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"Super Ultimate System"

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In the year 2012, the ordinary Lin Mu suddenly found himself entangled in a mysterious temporal vortex. In a fortuitous moment, he stumbled upon a disc, not an ordinary one, but a system disc from the year 2047. This disc, surpassing the technological standards of the time by decades, triggered a series of unbelievable events. What makes this disc so special? What mysteries and functions does it harbor? This became the hot topic of discussion among many. "Super Ultimate System" will unveil this captivating puzzle for readers. Lin Mu, an ordinary individual, is forced to confront this sudden and enigmatic object, sparking an adventure unlike anything he has experienced before. The appearance of a temporal vortex unveils the mystical veil shrouding the entire story. How could technology from 2047 find its way back to 2012? This journey is not just a pinnacle of technology; it's a marvelous odyssey through the fabric of spacetime. "Super Ultimate System" will showcase the awe and surprises brought about by this mysterious temporal vortex. Lin Mu, a seemingly ordinary person, becomes embroiled in an irreversible vortex of destiny due to the appearance of this disc. How will he face this unprecedented challenge from the future? Will this disc alter the trajectory of his life? "Super Ultimate System" paints a portrait of an ordinary person's extraordinary destiny, exploring the suspense and emotions within. This is a story teeming with enigmas and the unknown, a perfect fusion of science fiction and adventure. "Super Ultimate System" will guide readers through a journey beyond time and space, unveiling the mysteries concealed behind this disc. Stay tuned, as an extraordinary adventure of traversing through time is about to unfold.

Chapter 1 Computer Novice

It was 9:30 PM in Shanghai, China, in the year 2047. On a long street, a vigilant Asian man, approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, observed his surroundings with caution. Satisfied that nobody paid him any attention, he hurriedly approached a black fusion-powered car. Despite solar-powered vehicles dominating the world, some wealthy individuals preferred fusion-powered cars for their superior performance.

From his pocket, the man retrieved a square-shaped box and opened it, revealing a Blu-ray disc with an all-white cover. Although Blu-ray had become obsolete over a decade ago, this disc was specially crafted to withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for the man's secretive mission. The intense gaze he cast upon the disc hinted at its importance.

"Hehehe, I've been undercover in China for ten years. No matter how well they secure their secrets, they can't escape me. With this super system of China's secret research, we can compete with them in the field of computers," the man spoke in pure Japanese, revealing his nationality.

Carefully stowing the disc in his bag, the Japanese man accelerated the car to a hundred miles per hour as he headed towards the main road. Just as he started envisioning the rewards the Japanese Prime Minister might offer him upon his return, he noticed several small black dots appearing in the sky behind his car on the screen inside the vehicle.

"Detected," the car's screen displayed. Without hesitation, the car swiftly accelerated to a speed of 350 miles per hour. "Activate automatic direction control, set destination to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, set speed to 350 miles per hour, set complete, begin activation," an electronic voice echoed within the car. The Japanese man had initiated the car's autonomous driving function to maintain safety at such high speeds.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! Three cutting-edge Chinese high-altitude hovercraft swiftly passed overhead, generating deafening roars. "074, this is 071. The target is driving a fusion-powered car with license plate number 22569. He possesses a disc containing China's secret research from the past decade. We cannot let this disc fall into the hands of another country."

"071, we've identified the target's escape route, but he's driving at a speed of 350 miles per hour. Intercepting him may be challenging."

"074, this is 073. I obtained approval from higher-ups before departure. If we can't intercept him, we're authorized to destroy both him and the car. We must not let this disc fall into the hands of another country."

"Understood. Let's pursue him."

Swoosh, swoosh! Three high-altitude hovercraft, reaching speeds of 500 miles per hour, closed in on the rapidly moving fusion-powered car. "Warning, license plate number 22569, stop immediately, or we will launch an attack," 074 warned through a speaker system at a deafening 500 decibels.

With a swish, the fusion-powered car accelerated even further, blending into the crowded highway. "Hmph, these Japanese fools. 074, 071, lock onto the target, launch high-frequency particle lightspeed projectiles. Ensure to hit the target without harming any civilians," 073 commanded with a hint of coldness. The high-frequency particle lightspeed projectiles, a result of decades of national research, possessed an overwhelming force that no object could resist.

"Roger!" Both 074 and 071 responded simultaneously. Their fingers flew over touchscreens, and in the next moment, the firing heads of the two high-altitude hovercraft were dynamically aimed at the moving car below. With a simultaneous shout of "fire," two round white spheres, high-frequency particle lightspeed projectiles, sped toward the Japanese man.

Bang, bang! The projectiles accurately hit the car, but instead of causing an explosion, the car's space rapidly contracted, creating a white vortex visible to the naked eye. In an instant, the entire fusion-powered car, as rigid as it was, disintegrated into pieces, truly "shattered" into fragments. Observers might notice that the largest fragment's diameter did not exceed two centimeters, unlike the explosions typical of missiles hitting cars.

The Japanese man had no time to utter a scream before being engulfed in the spatial turbulence, just like the car he was riding. Both were transformed into nothingness in the blink of an eye. However, strangely, the Blu-ray disc in his possession remained undamaged in the spatial turbulence. It was indeed a peculiar occurrence. If the scientists who crafted this Blu-ray disc were aware, they might find a method to counteract the high-frequency particle lightspeed projectiles.

Thus, the Blu-ray disc drifted in the spatial turbulence, for an unknown duration. Suddenly, an inexplicable energy attracted the disc, and it vanished directly from the void.

In February 2012, Lin Mu turned eighteen. In a few days, he would enter a reputable university. However, the good mood he maintained since receiving his acceptance letter was shattered this morning. The reason was simple—his faithful "companion" of six years suddenly malfunctioned. No matter what tricks he employed, his "companion" ignored him.

"Oh! My lovely companion, how could you heartlessly abandon me!" Lin Mu couldn't help but lament.


Chapter 2 A Disc Falls from the Sky

"It didn't take long at all! You couldn't wait? Show me the issue quickly. I've got a date after fixing this, and if I'm late, I'm in trouble," Chen Bin urged as he entered Lin Mu's room.

"Alright, alright, come in," Lin Mu said, dragging Chen Bin into his room. Chen Bin and Lin Mu had been high school classmates for three years, and since both of them enjoyed playing computer games, Chen Bin had been to Lin Mu's house many times. After exchanging greetings with Lin Mu's mother, Chen Bin entered Lin Mu's room.

"Let me see what the problem is first." Chen Bin checked the laptop's power cord, found no issues, and then pressed the power button. Soon, the laptop started up. "I mean, your antique computer has been in use for so long. It struggles to run modern games. Why not get a decent one?" Chen Bin commented, looking at Lin Mu's rather old laptop.



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