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The Book of Mara

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Ten years ago, Mara's older brother disappeared just outside of their hometown. With no clues, everyone believed that he'd just run off. But Mara knew better. She vowed to continue the search. Despite being called crazy, she believed the local legend about a portal to another world. The Old Oak Archway. Now, after all these years, Mara has found a way through. What she didn't expect was to find on the other side was her brother living happily with the Golden Draygons. Suddenly, Mara is claimed by the King and the portal is closed. She is stuck on a planet filled with dragons and thrust into a struggle for power everywhere she turns. But, Tohr is determined to win her hand and her heart to keep her with him. Mara quickly learns that when a Draygon makes up his mind, he will stop at nothing to make it happen. Adults Only, Explicit Scenes, Extreme Violence, Hot Dragon Shifters The Book of Mara is created by Leann Lane, an E-Global Creative Publishing Signed Author.



Review after half of the novel

This is a good story. I am VERY happy that they didn't make Mara the typical woman in one of these stories. She has her own mind, refuses to be pushed around and will not take everything they throw at her with a meek nod of her head. I know that this is how an actual woman would react to what is happening to her. I personally would be reacting the same way. Other planet aside I would be fighting tooth and nail against the whole "mate" BS also.

May 23, 2024

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