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The Apocalypse

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kappa
  • Chapters: 42
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 30
  • ⭐ 7.5
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As calamities befall the world, torrential rains pour along with a sudden plunge into extreme cold, heralding the arrival of an ice age. In a past life, Nanci, accompanied by four cats, followed a rescue team and sought refuge in a sports arena. Unfortunately, the cats were skinned, their tendons pulled, and their meat consumed by heartless individuals. Nanci, too, succumbed to the freezing snowflakes, meeting her demise. Upon rebirth, one month prior to the onset of the apocalypse, Nanci unlocked the spatial capabilities of a jade bracelet. Stockpiling supplies, selling her villa, purchasing a high-rise building, and establishing a fortified haven, Nanci resolved to endure alongside her four feline companions. Cat food, canned delicacies, litter boxes, as well as provisions of fruits, meats, and eggs, were all meticulously stored within the spatial confines. While others shivered in the frigid cold, Nanci found solace and warmth within her fortified sanctuary. Encountering once again the cat-killing man from the sports arena, Nanci firmly grasped her blade, closed the door, and released the cats, proclaiming, "It's time for revenge, my feline friends!"

Chapter 1: Rebirth After Death

X City, Nanhu Flower Garden Villa District, Villa No. 6.

In the master bedroom on the second floor, lies a short-haired girl.

Her brows are tightly furrowed, her face pale, and her breathing is rapid.

She is lying under a blanket on a comfortable and soft bed, yet her body trembles uncontrollably.

After a while, the girl slowly opens her eyes, her gaze a bit bewildered as she looks around.

"This is..."

Nan Ci hesitantly speaks, staring at everything before her, still feeling somewhat incredulous.

Isn't this the villa she grew up in?

After the apocalypse, relentless torrential rain had flooded the entire villa district, forcing Nan Ci to evacuate with the other residents, following the rescue team. She never returned since then.

Moreover, wasn't she dead? Why would she appear in the bedroom of the villa?

A sudden realization dawns on Nan Ci, and she immediately looks towards the bedside table, finding her own mobile phone.

She presses the screen and sees the time clearly.

April 15, 3333!

It is currently six fifty-eight in the morning.

So, she... has been reborn?!

Reborn one month before the arrival of the apocalypse!

Nan Ci remembers it vividly. The apocalypse occurred on May 15, 3333, accompanied by an extremely heavy rainfall.

Everyone thought it was just an ordinary downpour, but the rain kept pouring without stopping.

The sky seemed to have a gaping hole, and the rainwater poured down directly from above.

Within just one night, water entered the houses, and furniture floated upon it.

By the second day, the rain did not show any signs of diminishing. Seeing that even the second floor was submerged, Nan Ci had to follow the rescue team and relocate to the sports arena.

Originally, it was thought to be a temporary shelter, but the rain continued without respite, lasting for several months.

The floodwater grew deeper, breaking through the river dikes and causing widespread flooding.

The heavy rain poured, and the flood raged, resulting in water and power outages.

The sports arena was filled with many people, but the relief food became increasingly scarce. Disputes and quarrels escalated into physical conflicts, and theft and looting became rampant.

In such circumstances, Nan Ci, along with her four cats, became fresh meat in the eyes of others.

Despite Nan Ci's desperate efforts to protect her cats, she couldn't keep them safe.

One night, Nan Ci was knocked unconscious by someone. When she regained consciousness, all she saw were the shattered cat skins and bones.

The sight of the bloody scene made Nan Ci's heart ache, almost leaving her breathless.

Although she sought revenge for her four cats with all her might, she became truly alone in the world.

The heavy rain stopped in the fifth month of the apocalypse. It was just entering October, so the weather shouldn't have been very cold. However, on the night the rain stopped, winter arrived overnight.

The accumulated water froze into thick ice, and snow fell from the sky.

The weather grew colder each day, eventually reaching temperatures of minus sixty to seventy degrees Celsius.

Trees and land were encased in ice, and even shorter buildings were completely hidden beneath the ice.

Tall buildings were half-frozen in the ice, with only the top halves visible, drastically reducing the space for survival.

Without electricity, people had to rely on fires for warmth.

But with ice layers tens of meters thick, it was extremely difficult to dig for firewood, as trees and plants were frozen beneath them.

Without food, without a spark, the living conditions became increasingly harsh.

Nan Ci struggled to survive in this environment, barely holding on for six months.

Constantly hungry, poorly clothed, quenching thirst with handfuls of snow, and staving off hunger by nibbling on ice.

But even so, Nan Ci couldn't hold on for much longer. Eventually, her body reached its limits and she died one snowy night.

Nan Ci remembers it vividly. Her body was emaciated and withered, resembling an old corpse.

Exposed to the elements, her fingers, toes, face, and ears all turned blueish-purple and black. Not a patch of skin was in good condition.

Thinking about the year of suffering she endured, Nan Ci's body trembles once again.

Life in the apocalypse was too difficult, too bitter.

The possibility of rebirth, of starting over, made Nan Ci unwilling to give up hope for life.

She wanted to live!

She wanted to live well with her four cats!

The heavy rain was still a month away. She could easily find a high-rise building to live in before the rain arrived and stock up on supplies.

In her previous life, she was able to endure for nearly a year with nothing.

In this life, with a month's time to prepare, Nan Ci just can't believe that she can't live longer with her four cats.

Thinking about the hardships of the previous life, the lack of clothing and food, and the desperate situation without suitable weapons, Nan Ci immediately threw off the covers and got out of bed.

Time is life, and she cannot afford to waste even the slightest bit. She needs to go out and buy, buy, buy!

She got up too suddenly, and Nan Ci's vision darkened. She almost fell over but instinctively reached for the wardrobe door, only to cut her hand on the handle.

The wardrobe handle was made of metal, with sharp edges and corners. It sliced through Nan Ci's fingers.

Nan Ci stood upright, looking at the wound on her finger. She furrowed her brows but didn't pay much attention to it, intending to find a band-aid to cover it.

But at that moment, Nan Ci witnessed something miraculous.

Her finger was now pointing upwards, and the crimson blood flowed down towards her wrist.

However, every drop of blood that flowed to her wrist was absorbed by the jade bracelet she wore.

As she observed this scene, Nan Ci even began to doubt if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Before she could examine further, the originally emerald green bracelet gradually turned red, eventually emitting a dazzling red light.

Nan Ci instinctively closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she found that the scenery before her had completely changed.

Just a second ago, she was standing in her bedroom, but now she stood in front of a bamboo house.

The bamboo house was built on the riverbank, with a murmuring stream not far away.

On the other side of the bamboo house, there was rich black soil that looked incredibly fertile.

Nan Ci's eyes widened, and she looked at everything before her in shock.

Could this be the legendary space?

Spaces actually exist?!

Upon careful consideration, it wasn't impossible.

She was able to be reborn after death, and having a space inside the jade bracelet seemed quite normal as well.

The bracelet was a relic left by Nan Ci's mother. It was said to be an ancestral heirloom, and although it had been appraised as not a valuable jade, it was very old.

Nan Ci's mother had always worn it.

After Nan Ci's parents died in a car accident, she started wearing the bracelet on her wrist to remember her mother. She never expected that the bracelet would hold such a big surprise!

Most importantly, with such a space, could she now stock up on supplies here?

Not only could she carry it with her, but she also wouldn't have to worry about others coveting it. It was an essential thing in the apocalypse!

Nan Ci was excited for quite a while before finally regaining her composure and continuing to explore the space.

Right in front of the bamboo house was a circular jade pool, in which a spring bubbled and gurgled.

No matter how the spring water churned, not a single drop spilled out.

This peculiar sight caught Nan Ci's attention, and she walked over.

The constantly rolling spring water seemed to carry a unique fragrance, causing Nan Ci's mouth to water uncontrollably. She subconsciously swallowed.

After the apocalypse, first came the torrential rain, causing floods and cutting off water and electricity, making it difficult to find drinking water.

Once the extreme cold arrived, the temperatures were too low. It required a lot of fuel to melt snow into water.

It can be said that Nan Ci hadn't enjoyed a good drink of water for a long time.

The spring water was crystal clear, without any impurities.

Nan Ci no longer hesitated, she cupped her hands and began to drink from the spring, taking big gulps.

Chapter 2: The Space of the Jade Bracelet

The spring water tasted sweet and better than any water Nan Ci had ever drunk before.

After finishing a mouthful of water, Nan Ci felt a warm and comfortable sensation in her stomach.

However, gradually, her body started to feel hot and a sense of pain began to emerge.

This sudden change caught Nan Ci off guard.

The pain grew deeper, and Nan Ci couldn't bear it any longer. She collapsed directly to the ground and eventually fell into unconsciousness.

When Nan Ci woke up again, before her eyes fully opened, she caught a whiff of an extremely pungent smell.

Nan Ci abruptly sat up and, as she lowered her head, she noticed her own dark arm emitting a sour and unpleasant odor.

The smell was overwhelming, and Nan Ci couldn't endure it for a moment. She immediately left the space and rushed to the bathroom.

She spent over an hour washing herself in the bathroom before finally f


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