and their relatives are few, with somewhat distant relationships. It hasn't been easy for his mother to raise two children alone.

Du Ruoyu has been sensible since childhood, performed well academically, and didn't cause much worry for his mother. He smoothly entered a good university and, upon graduation, applied to Liying Group as a fresh graduate. Unexpectedly, he was picked up by the CEO, Shi Yiguang, and became the CEO's secretary.

This is probably the only extraordinary thing in his ordinary life.

Many people struggle for years in a company before getting the chance to meet the top management. Yet, on his first day at the company, Du Ruoyu achieved it.

Du Ruoyu's salary is higher than that of his peers. After startin


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