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Rebirth: My School Beauty Girlfriend

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: win
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Reborn back to the student days, this wanted to low-key life, but the system does not allow ah! The first time I drove a limited edition super car to the school, this time, the whole school sensation!! . "It's a wonderful day!" Wake up from the bed, ginger Ruoran lazy stretched a lazy, and then can't wait to grab the pillow side of the phone, see if ye autumn has no back message. From yesterday afternoon to yesterday evening, she sent at least a dozen wechat to Ye Qiu. The results! Yesterday during the day, Ye Qiu did not return a! Her heart is still hoping, maybe he woke up to be able to wait for autumn leaf back to the message. What a pity! When she opened Autumn Ye's head, she found that the chat box was empty, Autumn Ye did not reply to her message at all! "Stinking brother, you didn't respond to my message?"

Chapter 1 Where did this rich tycoon come from?

"Have you heard? Among this year's freshmen, there's an incredibly quirky guy with a 'chunibyo' personality!"

"A once-in-a-century type!"

"Last night at the student street night market, he confessed his love to Sophomore Su Xiaomeng. Of course, given Su Xiaomeng's beauty, it's normal for her to receive confessions. But this guy claimed he was from twenty years in the future, saying he was reborn to find his first love and make up for his regrets."

"Reborn? I laughed so hard, he's read too many novels!"

"At that time, someone recorded his confession to Su Xiaomeng and posted it on the campus network. Now, the whole school knows about it."

Today is the freshman registration day at Mindu Chinese University. A group of senior girls were leaving the campus, heading towards the freshman reception, gossiping along the way. Among these female students, the one in the middle was particularly eye-catching!

She wore a white shirt and light, well-applied makeup.

What was most striking were her long legs in black tights under her hip-hugging short skirt, almost captivating people's hearts...

This girl's name is Jiang Ruoran.

Because of her stunning looks and her role as the head of the Literature and Arts Department of the Student Union, and her frequent black tights dance performances, people secretly call her 'Sakurajima Mai of the three-dimensional world', a true celebrity of the Chinese University.

When Jiang Ruoran heard her friends talking about this, she smiled lightly: 'I've heard about it too!'

'I also know that this top-notch weirdo's name is Ye Qiu!'

'He's a freshman at our Chinese University this year!'

'Giggle, this poor guy is so funny, thinking he was reborn to find his first love, such an absurd pick-up line.'

'It's hilarious!'

Others around them laughed upon hearing this, 'It's really funny.'

'With this stunt, he's not only become the public enemy of all the boys in the school but also collapsed his image among the girls.'

'Collapsed to the point of completely losing the right to choose a partner!'

As they spoke, they had already arrived at the freshman reception at the school gate.

Jiang Ruoran glanced over the long line at the reception, paying extra attention to the boys in the queue, but these boys were ordinary and clearly not to her taste.

Jiang Ruoran just looked at them briefly and quickly lost interest.

She withdrew her gaze.

'Why isn't there a single eye-catching freshman this year?' Jiang Ruoran wondered with interest.

Mindu Chinese University, a purely liberal arts university!

Statistics show that the ratio of male to female students on campus has reached a staggering 1:6!

For example, on average, one boy could be matched with six girls!

Those who are not too ugly, or have some talent, or a little money, or some personality, won't have trouble finding a girlfriend here.

A typical case of more monks than porridge!

Because so many girls can't find boyfriends, they turn their attention to each freshman class.

It's called: Strike first!

Jiang Ruoran is one of them!

It's not that she can't find a boyfriend. With her looks and body, plus her status as the head of the Literature and Arts Department, if she nodded, the boys chasing her would line up from the playground to the school gate.


Her standards are too high!

Otherwise, being a junior, she wouldn't have failed to find a suitable man!

After standing for a while, Jiang Ruoran got a bit tired, stretched lazily, inadvertently pushing out her chest, then grabbed a milk tea next to her and took a sip.

This move made the new students who were already sneaking peeks at her heart jump!

This black-tights senior is really something!

'Ruoran, you're right, I've observed too, this batch of freshmen really doesn't have any eye-catching boys.'

'A few are fair and tender, but unfortunately too short, not even as tall as you, not a match!'

'With your standards, you definitely won't be interested.'

Another girl teased with a smile: 'Ruoran, maybe you can consider that once-in-a-century weirdo Ye Qiu!'

Jiang Ruoran, holding an iced milk tea, had just taken a sip when she heard her friend's teasing and spat it out, saying speechlessly: 'Please, do you think I, Jiang Ruoran, am so desperate?'

'Such a chunibyo guy, he can't be a rich second generation, do you think I would be interested?'

'I, Jiang Ruoran, have sworn that I'd rather be alone than settle for less, even if it means being single for life, I would never go for such a chunibyo guy!'

Just as Jiang Ruoran's voice fell, a series of beast-like roaring engine sounds suddenly erupted!

Soon, a cool, awesome, and incredible red single-row supercar appeared at the entrance of the Chinese University. With the appearance of the supercar, the originally noisy freshman reception suddenly quieted down!

Almost everyone's gaze was simultaneously drawn to the cool and impressive supercar!

Jiang Ruoran's gaze was especially fixed on the supercar, unblinking.

"Who is this tycoon?"

Under everyone's gaze, the red car steadily stopped in front of them. Ye Qiu didn't pay attention to the looks from outside the car, instead, he checked the system interface.

【Perfect Male God System!】

【Mission: Drive the supercar to report to the Finance Department at Mindu Chinese University!】

【Time limit: 2 hours!】

【Remaining time for the mission: 1 hour 36 minutes 23 seconds!】

Seeing that there was still so much time left, Ye Qiu breathed a sigh of relief... fortunately, there was no traffic jam on the road!

Ye Qiu rolled down the car window next to the driver's seat and poked his head out, asking the students outside: "Hello, fellow student, I am a freshman in the Finance Department of Chinese University. Could you please tell me where the reporting location for the Finance Department is?"

As soon as Ye Qiu said this, the entire school entrance boiled over!

"Wow, he's a freshman?"

"I thought he was just passing by, but he turns out to be a freshman of this year?"

"Oh my, coming to report in a supercar, couldn't you be a bit more low-key, making us who don't even have a driver's license feel so inadequate?"

The new students queuing in the long line, looking at the cool red supercar, had indescribable envy in their eyes.

And those senior girls responsible for welcoming the new students suddenly perked up with energy!

Chapter 2 Senior sisters, you need to be reserved!

At this moment, the senior sisters assigned by the school to welcome the freshmen perked up with energy!

They had been receiving new students for so long.


Some of them had done it last year.

But even so, this was the first time they saw a freshman reporting in such a high-profile way with a supercar!

"Such a high-profile entrance, only a tycoon's son would dare to do this!"

"Look at the design of this car, it's not simple!"

"I've been waiting for an hour, finally a hot commodity. I need to make my move fast!"

"Goodness, I wonder if this freshman has a girlfriend. If not, my spring is coming as a senior!"

Jiang Ruoran was the quickest to react. While the other girls were still in shock, she had already started to make her move.

She quickly put her milk tea on the table used for registration and casually picked up the makeup mirror from the table, qui


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