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Star Meow Meow

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Ruan Shu is not cared for, not valued, and is the most inconspicuous presence at home. Unexpectedly, she crossed over and became the daughter of the strongest imperial marshal of the interstellar forces, but she was born as a result of calculation. She thought she would still be despised because it seemed like she was destined to be disliked by everyone. But gradually she discovered that something seemed off. Her father’s circle of friends gradually filled with her photos and videos, and her brothers seemed to like to have her around more and more. Sometimes, in order to compete for the men in her family, they even fought each other! Major news in the military: “Do you remember our battle-crazy Marshal Ruan? Today, he’s showing off his daughter on his circle of friends again!” All the netizens of the Star Beast Empire: “Haha, if you have the ability to show off your daughter and flaunt your sister, then have the ability to let us admire her!” The marshal: “Get lost!” The most shocking thing was that the emperor, who had never posted a status online, posted a photo one day. In his hands, he held a small cat doll, with the caption only two words. Emperor of the Star Beast Empire: “Mine.” And then the entire network crashed…

Chapter 1 Crossing, Spiritual Power F

"Shu Shu ah, National Day mom's side is going to go with your uncle and brother to their hometown, will you go to dad's place after vacation?"

On the bustling street with people coming and going, the thin and quiet girl was carrying a light blue school bag, it was obviously a warm weather, but she felt cold for no reason.

Ruan Shu lowered her eyes, her long bangs covering the emotions in her eyes.

Her thin and weak five fingers gripped the cell phone, because she was too hard her fingertips were pale, she pursed her lips tightly, and only after a long time did she say a good word in a very small voice.

That word just fell, the opposite side has hung up the phone.

Before hanging up, vaguely she heard a boy's impatiently urging voice coming from the phone.

Ruan Shu's dark and clear eyes were slightly reddened, she sniffled and tried very hard not to let her tears flow out.

But the little fifteen year old girl looked at the street blankly and looking a bit overwhelmed, she didn't know where she was supposed to go anymore.

Because before her mom called, her dad had also called, and he was taking her aunt and her sister overseas for a while.

Although she had parents, she was living pretty much like an orphan.

Her mom and dad divorced when she was five, and each of them soon found a new family, and from then on the little girl moved between the two families, but never fit in, as if she were a stranger living in their house.

No, stranger was fine, maybe more like a liability.

She is very good, never give them more trouble, but ...... why they still do not want her ah.

The grievance that she simply couldn't suppress in her heart surged up, and Ruan Shu's eyes became even redder.


A petite and soft cat's purr came to mind, and Ruan Shu, who was sitting on a chair in the small park, suddenly felt her feet being rubbed by something furry.

She looked down, and her red, moist eyes saw a beautiful kitten with blue eyes that was only the size of a palm.

Ruan Shu sniffled and squatted down, her fingers stroking the kitten's head.

"How did you get here ah?"

The young girl's voice was soft and nasal, and the tears that she hadn't yet retrieved just snapped down her curly eyelashes and fell onto the kitten.

She stroked the soft fur on the kitten, and Ruan Shu felt her aggression dissipate a bit.

It was okay, she could be by herself.

"You don't have a home anymore either?"

Ruan Shu muttered in a small voice as she pinched the kitten's soft paws and met its clean, azure-colored eyes, and her round, cat-like eyes curved up under her thick bangs.


"Get away!"

The sudden screams and sounds of panic attracted Ruan Shu's attention, and she turned her head to see that a crooked school bus was crashing over this way.

The moment it was close at hand, Ruan Shu protected the kitten in her arms, along with a loud bang, she only felt a sharp pain coming from her body and she flew out.

Collapsed in a pool of blood, Ruan Shu thought of not what mom and dad should do, because without their own words in, their lives will be better, right, she is their drag.

Is the kitten ...... dead?

I am sorry ah, it is she who dragged it down right.

In the last moments of her trance of consciousness, Ruan Shu seemed to hear a soft, petulant cat's cry.


The universe was vast and boundless, and no race could say that they were able to explore the entirety of the great universe.

This world that belonged to the stars had reproduced many galaxies as well as races.

Every race that can adapt to this world has its own culture and direction of development.

Among them, the Star Beast Race, which is honored by its strength, is an existence that other races would not dare to mess with even if they are united together.

They can randomly switch between humans and beasts, and their strong bodies can even collide with some asteroids in the universe and remain unharmed.

In particular, several of these powerful races also controlled the power of the elements, and were invincible on the battlefield.

This is a race that honors the strongest, and every strong person is judged by their spiritual power.

The stronger the spiritual power the stronger the beast form is, and the stronger the mechanical beast armor as well as the battle power that can be harnessed on the interstellar battlefield.

Every Star Beast Race cub will go to participate in the spiritual power level test before they are five years old, and this ...... is also the key turning point that determines their destiny.

"How come it's only F grade! Could there be something wrong with the test and its appearance? You guys give her a good look again, she is ......"

"You have no end, the spiritual power detector was overhauled yesterday, there will not be a problem, quickly take your child to leave, other people still have to continue to test it can not have time to accompany you here to consume."

With that, the white-clothed inspector drove the woman out.

Xiao Yuanyi finally had to leave with her four year old little girl by her side.

However, just after leaving the Spiritual Force Detection Building, she raised her hand a little nonchalantly and pinched the little girl hard on her arm, the expression on her pretty face twisted to the point of appearing hideous.

"Waste, waste, why are you so useless!!!"

Ruan Shu's tears fell from her eyes in pain, she could only dodge in small increments not daring to scream out in pain.

"It hurts ......"

The little girl's voice was sticky and small, just listening to it was pitiful, but unfortunately the person who pinched her was a selfish and cold hearted one.

"You still know pain! Spiritual power only F waste, I knew that I should not have given birth to you in the first place!"

Said Xiao Yuanyi angrily stepped on her high heels and left, if she didn't want to use this child to be the marshal's wife in the first place, why would she have taken the risk of raising a waste after raising it for four years, how is she going to enter the marshal's mansion with this child now.

She was not willing!

Ruan Shu endured a sharp stabbing pain in her arm, but she had to follow the woman in a hurry.

Because if she left her, she would not have a home in this world and would not be able to live.

She was born through a fetus, and remembering from birth she had always known that this current identity, from birth, was a tool used by that woman to fulfill her wishes.

She was still only a four year old child, her legs were short, her eyes wrapped in tears as she followed and ran a few steps without being able to keep up with the woman, instead she tripped over something and fell to the ground.

A stinging pain in the palm of her hand, Ruan Shu did not care to look at the hand injury hastily looked up, but found that in such a short period of time has disappeared from the woman's sight.

Nose sour, looking at the hand injury she could no longer hold back the small voice whimpering and crying.

In her last life, her mother and father did not want her, she was in a car accident to this strange world, although there is a mother, but this mother is not good for themselves.

She had been neglected in this world until she was four years old, and had never experienced a mother's love since she was born, and now because of a spiritual power level, her mom in this world also completely didn't want her.

Why did they all not want her, why did they all dislike her ah, shouldn't she have been born, was she that unappealing and obnoxious?

Even drowning in self-loathing and sadness, the tiny ball of a person cried stoically.

Ruan Shu doesn't cry out like other children, she only crouches on the ground and hugs herself, her tears falling like stringed beads, very quietly sobbing.

But looking like this was even more heartbreaking.

"What's wrong with you?"

Chapter 2 Abandoned, Marshal House

A voice as cool and nice as snowfall came from above, Ruan Shu huffed and raised her small face, and against the light she saw a young man in a white shirt.

But because of the light problem, Ruan Shu did not see his face clearly.

Ruan Shu wiped the tears from her face with her small hands, but the more she wiped, the more she saw.

She huffed a sticky reply.

"I ...... am fine."

She heard the youth chuckle softly before placing a candy in her hand.

"Go find your parents, little cubs don't want to run around."

Ruan Shu tilted her small head and saw the youth turn to leave, he had the same snow-white hair as herself, but it was a half-length long hair, his back was cool and detached, as if he was isolated from the world.

Her eyes followed his back as he left, holding the candy tightly in her hand.

"Dead girl walking can't keep up, your mental power is wasted n


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