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Starting from the Red Moon

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From the moment the red moon appeared in the sky, the people of the world went mad. The author describes a large number of historical events involving mass hysteria before the plot begins, and then logically introduces the cause of the apocalypse - the red moon. In this world illuminated by the red moon, the mutations of the people are mainly mental. Most of humanity is corrupted and loses their sanity, while a few survive. A very small number of people activate psychic abilities within themselves, and some of them are recruited by the authorities to become the backbone of maintaining peace in human society. The protagonist is one of them.

Chapter 1:go home

Lu Xin listened to Chen Jing's words, thought of his own condition, and felt a sudden surge of emotions.

"That's right, this is where the definition of 'pollution' comes from!"

"Depending on the source of pollution, the symptoms of the polluted vary, but each one is very terrifying, tricky, they look normal on the surface, but inside they have already undergone irreversible changes, more importantly, they are different from the madmen outside the wall, they live with us, and don't know when they will erupt, infecting the people around them!"

Chen Jing nodded, slowly explaining: "Just like the people you saw in that coffee shop just now!"

"The mental monster in the corner coffee shop, the initial mutation time could not be determined, when we found him, there were already fifteen people who had been infected by him, and had developed extreme depression, choosing to commit suicide, and it was because of these suicides that we noticed the existence of this monster, but, when we found him, there were already thirty-seven people deeply infected!"

"These thirty-seven people are serious polluters, if they are given a physical examination, they will find that their vital signs are normal, but if they are given a psychological assessment, they will find that they have all suffered serious and irreversible damage, they are still alive, but in fact they are already completely different from normal people, so we can only seal off this block, to prevent them from polluting others!"

Lu Xin listened, and felt a slight shock in his heart: "Then what is the fate of these people..."


Chen Jing said softly: "If it is only a shallow infection, they will fall into depression, sometimes they can even notice something wrong, although the mortality rate of this level of infection is still very high, but after all there is still a chance of recovery, but those people before, they had too much contact with the monster, and had completely lost their self-awareness, so there is no possibility or necessity for treatment..."

"In the plan, they are all targets to be cleared!"


Lu Xin heard this, and still couldn't help being surprised: "Killing that monster won't work?"

"Eliminating the source of pollution does not mean that the polluted will be cured immediately."

Chen Jing paused slightly, looked at Lu Xin and said: "The mental monster is just the source of pollution, all the other people or things that are polluted, also have the danger of pollution, what you killed in the subway station, was the original body of that source of pollution, and after it died, those deeply infected, would scatter around, as long as one escapes, there is still a possibility of developing into a new source of pollution!"

"By then, the pollution still exists, which is equivalent to the mental monster still not dead!"

Chen Jing said, smiled, and said: "But don't worry, the residents around, have already been evacuated, and we have arranged a large number of armed forces, guarding every main road, none of the deeply infected escaped, compared to the mental monster body, their power is much smaller, they can still be killed by ordinary thermal weapons, and they are not so easy to infect others."


Lu Xin then understood, why after the death of the coffee shop clerk, the other "customers", suddenly thought of running away.

Could it be that the mental monster realized that it was bound to die, and let the other infected escape, to prepare for rebirth?

If so, why didn't it just leave an infected person outside, to help itself rebirth at any time?

"The intelligence of a first-level mental monster is not that high!"

Chen Jing seemed to know what he wanted to ask, and explained with a smile: "They only subconsciously infect others, and the heavily infected, also subconsciously gather around him, like a whole, under his control, until the body is killed, they will lose the influence of the main body, and produce a certain degree of autonomy, but by then, it is often too late."

"So that's how it is!"

Lu Xin nodded, he slowly calmed his emotions, but still couldn't help asking the question he had always wanted to ask:

"Since it's so dangerous, then you, you arranged for me to go in, aren't you afraid that I will also be... polluted?"


Faced with this question, Chen Jing was not surprised at all, and even felt a bit strange that Lu Xin asked it at this time.

"You won't be polluted!"

She put out the cigarette in her hand, looked at Lu Xin and said: "Or rather, you have already been polluted!"

Lu Xin's eyes were momentarily confused: "What?"

"Our assessment is not to send you to die, but to have two purposes!"

Chen Jing answered carefully: "One, is to determine your ability, two, is to see if you will lose control!"

"The red moon event brought about mental mutations!"

"And the mental mutations led to two consequences, one is the emergence of mental monsters, they can't control their own mental power, will affect the people around them, and pose a great threat to the high city wall, and the surviving human beings in the world now;"

"The second consequence is the emergence of mutants who master mental power, and have mental abilities!"


She said, took the file, turned over a page, and pushed it to Lu Xin.

Lu Xin saw that it was a bunch of complex data, and various assessments and so on, when he was so dizzy, he scanned it, and could only see that it had his own photo, address, age information and the huge "spider system" and other words.



Chen Jing lit another cigarette, waved her hand to disperse the smoke in front of her, and said: "You are a mental mutant!"

"Among the analysis of your abilities, the first ability is the precise control of the body by the mind!"

"After the red moon event, some people's minds became stronger and stronger, with strong mental power, they can better control their bodies, and even control every muscle, every bone in their body, this is a very terrifying ability!"

"Before the red moon event, the best athletes in the world, their control of the body, was only about ten percent!"

"But now, more and more people can better control their bodies!"

"Among our action team, there is a person, codenamed 'Gecko', his control of the body has reached eighty percent, which gives him unimaginable power for ordinary people, he can dodge bullets, and can almost perfectly control all kinds of firearms, he can pass through holes as big as a teacup, and can also climb on the wall ignoring gravity!"


"After observation, you also have a similar ability!"

Chen Jing explained, pointing to one part of the content, and said to Lu Xin: "This ability, we call it the spider system, which means that they can control their own muscles like spiders, enhance their speed and reaction, and do things that ordinary people can't do!"

"With this ability, your ability to deal with crises and weirdness is greatly enhanced!"

"And as mental mutants, you are also often very easy to find the existence of mental monsters, and escape danger!"

She said, looking at Lu Xin seriously, and said: "Therefore, you are very suitable for pollution cleaning work!"

Chapter 2:Corner Cafe


The barista saw that Lu Xin did not run away, and turned around with a provocative look, laughing.

As his smile twisted to a certain degree, his flesh suddenly tore apart, revealing a black body that rolled and stretched out, turning into twisted and thick tentacles. Some of the tentacles had huge mouths on them, popping out sharp and small fangs, while others rolled up and down, exposing a giant eyeball.

Then all the mouths opened wide, spitting out strands of viscous liquid.

Lu Xin shuddered: “Let’s run…”

But his sister only looked at the monster with excitement: “I’m not running, look how cute it is…”

Before her voice fell, the monster roared and swung its countless thick tentacles, striking at him.

Lu Xin was both shocked and terrified, and couldn’t help but scream: “I…”

But in his scream, his sister suddenly pulled him and rushed towards the monster.

“The psychic power fluctuation has reached the limit


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